I’m on the Edge 4 September 2022: The manager of the marriage beureau says this girl? Is she mukun’s wife? We have heard she had an affair and her lover killed Mukun. Devi insults him and leaves. Devi and Adhi come home. Does Devi say where is everyone? Maid says they have gone out with Kesar. She says I am sure something is wrong. We have to go and find Kesar. Devi and Adhi look for Kesar.

Masa is taking Kesar to a place to burn her alive. she says this how she will become Sati. Kesar says Masa please leave me, please.
Adhi and Devi look for them everywhere. Devi takes Kesar’s name.

Kesar screams. she says masa please let me go. They are about to lit the Kesar alive. Devi comes and says stop. Masa says this is the ritual. Make keasr sit on the woods. I will see who can stop me. Adhi says I can stop you. Enough. you killed my brother but I stayed silent.But I can’t let you do this sin. They take Kesar home.

Scene 2
At night, Adhi looks at Devi’s picture. He says your smile is so pretty. When I drink I fall in love with you a little more. I want to tell you all these things. I want to marry you in front of everyone. We will marry with all the rituals. he says these are the divorce papers. He burns them. Adhi says I will always stand by you. will always be yours. I will always protect you. I will help you in everything you do. I will always love. You will be respect. He sleeps.

Adhi does pooja with Devi. Adhi says I promise you I will help you in taking care of Kesar and making her life better. She gives him parsad. ADi calls his man and says Saradh needs to be released. He says Saradh has ran from jail. Adhi says what will I answer Devi? Who will marry Kesar? Urmi says that Devi is here for a few days only. I will kick her out of this house.

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