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Jiji Maa 24 July 2020: Jiji Maa Adom Tv update Friday 24th July 2020, The Episode starts with Falguni hugging Niyati and crying. She says I should tell truth to Suyash. Niyati says you told him already, but Uttara lied to him. Falguni says he is dreaming about child, I have to tell him. Suyash asks what. Niyati says Sameer got a baby. Suyash says yes I m happy for him, his wife had complications last year, you guys talk, I will be back. Falguni cries and says Suyash will break down if I tell him. Niyati says Suyash will understand you. Falguni recalls his words. She says I will leave from his life, he can remarry and become a father.

Jiji Maa update Friday 24th July 2020: Niyati says don’t say this, I will talk to him. Falguni says no, you swear on me, you won’t say. She goes to her room and cries. She writes a letter… Suyash you are world’s best husband, I m lucky to become your wife, I love you a lot, I m going to tell my life’s big truth, till you get this letter, I will be away from you. She keeps the letter and goes. She sees Suyash and hides. She thinks our relation’s end will be a new start for you, I don’t know how I will live without you, but I can’t give you sorrow. She leaves. She thinks of Suyash and cries, walking on the road. Niyati prays to Lord to help Falguni. Falguni gets dizzy and faints on the road. A car stops. The couple sees her and think she belongs to a good family. They take her to hospital.

Falguni gets conscious. Doctor says you are Uttara’s bahu, I knew this, I will call her. Falguni says no, let it be, I will go home and tell myself. The man says we found you unconscious on the road. Falguni thanks him. The lady says we thought you are pregnant as you fainted on road but doctor said its nothing like that. Doctor comes there. Falguni recalls and identifies her. She says how can I forget you, you have ruined my life, I can’t have any happiness now, I have to see others’ children and get happy. Sonali says I wanted to tell this to you since long, you can become a mother, you have your womb, I didn’t do that operation. Falguni gets shocked.

Jiji Maa update Friday 24 July 2020: Niyati plays shank in temple and prays. Sonali says I recalled how you reminded me my duty, I thought I can’t do wrong with a woman, I didn’t do your operation, sorry I couldn’t tell this to you. Falguni hugs her and says you have me big happiness. Niyati thinks how to find Falguni, her phone is off, show me some way. Suyash comes and asks where is Falguni. She recalls Falguni’s words and says no. He takes prasad from her and goes. She says I have to tell him that Falguni left the house. Uttara looks on and thinks Falguni did some good work for the first time.

She smiles. She eats prasad and says Lord is on my side. Falguni runs on the road happily and tells Kaki that she can become a mum too. She plays with some kids. She goes to her home and lights diya. She talks to her mum’s pic. She says I can fulfill Suyash’s dream, I can give him a child, he will become a father, I will become a mum. She smiles. Suyash calls her. He says her phone is off, where did she go. He sees the letter and takes it to read. Falguni comes and takes letter from him. She hugs him and cries. He asks what happened, how did you get hurt. She says we will also have a child. He says yes, but why are you crying, how did you get hurt. She says nothing, I just slipped. Niyati comes to talk to him. She sees Falguni and gets shocked. Niyati smiles and hugs her.

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Jiji Maa 24 July 2020: Suyash asking are you crying or laughing, what’s happening. Falguni says I m fine, you go, I have to talk to Niyati. She says I got hurt and a couple took me to hospital, Dr Sonali met me and said I can conceive. Niyati asks really, I knew Lord can’t do wrong with you. Falguni says we will dance and laugh today. They dance on Nachun mai cham cham….. They hug. Uttara thinks Suyash doesn’t know that Falguni is gone, he is trying to call her. She comes to him and says you are feeling lonely, you can’t hide your pain from me. He asks what are you saying, Falguni is here. Uttara gets shocked. Falguni asks what happened, did you see any bad dream. Jayant says yes, she was awake last night. He asks Suyash to check accounts. They go. Falguni stops Uttara. She says I wanted to talk to you, but then I thought animals and humans don’t talk. She goes. Uttara says why is she flying in air, did she find out everything.

She goes to Falguni and asks why are you so happy, you have to cry now when Suyash learns that you can’t conceive. Falguni says you also know that you failed, Dr Sonali didn’t do my operation, I know I can conceive, you have ruined good stepmum’s names, a mum always prays for son’s children, you don’t want Suyash to have this happiness, but you lost, you accept Suyash as your son. Uttara says I will see how you grow your child in womb. Falguni scolds her.

Jiji Maa Friday update 24 July 2020: Suyash and Falguni take rest. They talk of baby names and joke. She suggests names. He says boring. She says my suggestion is better. He says I will think well. She says yes, their names should be special. He says we can keep baby names, but before that, how will baby come. She gets shy. He switches off lights. Uttara comes to their room and sees them sleeping. Falguni opens eyes and says kill me, Suyash will be out of danger then. Suyash wakes up and asks what are you doing here, you have a knife in hand, why. Uttara says someone told me that if you keep knife under pillow, you don’t get bad dreams. He says you care so much for Falguni. Uttara keeps the knife under pillow and asks her to sleep.

Jiji Maa Friday 24 July 2020 update: Falguni says I will have water and come. She asks Uttara to be careful and think 100 times before doing anything wrong. Uttara gets angry. Its morning, Vidhaan says we shall go on picnic. Jayant says okay, decide the location. Vidhaan says I will book a resort. Niyati says we can go for camping. Suyash likes her plan. They insist Uttara to come. Uttara says fine, I won’t like staying at home without you all. Everyone comes for camping. Vidhaan calls her smart. Jayant says people will soon call you wife’s puppet. Vidhaan says I m lucky to have a smart wife. He clicks pics. Suyash and Falguni say we will come with children every year here. Vidhaan and Niyati tease her. A girl cries. Suyash asks what happened, why are you crying. The girl Bulbul says my ball fell that side. Vidhaan says I will get it. They play. Jayant says they look happy. Uttara says yes, a lot. Falguni calls the couple to come and have tea with them. She sees a red stained cloth and gets shocked.

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