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Iron Rose season 2 Telemundo full story: plot summary, casts & Teasers

Iron Rose season 2 Telemundo full story plot summary, casts & Teasers
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Iron Rose season 2 full story Telemundo; La Doña is an American drama television series filmed entirely in Mexico, and created by José Vicente Spataro for Telemundo. The series is based on the novel of Venezuelan writer Rómulo Gallegos titled Doña Bárbara, which most recent version was, Doña Bárbara, starred Edith González. It is a production of Argos Comunicación and Telemundo Studios (known now as Telemundo Global Studios), and distributed by Telemundo Internacional. The series premiered on 29 November 2016, and revolves around of Altagracia Sandoval (Aracely Arámbula) a beautiful, elegant, successful woman, recognized in society and owner of an emporium in the construction world. Just as a young girl, she suffered two very strong traumas that marked her and made her the unforgiving “Doña” she is now.


“La Doña,” based on the literary work of Rómulo Gallegos “Doña Bárbara,” is a story of revenge and ambition, seduction and betrayal. Told from the perspective of an abused woman named Altagracia, she represents the hundreds of thousands of Mexican women who have been victims of violence by men who are protected by impunity and a patriarchal culture. In Altagracia’s case, these men are five teenagers from prominent families who rape her as a child and murder her parents. Having picked herself and her sister up from the ashes, Altagracia became a ruthless, strong-willed devourer of men, and with the fortune of an ex-husband, “La Doña” looks to bring her abusers, and any others she finds along the way, to her own brand of justice.

Season 1 (2016–17)

Iron Rose season 2 full story Telemundo; The plot revolves around Altagracia Sandoval (Aracely Arámbula), a woman who since teenager had to take care of her little sister and get ahead without her parents’ help; who were brutally murdered along with her boyfriend of youth by a group of 5 men called the Monkys, who also raped her. As a young woman, after the death of her parents, Altagracia was under the care of her aunt Yesenia Sandoval (Rebecca Jones), who taught her to manipulate men and witchcraft; Thanks to her aunt, Altagracia meets Lázaro Hernández (Odiseo Bichir), the owner of a construction company, which she seduces and manipulates with the help of her aunt. Subsequently Altagracia realizes that she is pregnant, and with the help of her aunt, manage to deceive Lázaro by making them believe that Altagracia’s baby is his. And with several advice from Yesenia, Altagracia makes Lázaro become an alcoholic and thus manages to take away his company and all his money, and then abandon him and her daughter.

Iron Rose season 2 full story Telemundo; Several years later, Altagracia is now a recognized and powerful businesswoman who owns the construction company Sandoval, formerly called Hernández. And now she has a family made up of her sister Regina Sandoval (Andrea Martí), and her niece Isabela Sandoval (Michelle Olvera). Thanks to all her power Altagracia is now a very bad and vindictive woman, and she doesn’t mind hurting anyone in order to get what she wants, and for that she has Braulio Padilla (José María Galeano), her lawyer and Matamoros (Aquiles Cervantes), her faithful bodyguard, who help her in all her illicit businesses. The only reason for Altagracia to be so bad and to have so much power is to take revenge on the 5 men who abused her and ruined her life. But her way to revenge and ambition, she meets Saúl Aguirre (David Chocarro), a lawyer, which she falls in love. And thanks to him changes her way of thinking towards men.

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Iron Rose season 2 Telemundo full story On the other hand, there is Mónica Hernández (Danna Paola), the daughter of Altagracia and Lázaro. Mónica is a young and sweet woman totally different from Altagracia, she seeks to make a living selling ham cakes. But the only problem between Mónica and Altagracia is that the two fall in love with the same man; Without knowing that they are mother and daughter. After Altagracia finding out that Monica is Saul’s lover, she tries to hurt her, even without knowing that she is her own daughter. After learning that Mónica is her daughter, Altagracia decides to leave her alone and help her financially. Despite changing her attitude with everyone who knows her, her desire for revenge towards the Monkys remains intact. Since after killing Miguel Preciado, Alejandro Céspedes and Francisco Vega, she has two Monkys left to kill; But the only problem with the last two is that one is Daniel Llamas (Diego Soldano), who is now a good man who helps women victims of rape and domestic abuse. And Rafael Cabral (Juan Ríos), her right hand in all her illicit businesses and who she knows from a lifetime. But on her way to revenge, Altagracia has only one big problem, Saul’s love, which makes the love for her daughter fade away, creating conflict between them for the love of a man.

Season 2 (2020)

Iron Rose season 2 Telemundo full story; At the end of the previous season, Altagracia Sandoval decided to retire to start a new life after her daughter Mónica Hernández married Saúl Aguirre. Two years later, Mónica and Saúl Aguirre continue together, he as a lawyer at the head of the Renacer Foundation and she as a law student, and together with his aunt Regina fight to eradicate gender violence. This is not to the liking of those responsible for the crimes, including Los Arcoiris, a gang known for killing women after torturing them with paint bullets. Saúl thus becomes a victim by mysteriously disappearing. Concerned about the safety of her daughter, La Doña makes the decision to return to Mexico to look for her without caring that she has to face justice and meet up with José Luis Navarrete (David Zepeda), a businessman with whom she has many pending issues.

Iron Rose season 2 Telemundo full story Everything becomes even more dangerous when Mónica also disappears and agent León Contreras (Carlos Ponce) links this fact with the band Los Arcoiris. Altagracia, however, resists believing this and suspects his enemies. Altagracia is not the only one who will fight for justice. She will also be accompanied by Noelia Molina (Paola Fernández), a young woman of humble origin who is also looking for her own culprits to blame her sister’s death. Both, together with León, will form a team with a common goal: to avenge the death and aggression of their loved ones.


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  • I am not happy that Monica died. Honestly, it saddened my heart and I’m discouraged to watch the show again. For God’s sake, her husband was brutally killed!!! The writer(s) should have created a way that she left town or something, just as the writer(s) of Lord of the Skies did to Lusma by making her go to Swizerland for drug abuse treatment. While I appreciate your good work in this telenovela, I just had to tell you that I’m not very happy at all that Monica died, I’m sorry.

  • The death of Monica really discouraged me from watching the show again..I expected Saul’s death to maybe toughen her up which might result in mother and daughter working together..but I guess everything about the show is being changed…
    So bye bye..
    I’m relocating to another show

  • Anny

    Much as I understand that Altagracia needed to be punished for her previous mistakes, I feel not like this killing Monica and Saul so brutally within a short space of time was uncalled for. She was a great woman helping so many and she didn’t have relationship with her mother for such a long time. The writer should have chosen someone closer to Altagracia but not Monica.

    If Bralio and Rainbow gang continues to terrorize people without any punishment then I will stop watching the show too.

  • I didn’t enjoy Monica’s death, so sad. What am more curious about is if Altergracia & Leon will fall in love

  • Am so sad that Monica and Saul died.i was only waiting for Leon to capture those bastards lucho,hos mother and romelia to arrest them for murdering women.i was also saddened the way isabela died,it was horrible.jose Louis navarrete is being an idiot covering up for his son.l love the way altagracia operates, she’s sensible.

  • Well the death of Monica and Saul discouraged my watching the writer did not really get it there. I know at times life can treat so bad but not to that extent. Monica suffered to get there but at the end death. No it’s so painful to the mother Altagrcia and even those watching. Pls. Writer take note.

  • I will love to see Altagracia fall in love again as they took away her daughter and nieace she loved much. The death of Monica and Saul, Elizerbel did not make the end a good one. Though Braino and Deigo died but we need to see Lucho dead and also see Iron Rose happy. Pls the writer take note

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