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Jiji Maa 17 July 2020: Jiji Maa friday 17th update July 2020 The Episode starts with Uttara dreaming. Shom comes and calls her out. She slaps him. He says I was worried for you. She says I m dreaming, Vidhaan got all the property, I kicked out Suyash and Falguni, I was getting Vidhaan remarried to a minister’s daughter. He says sorry. She says you broke my dream, why did you come. He says lawyer has come, Suyash called you. Jayant says Suyash is giving all the property to Vidhaan, Suyash I m proud to be your dad. Niyati thinks I wish I could explain Suyash that he is making a big mistake. Jiji Maa 17th July 2020 Suyash is about to sign. Falguni takes the papers and run. She says I got the paper to make plane. Suyash stops her and convinces her to get the papers. Vidhaan comes and asks what’s the surprise.

Jiji Maa update friday 17 July 2020 Suyash says I learnt Dada ji named all this to me, but I decided, all this will belong to you now. Uttara smiles. Suyash says you will have this alone. He signs the papers. Vidhaan says stop. He takes the papers and tears them. Uttara and everyone get shocked. He asks what’s this surprise, its all yours, I don’t want anything, I feel pride to ask you things, I ask you by my rights, you can’t snatch my rights, dad tell me whom will you ask to protect a valuable diamond. Jayant says I love you a lot, but I will give responsibilities to Suyash. Vidhaan says yes, Suyash is a responsible man, unlike me, bless me to become like you, I don’t want this house and property, I want your promise, you will always be with me and love me. Suyash hugs him. Niyati and Jayant smile. Jayant hugs Suyash and Vidhaan. He says Uttara you gave examples of brothers fighting for property, this doesn’t apply to our sons, as you gave them good values.

Adom Tv Jiji Maa 17th July 2020 Vidhaan asks for some money. Suyash smiles. Niyati sees Falguni praying to Lord. Falguni says mum is very happy, so I came to thank Lord. Niyati does aarti and thanks Lord. She apologizes for her words. She says I know you will make Falguni fine soon. Uttara looks on. Falguni rings the bell. Uttara goes. Vidhaan sees Niyati’s sweet video message. He asks what’s all this, where are you. She comes to him. He gets stunned seeing her. He says you look amazing in this saree. They fall on the bed and laugh. She says Falguni would have felt proud if she was fine. Vidhaan says I was a spoilt brat, you got these good changes in me, you are the woman behind my success. She says I love you. He says I love you too. He jokes. She laughs.

Shom says Falguni may rule here, she may make you out of the house, what if she makes you a maid. Uttara imagines it and says this can’t happen, its my house and business, just I will rule on it. Falguni comes and says I got chips for you, I made this for you. Uttara says I m not hungry. Suyash asks her to have it. Uttara says you are wife’s puppet. She eats chips and says its good. Falguni thanks her. Uttara goes. Suyash thinks what happened to mom, why did he say so. Uttara says Falguni troubled me so much, I have to do something, there is no other way. Niyati prays and cleans the temple. Uttara lays the wire and drops water on the floor to electrocute Falguni. Falguni comes there.

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Jiji Maa 17 July 2020 Adom TV Niyati switching off the light. All the house lights go off by short circuit. Uttara says how did the lights go. Falguni calls out Uttara and asks where are you. Uttara thinks fate won’t support you always. She gets some decoration lights. She says I will kill you and have my bright future. She pours kerosene there. Falguni comes there and likes the lights. Uttara hides. She tries to ignite the fire. The matchstick doesn’t light up. Uttara takes a lighter and ignites fire. She also gets trapped in the fire along with Falguni. She shouts for help. Falguni says I will save you. Suyash comes with everyone. They get shocked. Suyash and Vidhaan pour water on themselves and enter the fire. Niyati calls out Falguni. Falguni asks her to move on. Suyash sees the fire. Uttara asks him to save her. He goes to save Falguni seeing the huge danger. He pulls her before the platform falls. He asks Falguni is she fine.

Jiji Maa update friday 17th July 2020 Uttara thinks he left me and saved Falguni. Falguni and Uttara get rescued. The servants get water and blow it off. Niyati says thank God you got saved. Falguni says hero ji saved me. Jayant says thank God, Suyash and Vidhaan were at home, and saved you, how did this happen. Vidhaan says maybe the kerosene can fell down. He scolds the servant. Niyati thinks did mom do this, no, how would she get trapped inside the fire. Suyash gets shawls for Uttara and Falguni. Uttara recalls Suyash’s love for her and cries. Falguni thinks of the fire incident. Suyash comes and asks what happened, aren’t you getting sleep. She says no. She gets scared when he lights a candle. He blows off candle and says you don’t need to get scared till I m here.

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Jiji Maa friday 17 July 2020 Falguni thanks him. Uttara looks on. She says I was wrong, I thought I matter the most to Suyash, Suyash loves Falguni more. She says Suyash did wrong, I won’t let Suyash snatch my Vidhaan’s rights, I can do anything to get Vidhaan’s rights. She cuts a pillow with knife. She says Suyash, there is no other way, you have to die, I won’t kill you, I m your mum. Falguni will kill you and go to jail, my son will get this property. She burns Suyash’s pic. Suyash comes to Uttara and says I will name everything to Vidhaan, I promise we won’t fight for property. He goes. Uttara cries. Falguni comes to her. She asks what happened to you, tell me. Uttara says I won’t get sleep without you, Suyash refused to me and spoke to me badly, he scolded me. Falguni says but he is good. Uttara says he isn’t good. She lies about Suyash.

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