I’m on the Edge 26 August 2022: Devi packs her bag. Ambika stops her. She says you can’t give up like this. Don’t let your dream shatter. because of your goodness, there was a bit of change. Don’t give up. Devi says I have lost, I wanted to tell Adhi the truth. But now everything is over. I don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong. Ambika says nothing is over. You didn’t sign the papers. Devi says I must leave this house. Kesar comes in. She says please don’t go. She is in tears. Kesar says you brought hope in my life. Devi says don’t be sad. Mukun is back in this house. Keasr says my life is dark. Urmi says to Devi hurry and pack your stuff. Devi takes her bag. Urmi says I am here to take care of Adhi. She gives her divorce papers.

Devi is leaving the house. She recalls when she entered that house. Devi sits on street.

Suchi says to bhootu we have to stay herre and ask people where is the mela. Bhopal comes. Bhootu says what is he doing here. The mela is going on. Bhootu asks Bhopal what are you looking? He says you have to give my message to devi. She is upset. She doesn’t know what to do. She needs to see the right path. Devi comes to temple and says why did you do this to me God? I did everything. He got to know truth before I could tell him. Bhootu comes. Devi says you here. She says when will this ice melt. Devi says it takes time. Bhootu says I am thirsty so I am waiting for it to melt. Devi says it will melt in a while. Devi takes parsad. She says to pandit ji give her parsad as well. He says who? There is no one here.

Devi looks back Bhootu isn’t there. Devi is shocked. Devi says you came here as Bhootu God to show me the truth. I promise you I won’t give up. From today I am Devi. I won’t change for anyone. I will not leave that house.
Bhootu says to Bhopal what are we looking? Bhopal says you have to find the doctor wwho will prove the truth. Bhootu says how? Bhopal says I will help you when needed. Suchi comes and says bhootu lets go.

Arav comes to mela and says I will find Dr. Shukla here. He looks here and there. He drinks a juice and gets drunk. He sees a woman and thinks its suchi. He says I really love you but I wont meet you until I know the truth.
Suchi sees him and gives him water. He says let me find Dr. Shukla. She says I will show you how hid Dr. Shukla. He says don’t worry about me. You will know the truth soon.

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