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Jiji Maa 14 August 2020: Jiji Maa update Friday 14TH August 2020, The Episode starts with Uttara having tough time in jail. Shom comes to her. She scolds him. He apologizes to her. She asks him to get lost. He says Falguni and Niyati are celebrating Rakshabandhan tomorrow, I will turn their happiness into sorrow, I will prove my loyalty, then tell me how to get you out. She says you are useless, get out. He says I will prove myself and goes. Its morning, Vidhaan compliments Niyati. She waits for Falguni’s rakhi. She says we didn’t had money in childhood, Falguni used to make rakhis and then we didn’t make rakhis. Shom hears them. Falguni makes Rakhi. Suyash comes.

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She says I lost my pearl. He helps her. She shows the rakhi. He says its nice. He slips and spoils everything. They have a moment. Music plays… he says I want to be with you like this all the time. Their hands get stuck. He frees his hand. Shom comes there and spoils the rakhi. Uttara acts of heart attack. Constables open the lock to check her.

Falguni says I got late. Suyash jokes. Falguni gives the rakhi to Niyati. Niyati finds the rakhi spoiled. Falguni worries. She says maybe glue fell in the box, I didn’t see it. Shom thinks Uttara would have got happy. Vidhaan says its fine, I will get rakhi from outside. Falguni says I broke your hope, sorry. Niyati manages to fix the broken rakhi. Niyati says I have to tie this rakhi to you, our relation doesn’t depend on this string, but on your promise. She ties rakhi to Falguni. They smile. Niyati sees her gift, a punching toy. Falguni laughs. She gives a dress as gift. Niyati thanks her.

Uttara runs away from jail. Police tries to catch her. Shom helps Uttara. She says thanks, you…. Shom says yes, I was ready to help you. He says you have to help me in killing Falguni and prove your loyalty. Falguni wakes up and doesn’t find anyone at home. She gets scared and shouts. Lights come. Everyone surprises her and sings birthday song. Falguni says you all scared me. She cuts the birthday cake and feeds them. Suyash says even mom would have celebrated her birthday. Uttara cuts cake and sings happy birthday to me. Shom wishes her. She cries and smashes cake.

Uttara recalling the first time she met Falguni. She says that girl snatched everything from me, my status, my house, my property, my respect and even my family, you remember Shom, how Falguni got Lord’s blessings of my share. Shom says I know. Uttara says Falguni is celebrating there, and I m sorrowful here, this will be last birthday of her, no one can help her, not even her Lord.

Suyash asks Galguni to come with her. He asks her to close eyes. He makes her wear a necklace. He hugs her. She says my biggest gift is your love, your trust, you will never leave me, I have this belief. He says I will never let anything happen to you. She hugs him and asks him not to feel guilty, they will face everything together. Vidhaan says I don’t want to think about mom, she did this for me. Niyati says sorry to spoil your mood. Everyone gets ready. Vidhaan says I will break the Dahi handi, I m Kanhaiya. Suyash and Vidhaan joke. Jayant says one who wins the dance competition will get chance to break dahi handi. Suyash says then Falguni and I will win any how. Falguni says sorry Vidhaan, me and my husband will win. Vidhaan says we shall see. Uttara asks Shom what’s the news. Shom says everyone is happy there. Uttara says let them sing and dance, they have to mourn then, this is last Janmashtami of Falguni’s life. Jayant welcomes collector.

The lady says I m sorry to hear about Uttara. He says my family is competing in dance competition. Falguni helps niyati. Jayant gets happy seeing Suyash and Vidhaan. He thinks they should forget about Uttara for some time. Falguni, Suyash, Niyati and Vidhaan dance on Radhe kaise na jale…. Uttara looks on. Everyone claps. Inspector says we are not able to find Uttara, we have to inform family. Jayant answers the call. Inspector says Uttara has run away from jail. Jayant says I can’t hear you, I will call you later. The lady asks how will you decide the winner now. Jayant says I have decided. Niyati says even if you don’t win, you are my kanha. Vidhaan says I want to lose, I want Suyash to break dahi handi, I challenged him intentionally. Suyash says I want Vidhaan to win, I danced with you to make more memories. Falguni says I also want Vidhaan and Niyati to win. Jayant tells them about winners, both the jodis love each other, deciding one as winner will be injustice with other, both the jodis have won, I wish no one’s bad sight catches them, lets start the dahi handi program. Suyash and Falguni say we have to keep everyone happy. Uttara applies red color on her face. She plays dhol. Uttara comes to everyone. They all dance.

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