I’m on the Edge 3 September 2022: Devi gives Kesar tea in bed. She says bed tea. Devi says I wanted to talk to you. Kesar says about? Devi says do you know who killed Mukun? Kesar says yes Saradh. Devi says no he is innocent. Masa killed him. Kesar is dazed. SHe faints. Devi gets worried. She says please open your eyes. Devi calls doctor. Doctor checks Kesar and says she is pregnant. Everyone is dazed. Devi says I am so happy. This is new ray of hope in her life. When she has another life partner she will have a better life. Masa says when Mukun was involved in men then this must be a sin. Don’t give this sin name of Rajawats. Devi says your thoughts are so dark. I will get Kesar married in 25 days. Masa says Adhi.. Adhi says she is my wife. DOn’t say a word about her.

Adhi says that hate has died. There is only love now. You will be married to me with all the rituals. You will be my wife. Devi says to Adhi I am going to marriage bureau for DEvi. He says I will come with you as well. He says I will come with you as well. She says okay. They go.

Scene 2
Urmi says to Masa my husband left the world too. But no one ever thought about my second marriage and now Kesar will get married? Masa says I will never let that happen. She will live as a widow. Urmi says devi is going to marriage bureau.

Adi says to Devi can I ask something? She says yes. He says I wanted to ask when you were in city.. Did you dream how your life partner would be? She says like a hero. The one who was mannered and took care of me. The one who knows all my choices. He says what do you like? She says in what? He says what do you like to eat. She says ice cream. Adhi stops the car. He says need to get it checked from a mechanic.

Adhi buys ice cream for devi. He says I didn’t know which flavor you liked so I bought all. She eats the ice cream and says have some? he says you eat I will just look at you. He laughs and says its on your face. Adhi cleans her face.

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