I’m on the Edge 25 August 2022: Ambika takes the report. Adhi says give me the reports. Ambika says the report says everything is fine. The baby and Devi are fine. Urmi says to Masa that the phone got in the ditch. MAsa slaps her and says you are so stupid. Go from here. Phone rings. Urmi takes the phone. She smiles.

Shuchi says anyone can get these fake reports made. He says enough. You haave to choose a side. Suchi says I will choose you in any life but I can’t let Bhootu go through this injustice. She says unless I prove I am right I will be with my family/ He says okay Succhi. If you are kicking your love and taking their side, I won’t marry you until I prove myself right. Please go from here. She leaves.

Jeet Gayi
Doctor checks devi and says you are fine now. You can go home. Deevi asks Ambika where is adhi? AMbika says I told him you and the baby are fine. devi says how much lies will we tell?
Succhi calls Devi. She says Arav has asked me to choose oone side. Devi says you have to fight this battle. Where is bhootu? Suchi gives phone to bhootu.
devi says you have to expose Mansi. I will tell you a trick.

Bhootu comes to Mansi. She says we will make you fool. She and Bhoopal come and tease her. Mansi screams. She hits him with a bowl. They make her run. She runs downstairs and says mama something is happening.
Adhi comes home in anger. He says the keeper told me urmi shoved devi. He throttles urmi and says how dare you harm devi. Masa says leave him. Adhi says whyy did you do it? Masa says listen to me. Devi says please leave her. Adhi says she tried to kill my child. Devi says there is no child. I lied, there is no child in my womb. Adhi says i know. Your lie was exposed to me way earlier. He shows her the video. Devi is in tears. Adhi is very angry.

Adhi says you thought you are educated and I am not. Devi says please listen. He says when bua sa told me that child is fine I was so happy. I was so angry. I went to the place. People gave me this phone. He shoves herr. He says you must thinking why I did all this? Because I wanted to hear form you. He throttles her. How dare you make me fool. You said such a big lie. I hate you. I made a mistake by trusting you. I hate you. he sits down and cries. Devi says please listen.. I will tell you. Jhe says you fooled me. This is the last time. I will kill you. He shvoved her. Devi says i did all this for you. I wanted to you see yourself and the emotions in you. There is a ram in you. He says I am the beast who married to taka revenge from you. Get lost. He shoves her and says you are out of my house and my life. I hate your face. Get lost.

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