I’m on the Edge 27 August 2022: Kesar faints. Devi gives her water and says are you okay? Kesar says I am fasting. I won’t drink it. Mahek says can I help her in this pooja? Baba says you can only do this with good intentions. Devi sits with Kesar in the pooja. She does all the rituals. She applies tilak on Adhi. He stops her. Masa says don’t even come near my son. Devi, a wife’s place cannot be taken by anyone. No one can stop a wife. I know you will try but It won’t worry. She applies tilak on Adhi’s forehead. Masa is angry.

Bhootu is in ride. She says doctor uncle is nowhere. Bhopal says keep an eye. You can see him. Pihu looks everywhere. She says who is that joker and why is he so scared? Why are the men so rude to him?

Devi dresses Kesar and says you look so pretty. Kesar says I am so worried. Kesar says you are just shy. Dont worry I know some miracle will happen today. I my new journey I will always be with you. Kesar says you are such a good human.

Mansi stops Sagun. He shoves her hand. She says please listen to me. I love you. He slaps her. She says Ananda left you she wont come back. You have to be mmine. That doctor can’t tell anyone truth. I am going to be your child’s mother. He says go away from me. She says I love you please marry me. Everything will be fine. He says I will die but never marry you. He sits in his car and leaves. She says you are doing mistake. Ma records everything. Mansi sees her and runs towards her. she shoves her. A truck drives on her. She is badly injured. Mansi takes the phone and says this video is sent to Arav.

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