I’m on the Edge 22 August 2022: Adhi says to his client I have to go and shop for my baby and wife. He buys a lot of toys. Dai checks Devi. She does her tricks on her. Masa says is the child okay? She says what child? She isn’t pregnant. There is no child in her womb. She is a liar. Adhi comes and says what happened? Masa says she fooled us all. Adhi says what are you saying? Masa says she isn’t pregnant. She had been lying all this time. Adi drops the toys. Devi says I.. He says you don’t have to give any clarifications. I know you won’t lie to me about our child. Dai says but my experience.. He says I took her to hospital and I trust doctors more than dai. Masa says Adhi you can’t see it. Adhi says you see conspiracy in everything. Devi’s womb has our heir. My child. Please stop this hate.

Ambika says to Devi you have to live with this lie. You can’t tell him. He has started trusting you. Everyone can see the good in him.
Adhi says to Masa I just want you to be part of my happiness. I beg you don’t do anything that affects our relationship.

Heera comes to Devi and says you are playing this game. Devi says you are right. There is no child in my womb. I will play this game honestly. Heera is angry. Devi says you used so many lies to defeat me but I am using lie to win my husband. My lie is to bring happiness. Heera says you better told me the truth. You know what will happen when Adhi gets to know. He will hate you and never trust you. Devi says once I win his heart you hatred will go out of his heart. This is my challenge. Heera says I will wait to see you defeated. She leaves. Devi says before Masa uses this lie I have to tell you this truth Adhi but I have to win your heart and trust first.

Scene 2
Ambika says how will you stop masa. Devi says I will tell him lie first. Ambika says why don’t you turn this lie into truth. DEvi says how? Ambika says I don’t want my actual child’s life to start with a lie. I will do this once he actually loves and trusts me. Ambika says I have to do something.

Devi comes to room and opens a box. Adhi comes. Devi hides it. He says what are you hiding? She says I found this trumpet in your closet. Whats its story. Is it yours? She says can you play it? He says i played 15 years ago. She says you can try after 15 years. He says I don’t do it anymore. She says music doesn’t ever go away from you. She gives him the trumpet. Adhi throws it out. He says once something is over for me its over.

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