I’m on the Edge 21 August 2022: Masa says to Adhi i don’t mind your decision. DEvi says thank you masa for letting bua stay here. Devi takes Ambika to her room. Urmi says what is happening here. This Ambika ruined my life. Masa says don’t worry. I know what to do.

Ambika says to devi I had to come here as a daughter in law. One lie of Masa and she ruined my life. Devi says this time a lie will bring the families close. Ambika says what lie? Devi says that I am pregnant. Ambika says what did you do. What will you do now. Devi says please live this lie with me. Devi says adhi will get to know he will be very angry. You can’t keep this lie for a very long time. This lie might make him larger beast. Devi saays people will see the Ram inside him. He will know why I lied. He will understand me. He did so much for that he I never expected. Adhi comes in. He says to Devi I want to talk to you. He takes devi with him. Ambika is worried.

Devi says where are you taking me? He says sit on this chair. Devi says but.. He says I brought this oil for you. This makes you and the child stronger. He massages her feet. Devi smiles. Adi’s phone rings. He says yes I will be back home. He forgets his phone. DEvi goes to give phone but slips. Adhis holds and saves her. DEvi says thank you. He picks her and takes her to room.
Devi says your phone. He says are you crazy. For phone you did all this. Devi says I should be careful. He says go and rest. He says masa please call your dai. She will take care of devi. Ambika says I will take her to hospital. Masa says no dai will come and tell.

Kesar says to Saradh I awnt to live for mukun. THanks for bringing me sindur. Mukun is looking at them. Masa brings the dai and says she will tell us if there as a child and how is he. She will check you adn tell you everything. You shouldn’t go to hospital. Masa says to dai please check devi and tell us if there is a child and how is she? She says go and get your check up done from dai.

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