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Jiji Maa 1 October 2020: Update On Jiji Maa Thursday 1st October 2020, The Episode starts with Suyash and Falguni having a cute talk and moment. He makes a wish, holding her hand. He teases her. She beats him with cushion. Niyati comes there. She asks Falguni to come and see what’s Uttara doing. They go to see. Uttara asks Niyati to keep Bal Gopal photo with her, it will have good influence. Falguni smiles. She thinks why is Niyati so worried. She asks why so much hurry. Uttara says why to delay, I want Niyati’s life moments to be special. She makes Shom do the arrangements in room. She apologizes to them. She asks Shom to come along. Falguni says you would be finding this strange, everyone has different way to express happiness.

Jiji Maa update Thursday 1 October 2020: Niyati worries. Falguni says maybe Uttara is doing right. Niyati smiles, but stays upset. Shom says I got the flowers for decorations, what do you want to do now. Uttara says you know about Falguni, she comes in my way again and again, this night will be dangerous for Suyash and Falguni. She slaps Shom and says can’t you see them happy, I get hurt seeing Falguni happy. He says then you have to make her sad. She tells her plans.

Falguni and Suyash are leaving. She says Niyati is hiding something. He says you think this is serious, its fine you can talk to her once we come back. Shom gives him the jeep keys. Suyash says dad and his love tips…. He smiles and compliments Falguni. They leave in the jeep. The petrol leaks. Shom looks on. Niyati recalls her miscarriage. She wakes up. Vidhaan hugs her. She asks how long will we hide this, what will they say and think. He asks her not to worry and sleep.

Suyash’s jeep breaks down. He says how did the diesel tank get empty. He sees the tank leaking and tells Falguni. She asks him not to worry. He says sit in the car, its cold, wear some shawl, I will call mechanic, there is no network in phone. Shom sees them and informs Uttara.

Jiji Maa Thursday 1 October 2020: She asks did they see you, did you hide well. He says I m hiding behind bushes. She asks what are they doing. He says they are shivering in cold. She says good, they will fall sick for ten days, is there any car around. He says there isn’t any washroom around, I will go home. She asks him to be there and keep an eye on them. He agrees. She says Falguni will catch cold now.

Suyash says there is no cab, lets hear songs. Falguni nods. Suyash tries to warm Falguni’s hands. They have a moment. Shom sleeps. Uttara calls him. He wakes up and says Suyash and Falguni … He thinks they look happy, I can’t tell this to Uttara. He says they got frozen. She says send me their pic. He says I can’t send the pic, trust me, if I lie, then I will get hurt. She says fine. He gets hurt. Falguni feels cold. Suyash makes her wear his coat. They hug.

Jiji Maa 1 October 2020 update: Suyash and Falguni romancing. A man passes by and offers them help. He advices them to walk ahead and stay in the nearby hut. He takes Suyash and Falguni there. Suyash asks what’s this. The man says this is my small hut for lovers, the rent is low, just 2000rs. Suyash asks what, 2000rs for this hut. He pays the man. The man lights the bonfire. Suyash and Falguni sit there. They go inside the hut and see the place. She smiles. He says we shall go out and sit, its a romantic set up. She stops him. He says fine, I won’t talk to you, I will sit outside, I will not even take your name. She says fine. He gets annoyed and goes.

She says I have made him upset. He hears some sound and runs inside the hut. He doesn’t see Falguni and asks where are you Falguni. She teases him and smiles. He hugs her and says you really scared me. They smile. Suyash holds her. They dance and hug. Laal ishq….plays…. He lifts her and takes her to the hut. Its morning, Uttara calls up Shom. She gets shocked seeing Suyash and Falguni coming home on a bicycle. Falguni laughs. They sneeze and laugh. Uttara says I have to ask Shom. Falguni shows the clothes for Kanha idol. She asks Niyati how is it.

Jiji Maa update Thursday 1 October 2020: Niyati says good. Vidhaan says we have to go to NGO. Falguni says I spoke to Jayant, puja will end in 15 mins, I have done all the preparations, everything is here. Niyati worries. Falguni asks Lord to bless them. Niyati feels guilty hearing Falguni. She drops the pot. She goes away. Falguni gets shocked. Niyati goes to her room and cries. Falguni asks what are you hiding, don’t lie to me. Niyati says its nothing. Falguni says its fine if you don’t want to have a child now. Niyati shouts I want to become a mum now, but its not possible. Falguni gets shocked and asks what does this mean. Niyati says you remember the accident happened in Goa. She shows the reports and says I can never conceive a child now. Falguni cries. Suyash and Vidhaan look on.

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