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Jiji Maa Friday 5th June 2020 update; Jiji Maa update Friday 5 June 2020, starts with Falguni taking care of Suman’s son. Suman cries and says well has dried down, I didn’t get any water, what will we do, how will we pass life without water. They get angry. Kaka says we have no water because of the factory, village just have one well, well has no water now. Falguni asks how are villagers bearing this, Teja raised voice against Uttara. Kaka says Teja tried to oppose. She says world is not right, we have to explain the factory people by other way. He says no, just find Shambu, don’t worry for us, you will oppose Rawat, that means opposing Suyash. Falguni says Suyash doesn’t know Uttara’s tortures on villagers, just tell me, when will the tanker leave and which way will it go.

Jiji Maa update Friday 5 June 2020 Falguni, Kaka and others hide under the bridge. Falguni says I will explain everything. The truck passes on the bridge and stops. Falguni and others stop the tanker and argues with the driver. She says the tanker will go to village. She threatens the driver and sends him away. Naren says I can change the tyre. He drives the tanker. Jayant says I went to meet Falguni, but it was no use. He cheers up Vidhaan. The driver calls Shom and tells the matter. Shom gets worried. He asks him to take some goons and beat the villagers to give them some sense. Falguni gets water tanker to village. The villagers get happy seeing the water. Falguni recalls Suyash and gets sad. Suman thanks her. She says you seem to be missing someone. Falguni washes her face. Kaka says we were together and worked as team, we will snatch water, but how long can we do now, Uttara will do something. Falguni says Lord will support us.

Jiji Maa update Friday 5th June 2020 Rekha says its time to celebrate. The villagers get happy. Falguni comes back home. Niyati meets her. She says Uttara will insult me at office, its better I resign. Niyati asks what if Suyash meets you, Uttara will taunt. Falguni hugs Niyati. She says we will expose Uttara, you will also find some work for yourself, so that you stay busy. She goes to office. Uttara sees her and calls her greedy for money to come office. She says you would have been happy if you agreed to me like others. Falguni says I m not interested to hear your taunts. She gives the resignation letter.

update on Jiji Maa 5 June 2020 Falguni keeping her stuff. She keeps the tortoise idol and recalls Suyash. Tarun comes to check the stuff and says its a standard procedure as you are leaving the company. Suyash comes there and says give a recommendation letter to Falguni. He gives letter to Tarun. Tarun gives it to Falguni. Suyash says its written that you work hard, you think for company’s good, but its not written that you just see your profit, you don’t think for family’s loss. She gets sad. Falguni sees him. Tarun gives the box to her and goes. Suyash gets on call. Judaai……plays…… Falguni recalls moments with Suyash and cries. She goes.

Lies of the heart update friday 5 June 2020 on zee world

Adom Tv Jiji Maa Friday 5th June 2020 Punja calls her and says we couldn’t get water, those goons won’t lose soon. She says we will also not lose, I m coming to stay there as Laser. Suyash gets up and sees Falguni coming in the room. She says you loved me and didn’t believe my heart. He says you crushed my heart by your feet, you know this, I loved you, I hate you now. She says just listen to me once. He wakes up from sleep and looks for her. Falguni says I m finding Shambu, who gave statement in court.

Jiji Maa 5 June 2020 Punja says there are two young guys, named Shambu in village. She asks him to find the old Shambu by checking election list. Niyati greets Suyash. He reminds him Falguni. He says now there is no relation with Falguni, don’t call me Jiju, call me Bhaiya as Vidhaan calls me. She says yes, Jiji maa didn’t keep any relation with me, I lost my child too. He says I understand your pain. She says you would be hurt too. He says I have to go on jogging, I m getting late. He goes. She says you will always be my Jiju, we both love Falguni, even if you hate her, its your mistake, you didn’t trust Falguni.

Jiji Maa Friday update 5 June 2020 Falguni stops the water tanker. The goons ask hidden villagers to come out. Falguni attacks them by catapult. Falguni tells the goons that she will clean the dirt spread by Uttara. She asks the goons to leave. The goons leave. She takes the water tanker to village. Naren calls her amazing. She gets sad.

Jiji Maa Friday 5 June 2020 update Everyone dines. Maharaj says I have to make soup again, extra salt was put in it. Niyati asks him to add flour balls in it. Maharaj says this would be Falguni’s tips. Uttara says just Niyati is our bahu. Maharaj says sorry. Suyash goes. Falguni asks Suman to dress up well in the sarees they make. She says you all are artists, can’t you get a saree. Suman says no, this is not ours. Punja comes. Falguni asks Punja to make a good saree for Suman. Punja says this can’t happen.

Adom Tv Jiji Maa 5 June 2020 update Falguni asks why, you have talents. He says but we have no permission, we have to pay for every thread, these sarees are not for our bahus, we can’t make it and can’t buy it for them. Suman says yes, this is bitter truth. Falguni says you are making Uttara rich, why can’t you buy own thread. Punja says we can’t get those artists. He asks Suman to pack the sarees. He shows the list of people. They check for Shambu. She says don’t know Shambu is alive or not, he was handicapped, he would have gone to any hospital, why don’t we find there. Punja agrees.

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