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Jiji Maa 13 November 2020: Jiji Maa update Friday 13th November 2020, Suyash gets Falguni home. Vidhaan and Niyati happily welcome them. Vidhaan gets aarti plate. Suyash apologizes to Falguni and hugs her. He takes the aarti plate and does Falguni’s aarti. He holds her hand and gets her in. She says you are Falguni Purohit Rawat, you have spent many years of life with this identity, you don’t need to remove your old name. Falguni says its my luck that you are my husband. Jayant apologizes to her. He says every Sasural has a loving mum in law, but Uttara couldn’t give love to even her sons. Suyash says we will accept that we didn’t had any mum. He says we will party tonight, we will celebrate Falguni’s return. He tells her that party is necessary.

Falguni makes Laddoo wear the locket. She says Lord will always keep us together. Laddoo agrees. She asks him to change clothes fast. He says I have grown up now. She says ask your dad to help you. Suyash says ask your mum to go out. Uttara checks her purse for the papers. She gets angry. She says I left the papers in safe, I have to go back and get papers. Niyati checks arrangements. She asks Vidhaan to blow the balloons. Uttara hides seeing Falguni. She takes a vase to hit Falguni. Falguni goes. Suyash sees Falguni getting ready. He kisses and hugs her. He helps her in getting ready. Hawayein….plays… He tells her that its a new start of life for him. Laddoo comes. They get away. Laddoo asks them to at least shut the door, don’t forget that a young guy is at home. They smile. Suyash asks can’t I hug my wife in front of you. Laddoo says you can kiss her too, are you shy. Suyash says fine, if you challenge. Falguni calls them shameless and goes out. They laugh.

Uttara reaches her room. She takes the papers from cupboard. The party begins. Suyash and Falguni dance with Laddoo. Haste haste…plays… Uttara tries to leave with the papers. She thinks there are many people here, anyone can identify me. She gets a mask. Suyash and Falguni dance on Gerua song. Everyone smiles and claps for them. Vidhaan asks everyone to get ready, they will be playing an interesting game, passing the pillow. Everyone plays the game. Falguni winks to Suyash. She wins. Suyash says she has done cheating. She asks what did I do, tell me. Suyash doesn’t say. Vidhaan says she has won, you have to do what she tells you. Laddoo tells something to Falguni and Suyash. Suyash says fine. He proposes her. Muskaan and Ronak come to wish them. They both argue.

Laddoo helps Falguni and Suyash by enacting. He asks Falguni will you become my mum friend. Falguni agrees. Suyash asks Falguni will she become his wife friend. Falguni says yes. They smile. Uttara’s dress gets spoiled. Falguni offers her help. She takes Uttara to the kitchen. She cleans Uttara’s dress and asks her to remove the mask. Uttara thinks to kill her and takes a knife. Niyati comes and asks them to come. Rani arrives. Muskaan says you got late, you have missed the party. Laddoo asks Rani to dance for him. Rani dances on Mera Yaar manana ni….. Rivaaj reaches there and stares at her. He holds her dupatta. She gets away. Suyash and Vidhaan stop Rivaaj. Rivaaj goes. Suyash scolds someone else. Muskaan says I shall leave now, it was much fun. Rani hugs Falguni. Suyash asks Rani not to go home. Falguni announces Vidhaan and Niyati’s dance next. Vidhaan and Niyati dance on Aankh Maare….

Uttara comes there. Suyash removes her mask. Everyone gets shocked. He asks did you think none will know if you come here, I have called police for you. Police surrounds her. She laughs. Suyash asks her not to act mad. She says its not madness, I m laughing on your foolishness, you think I will come alone without any plan. She asks her goons to catch them. Goons get everyone at gun point. Jayant asks Uttara what does she want. Uttara says I want Suyash and Falguni to live and die together. Falguni says you can’t give or take someone’s life. Laddoo asks her to leave his parents. Falguni asks her not to worry.

Uttara says we shall see how your Lord saves you. She asks them to see the idol and now pray. She ties up Suyash and Falguni. She says you will die and then I will get everything. Vidhaan asks how can this happen. She reminds the lawyer. She says I had sent the lawyer to get signs on property papers. They get shocked. Jayant says I m ashamed to call you my wife. Falguni says if you gave us love, we would have given you everything. Uttara says I m taking what belongs to me. Falguni says this family is also of you. Vidhaan says when she doesn’t love her own son, what will she love others. He asks Uttara to kill him too. Uttara says now we shall start our game. She pours kerosene on Suyash and Falguni. Vidhaan asks them to stop. Uttara catches Laddoo.

They ask her to leave Laddoo. Uttara says he is the only heir, I didn’t wish him to come in this world. She calms down. Laddoo shouts. Uttara says I will first see you. Laddoo prays for his parents. They all pray. Uttara tries to ignite the match stick. Wind blows and match stick blows off. Uttara asks the goon to give lighter. Kerosene box falls down. Lighter falls. Uttara catches fire. She gets burnt. Jayant and Vidhaan rush to get water. Fire spreads. Suyash and Falguni get shocked. Water falls for them. Niyati frees them from ropes. Uttara is also rescued. She says I have got punished. She dies. Inspector arrests the goons. After a month, Falguni teaches aarti plate things to Laddoo. Niyati comes and says we have decided to adopt a baby. Everyone gets glad. Niyati says we will be adopting a girl, I hope I become a good mum. Falguni says you will be the best mum. She does aarti. Everyone prays for the family’s happiness. They all smile.

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