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Jiji Maa Friday 12th update June 2020; Jiji Maa update Friday 12 June 2020, The Episode starts with Uttara scolding Shom. She says I didn’t slap Balwant, so that villagers stay scared of Balwant, I want you to stay scared of me, so I slapped you, don’t make this mistake again. Shom agrees. Suyash sees Lazer and calls her out. He stops the car. He says you didn’t listen to me. She scolds him for teasing her. The people get angry to beat Suyash. She stops him and says I was showing him that girls are safe in the city, always help the girls in such times. Suyash says you are mad, I came to return money, you created this drama. She says I will come your home, why are you giving me money now, do you think I m a beggar. He says I don’t understand you. She says I m Lazer, I will come home to take my right. He goes. She smiles.

12th on Jiji Maa Friday June 2020 update Niyati asks Falguni does she not like to ask Suyash about her feelings. Falguni’s slipper breaks. Niyati reminds Falguni and Suyash’s first meet. Zeenat praises Falguni’s art. Niyati gets an idea for making the video. Mangla and her daughters come there to have Kulfi. Mangla sees Niyati with Falguni. She goes close to hear them. Balwant meets Uttara and complains about Lazer. She says you maybe not knowing the problem, water tanker will become a bait to catch Lazer. Shom doesn’t understand. Balwant says I understand it well, but what about my respect.

Jiji Maa Friday 12 June 2020 update Uttara insults him and asks him not to forget her favors. She says once I get my rule back in Ambua, you can do anything then. She asks Balwant to meet the media and learn from her. Falguni and Zeenat see Mangla coming. They hide Niyati from her and fool her in talks. Shom calls Mangla and says I m going Ambua with Uttara. She asks why are you going Ambua again. Falguni hears this. She also leaves. Suyash gets a call. A man says I found Gayatri, I m getting her to you tomorrow.

Friday update on Jiji Maa 12th June 2020 Uttara reaches the village and tells the media about her decision to develop the village. She acts great and indirectly threatens them about Balwant. She promises that there won’t be a water problem in the village. Balwant will make sure that water reaches every home. Everyone claps and cheers for her. Falguni worries.

Jiji Maa Friday 12th June 2020 Vidhaan joking while suggesting ideas to Niyati for videos. Suyash asks Maharaj to make samosas. Maharaj says sure. Vidhaan says we will also have it. He asks Suyash about his good mood. Suyash says I will watch your shooting. Niyati stops him. Suyash says Gayatri is coming home tomorrow, I want to meet her first and then tell others. Niyati says it will be good if she comes. He recalls Gayatri’s words and goes.

Jiji Maa update Wednesday 10 June 2020 on Adom TV

Jiji Maa update Friday 12 June 2020 on Adom Tv Uttara asks Lazer to see what’s happening around. Lazer thanks her. They argue. Uttara asks her to become something and then come, she promises to ruin her. She insults Lazer and laughs. She says people of Ambua will always be bandhua. She goes to villagers. She says water tanker will come here every day, I hope you have no problem from now. They all chant her name. She goes. Punja asks Balwant to get water tanker for them. They joke on Balwant. Falguni says Uttara played a big move. Punja says I felt she came to help.

Jiji Maa Friday update 12 June 2020 Falguni says something is wrong, stay alert. They all have sweets. Punja says Uttara has become Devi for all, villagers won’t listen to you. Niyati calls Falguni and says Gayatri is coming back tomorrow. Falguni gets happy. Niyati says Suyash didn’t tell Uttara about her. Falguni says once Gayatri comes, Uttara will be exposed. She thanks Lord. Balwant reaches village and scolds the villagers. He scares them and beats up Punja. Its morning, Vidhaan and Niyati plan surprise for Uttara on mother day. She thinks to plan surprise for Falguni. She says I will put garland on mum’s pic and come. He asks her not to argue with Falguni. He says I will take you. She says I will go alone, I don’t want Falguni to scold you. He hugs her and asks her to go.

Jiji Maa 12 June 2020 Adom tv update Falguni sees village empty. Balwant stops her on the day and warns. He then lets her go. Uttara likes Vidhaan’s surprise. Vidhaan says this was Niyati’s idea. Jayant says Niyati makes good videos. Uttara says I m encouraging her, she said Falguni always dominated her, now Niyati can do anything she wants, where is she. Vidhaan say she went to her home. Uttara asks to meet Falguni. He says no, to put garland on her mum’s pic, she will come. Teja meets Falguni. She gets shocked seeing Punja’s hand fracture.

Adom TV Jiji Maa 12 June 2020 update Teja tells her about Balwant beating Punja. Falguni says we will file police complaint. Teja stops her and says we always helped you, don’t use us, we will fight on own, when you reconcile with Suyash, you will go, we will have to deal with Balwant, you won’t be here to help us. She says no, trust me, I wanted to solve problems. He says then leave from here if you respect me. She gets shocked.

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