I Do 3 September 2022: Before sanam can see the new bride, ahil steps in, and says that they should avoid the commotion, and send the fruits to the caretaker. the new bride gets up and leaves. Ahil and sanam talk while she says that they have arranged for a cab, and thanks him for the wodnerful hospitality. He relents, but she says that she cant take any more favour. She then asks for his number, but he doesnt find a paper to write on. She asks him to use her hand, surprising him. he complies. Shaad comes from behind and says that he too was thinking of getting ahil’s number. they leave off. Ahil stands watching them leave. He is upset.

The new bride, when denied food, then takes to stealiong money, but is caught, and she runs for her life, and accidentally collides into ahil’s car, and falls unconscious. He is shocked to see her, as he remembers telling the lawyers to arrange the fake auction, to make her go through an iota of the torture that she had out him and sanam through. But when he ehars a doctor inspecting her, and telling that she is pregnant and hasnt eaaten anything in two days, and how the child is being unnecessarily tortured. He feels guilty.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence and Hotel room
Whuile gazalla and latif enjoy their new found freedom, they are shocked when they find ahil coming in tensedly along with the new bride. they are stunned, and he informs them of her condition, while she staggers. they are scared of the new bride, but comply to ahil’s demand of taking care of her. He tells them that he cant be cruel unlike others. He leaves. In his room, ahil thinks that he may have taken a big risk by getting her back, but if the newbride is evil, he cant turn to her level. he says that soon sanam shall be back, and the new sanam shall have to accept dfefeat and go. He eys sanam’s pic, and then thinks overwhelmingly about her. he gets her call just then, asking if she didnt disturb him. he blurts out that he was thinking about her. She is boggled. He asks when would they come home. She says that she shall talk to shaad, and then invites him for a meteor shower after 21 years, and that she believes that he shall get his sanam back. He is overwhelmed, and she says that people who love shouldnt ever lose faith in its power. He promises that he shall come. She then turns and finds shaad, watching the news. he gets a cal, and is informed that shashi is planning a huge tragedy

He wonders if shashi ios here to try her luck in bhopal. she tells shaad that she invited ahil, but he is so preoccupied that he doesnt acknowledge. she is boggled. Both get dressed incidentally in each others’ fav clothes, while ahil remembers sanam’s words. While dressing up, she finds ahil’s reflection in the mirror, telling her that she looks bful in white. she turns around but doesnt find him, and wonders whats happening to her, and why is she thinking of ahil. She looks in the mirror, and finds shaad now complimenting her, and saying that he waits for her outside. he leaves. She is still tensed.

Later, Gazalla and latif suck upto the new bride, to avoid her ire and attend to her every need. She chides with them, taunting them as to how they got a shock of their life. She says that she shall forgive them this one time. The new bride asks gazelle and latif to do exactly what she tells them to. they are more than eager to comply. She asks them to find out where ahil went, and what he got hold of, which made him such a huge-hearted person all of a sudden. they rush hastily. The new bride wonders that ahil couldn’t have left the chance of being rid of her so easily. The screen freezes on her face.

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