I’m on the Edge 5 September 2022: Devi is waiting for Adhi. He comes drunk. Devi says why did you drink? You went to find a problem to kesar’s problem. He says you are here for me. She lays him on bed. He caresses her face. Adhi says you are my support. She says what do you mean? He says you understand me before I even speak. He comes close to her. Adhi says I really love you. I want to own you. I want to marry you with rituals. With consent of both of us. I can’t wait anymore. Devi says really? He says yes you will only get true love now. They hear Kesar screaming.

Devi comes to Kesar. She hugs her. Kesar screamed and scared in sleep. Devi says nothing will happen to your or your child. Devi says to Adhi please do something. Please fulfill your promise. He says I thought I would talk to Saradh but he ran from jail. I dont’ know what to do. this is why I drank. I cant believe why he ran. I spoke to every marriage bureau they all said no. They think she did a sin. Masa was right no one will marry her. DEvi cries and hugs him. She says Keasr has faced a lot already. Adhi hugs her and says I am with you. We will find her a life partner don’t worry.

Scene 2
Next morning Devi gives Adhi breakfast. He pulls her closer. Adhi says I can’t wait to marry you again. Devi says first you have to win my heart. Then I will decide if I want to marry you or not. He says what? She says scared? He says I am not scared of anything. I will win your heart. Now you see how i win you. Adhi asks Devi to come downstairs. She says what happened?? The table is full of jewelrry. She says its so pretty. He says do you like them? She says I love them. He says these are for our wedding. Devi says these many? He says I didn’t know what would you like so I brought them all. Urmi and Masa are angry. Urmi says once he marries her she will be the queen and we will be servants. Masa says I won’t let that happen. See what i do now.

Masa comes to Kesar. Masa says sit. You are going to be my son’s child’s mother. I want to apologize for all my sins. I saw Mukun in dream. He told me this is his child. Kesar says thank God its your child. Masa says this is our heir. It should stay with us. You and your child will be dependent on Devi. Can you see all that? Think about your child. Adhi should marry you.

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