I’m on the Edge 8 September 2022: Adhi and Masa come to temple. Devi comes and does the ritual. Adhi says I know devi will do this ritual. devi comes with pot on her head. Adhi says to Masa I hope you accept us too. Everything will be fine. A car stops and the guy comes out. He says I came in all this speed for you. I didn’t want to miss any ritual. He says what happened. He touches her shoulder and the pots fall down. They break. Devi falls and he holds her. Adhi is angry to see them. Adhi picks sword and says how dare you. Devi says what are you doing. Masa says didn’t you see what he did? Devi says he is my friend Virat. He came here from Dehli for our wedding. we were college friends. Adhi says if someone comes close to my wife I can’t ignore that.

Virat says hi I am Virat. Adhi says welcome to Sujhan Garh. He says is there any hotel? Devi says you will live with us. We have a big house. Adhi says yes you will live in our house. Mass smirks.

Devi shows Virat his room. he says when is cocktail school? Adhi says what? Devi says he doesn’t speak english. virat says aren’t there any schools? Devi says he didn’t attend school because he had so many responsibilities. He says to Adhi lets have a drink. He says I will change shirt. Adhi says you will change in front of her? devi says he is crazy. Adhi and Devi leave.

Virat says Devi was a complete outgoing girl in college. He takes selfie with adhi and devi. The women are about to pour water on Devi. Virat says what are you doing. Deiv sas its a ritual.

During Haldi Adhi sees Devi talking to Virat. Masa says why is he touching her? Adhi says they are just friends. Masa says for boys girls are never friends. Virat applies haldi on devi’s face. She applies on his face as well. Adhi is angry. Masa says this is too much. How do people make fun of rituals. An outsider is touching the bride. Adhi says they are from city and they are just friends. Masa says I can’t see all this.

Scene 2
Kesar comes to Devi’s room and sees all the dresses and jewelry there. She tries the jewelry and applies haldi on her face. she says why isn’t my fate like yours Devi? Masa says who said it isn’t? Marry Adhi. Kesar says I am sorry this is all devi’s. She runs.

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