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Tuesday 1 October 2019

Scene 54

The negative press around the Academy and the demise of Jabu makes a wary indictment officially accuse Tandzile of homicide. Nomzingeli is constrained into a power battle with the Shezis. Neo floats nearly dead.

Wednesday 2 October 2019

Scene 55

Frightful photographs of Jabu surface online. The Rametsis are looked with an awful choice when they’re informed that Neo’s just possibility is a hazardous careful procedure. Moses(Nimrod Nkosi) is as yet torn concerning whether he should enlighten his little girl regarding his vision.

Thursday 3 October 2019

Scene 56

Tandzile (and the Academy) look progressively tremendous gratitude to negative press. A peculiar man (Hlomla), lands at the ranch looking for Dimpho. Rametsi and Thuli choose they must choose the option to settle on the unsafe medical procedure to spare Neo’s life.

Monday 7 October 2019

Scene 57

Neo is in a state of unconsciousness after medical procedure. Tandzile learns she is to be moved to Sun City, and considers breaking out of prison utilizing her blessings. Dimpho searches for her secret bag.

Tuesday 8 October 2019

Scene 58

With certain individuals abandoning Neo regularly waking once more, Cyrus sends Amos into the clinic to take Neo’s body. Sifiso requests reality from Dimpho. Tandzile has turned a corner mentally and she won’t be an unfortunate casualty any longer.

Wednesday 9 October 2019

Scene 59

Neo’s body is missing. Sifiso still doesn’t completely accept that Dimpho utilized her blessing to succeed at poke. Elihle and Lwandle(Thobani Nzuza) cooperate as co-guardians.

Thursday 10 October 2019

Scene 60

With Neo missing Cyrus is incensed. He “fires” Nomzingeli. Tandzile has been buckling down on her new track and co-selects Mendulo in carrying it out of prison and discharging it to the world.

Monday 14 October 2019

Scene 61

Everybody is bewildered by Neo’s wellbeing situation. Nomzingeli works despite her dad’s good faith, asking Moses(Nimrod Nkosi) to open up to the world about the account of the Academy and the idea of the Gifted. It’s winding up hard for Elihle and Lwandle(Thobani Nzuza) to keep their hands off one another.

Tuesday 15 October 2019

Scene 62

Tandzile’s tune is out and bolster floods in for her. Lwandle(Thobani Nzuza) discovers it progressively difficult to stay discreet of the Vision from Ntombi. Rametsi considers his arrangement with God to have been broken.

Wednesday 16 October 2019

Scene 63

The Academy has incredible press and individuals apply to enter after Tandzile’s melody. The vitality among Ntombi and Lwandle(Thobani Nzuza) increments into passion. Rametsi sinks further into annoyance and liquor.

Thursday 17 October 2019

Scene 64

Ntombi is angry with her dad until she learns of his torment. Cyrus presents himself to Rametsi as a potential supporter, ought to Rametsi get it together and get sober. The Academy is as yet getting a constant flow of candidates so they have to employ a secretary.

Monday 22 October 2019

Scene 65

Moses(Nimrod Nkosi) tells the truth to the whole Academy. Ntombi is battling with the thought that her demise is conceivably near. Mpendulo is furious about the fractures framing in the Academy.

Tuesday 23 October 2019

Scene 66

The understudies are as yet irritated at being misused by Moses(Nimrod Nkosi), however they meet up as a group. Cyrus propels Rametsi to begin revamping his body and mind. Sonny and Dimpho put their candidates through some offbeat meeting methods.

Wednesday 24 October 2019

Scene 67

Ntombi attempts to comprehend Moses(Nimrod Nkosi)’ Vision on a logical level, yet in addition opens up a second line of investigation. Mpendulo, with Sonny’s assistance, has figured out how to get to his gift. Cyrus induces Rametsi to quit any pretense of pursuing his old assemblage.

Thursday 25 October 2019

Scene 68

Ntombi explores Impilo Labs. Cyrus discloses to Nomzingeli the genuine explanation behind his enthusiasm for the students. Rametsi is back home, apparently a changed man.

Monday 29 October 2019

Scene 69

Lwandle(Thobani Nzuza) and Ntombi head off alone to keep an eye on Bob Ngubane. Mpendulo faculties the risk seeking Ntombi, however too late. Nkanyezi, Dimpho and Sonny become mindful of the emergency and race to spare Ntombi.

Tuesday 30 October 2019

Scene 70

The “Vision” that drove Moses(Nimrod Nkosi) comes true. Nkanyezi, Dimpho and Sonny’s surge Ntombi to the clinic while Moses(Nimrod Nkosi) and the rest attempt to escape being found in a house with a body.

Wednesday 31 October 2019

Scene 71

Without precedent for four months Moses(Nimrod Nkosi) awakens without having had the Vision. Cyrus is as yet resolved to kill Ntombi. On guidelines from Cyrus, Rametsi offers some kind of reparation with his child. Neo acknowledges this without needing any proof, yet Thuli is still profoundly suspicious.

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