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Jiji Maa 18 September 2020: Update on Jiji Maa Friday 18th September 2020, The Episode starts with Falguni trying to run away. Piyali stops seeing some Sadhus and asks them to move aside. She gets attacked. Falguni tries to cut the rope. She asks the goon to let her free. He asks her to sit quiet. She gets free and hits on his head. She runs away. Piyali runs away and calls Karma. He says I m ready, are you coming. She says I was coming to you, some people stopped me on the way, they want to kill me. Falguni asks the goon to let her go. Suyash prays for Falguni. The cupboard falls on the goon. Falguni gets back. She runs. Goons see Piyali. Suyash asks Niyati to call Falguni and ask where is she. She says Falguni’s phone is off, I will try again. Uttara gets goon’s call. He says sorry, Falguni has hurt us and run away.

Uttara says don’t worry, I will manage everything, just come. Falguni asks a man for his phone to make a phone call. Some ladies come dancing there and threaten Falguni, showing some knife. Falguni gets shocked and returns phone. She runs away. Niyati says I m scared, Falguni’s phone is off, I had charged phone. Vidhaan says don’t worry, nothing will happen to her. She says did Karma and Piyali do anything… Karma asks Piyali where is she. Piyali asks why are you after me, did Uttara send you. The man says Falguni has sent us. Karma and Piyali get shocked hearing this.

Goon says Falguni asked us to kill you. Karma shouts. Piyali takes the knife and asks goon to stay away. She runs. Piyali fights with them, and says I will not leave Falguni. Karma says Falguni didn’t do right. He recalls Falguni’s words. He says you never considered Piyali your sister, I will not leave you. The ladies look for Falguni. Suyash says Falguni didn’t come. Niyati says Falguni’s phone is off, and Piyali…. Piyali comes home. Uttara asks what happened, where is Falguni. Piyali says she left me in parlor and went. Suyash asks how did this happen. Piyali says my car tyre burst, I lost my phone and came by walk. She goes to get ready. Suyash thinks where did Falguni go.

Falguni runs on the road. Uttara comes to Piyali and says I know you are lying, tell me who has attacked you. Piyali says Falguni did this, she tried to get me killed. She cries. Uttara says I can’t believe this, Niyati also went with you, is she also involved, this revenge is also yours now, snatch Falguni’s love, become Suyash’s wife, this will be revenge, you don’t have time, think fast. Piyali recalls Karma’s words. She says I have to punish Falguni for this, I will marry Suyash. Uttara smiles. Falguni shouts for help. Karma comes there. Falguni asks him to help her. He pushes her in anger. She gets shocked. He says I will kill you, I will not leave you and Suyash, you have sent goons to kill Piyali. He points gun at her. She asks him to leave her. Someone clicks pics of them.

Uttara saying Falguni won’t come here, Karma won’t let her reach and Suyash will marry Piyali. Pandit asks them to get bride. Niyati asks Vidhaan to handle here. Suyash thinks where did Falguni go. Falguni bites Karma’s hand and runs. He angrily shoots in air. Piyali gets happy with Niyati helps her. She thinks Niyati can never cheat me, she loves me a lot. Niyati tries to delay things. Karma looks for Falguni. Niyati burns the dupatta intentionally. She says sorry, the dupatta got burnt by press, I will arrange another dupatta, don’t know where is Falguni, else she would have told me. She goes.

Karma gets Falguni at gunpoint. She says trust me, why will I send goons to kill Piyali. He says I have heard it, goon has said this, you have send goons. She says trust me, I didn’t do this, let me go. He scolds her. She throws soil in his eyes and runs away. Karma points gun at her again. She gets shocked. Vidhaan tells Suyash that Falguni would have learnt truth and come anytime. Suyash thinks I m marrying only for the sake of this love, if she knows about my illness, she will know why I m doing this marriage. Uttara stops Vidhaan. Suyash says I m marrying today and you want to stop me, I have forgotten Falguni, I have decided to marry Piyali. Niyati thinks to stop Piyali. Piyali says you want the mahurat to pass off. Niyati says yes, we got to know how you are blackmailing Suyash for marriage. Piyali says you don’t know what Falguni did with me, she has sent goons to kill me. Niyati says no, she regards you sister, she can’t do this, its your misunderstanding. Karma says I m not having any misunderstanding, maybe I lost my Piyali, you have to die now. Falguni says fine, kill me but just listen to me once. Niyati says goons can lie to you, you got cheated. Piyali scolds her for cheat. She says Karma won’t leave Falguni, he knows Falguni has sent goons to get me killed. Niyati gets shocked. She calls Vidhaan and says Piyali is coming downstairs, handle there, I m going to find Falguni.

Falguni tells Karma how she got saved from goons. She says I would have killed Piyali before if I wanted, she is my sister, why will I kill her, I just want to stop Suyash’s marriage, I think its Uttara’s plan, she is using Piyali, Suyash and Piyali would be getting married. Vidhaan tries to delay marriage. He asks Suyash to wait until Falguni comes. Suyash doesn’t listen. Piyali comes for marriage. Falguni asks Karma to help her else shoot her. Karma says I will take you, can you prove that Piyali is there. She says yes, we can call Niyati. Niyati gets the video call. She answers and sees Falguni with Karma. She asks are you fine, I was so worried. Falguni asks her is Piyali at home. Niyati says Piyali is going to mandap. She shows Piyali on video call. Falguni and Karma get shocked seeing Piyali sitting in mandap. Falguni asks Niyati to stop the marriage and tell Suyash that he got cheated. The call disconnects. Uttara makes servant put mobile jammers.

She thinks no one can make or receive calls now. Niyati falls down and gets hurt. Jayant asks someone to call doctor. Everyone worries for Niyati. Piyali scolds Niyati for the drama so that the marriage mahurat passes off. Niyati asks Suyash not to do this marriage. Vidhaan says I beg you, don’t marry, Falguni knows your helplessness. Suyash says I m not helpless, I will make Piyali my wife, I won’t wait for Falguni. Karma drives the car in anger. Falguni cries thinking of Suyash’s words. Karma cries for Piyali. Niyati thinks this marriage shouldn’t happen. Falguni asks Suyash not to do this marriage. Suyash and Piyali start the marriage rituals. Falguni comes running and shouts stop. She says Suyash, your illness truth is fake, you aren’t suffering from cancer. Everyone gets shocked. Falguni says you got cheated.

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