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Jiji Maa 30 October 2020: Jiji Maa update Friday 30th October 2020, The Episode starts with Suyash saying I don’t know how did this photo come in my wallet. Laddoo says I have proved it, now hug Falguni, you lost the bet and have to do this. He says I should have not come here, I won’t come again. Suyash stops him. He agrees to hug Falguni. He hugs her and goes. Vidhaan praises Laddoo and asks how did you keep the photo in Suyash’s wallet. Laddoo recalls stealing Suyash’s wallet and keeping Falguni’s photo in it. Laddoo says I will go, I will come again later. He goes. Niyati says I think Suyash and Falguni will come closer soon. They hug. Suyash asks Vidhaan to check his mails. Laddoo asks Suyash and Falguni not to fight.

They argue again and say sorry. They promise Laddoo that they won’t fight again. Laddoo smiles and leaves. The doctor calls Falguni and asks her to take Uttara home. She asks him to keep Uttara there for some days. He says we can’t handle her, we are helpless. She worries. Falguni goes to inform Niyati. They leave at night. They get Uttara home when Suyash is sleeping. Uttara gets violent and shouts. Suyash wakes up hearing the sound. Falguni and Niyati try to take her away. They tie her up and make her rest. Niyati locks the door. Uttara recalls Suyash. He comes there and hears her cry. He tries to look inside. Falguni comes and asks what are you doing. He asks what’s inside, I can hear some sound. She says it maybe a rat. They argue. Abhishek says your son has reached Suyash, when he goes to meet Suyash next time, make him wear this shirt. Devraj asks what’s special in this shirt. Abhishek tells his plan.

Suyash plays music and works out. Falguni says I m trying to work, lower the volume. They argue. Laddoo comes. They complain to Laddoo. Laddoo asks Suyash to lift him if he has strength. Suyash says I will lift you. Laddoo says no, I was joking. Suyash lifts the sack. The rice falls over him. Falguni goes to help. They fall down. Laddoo dances happily. They have a moment. Music plays….

Laddoo recalling how he brought Suyash and Falguni together. He laughs. Suyash gets a call. He says I have to go for the meeting, if we don’t get this contract, it will be a loss of 500 crores. Jayant says you are taking big risk, Falguni just explain him. Suyash says I will go there at any cost. Inspector comes. Suyash says I have called inspector, he said he will have some way. Inspector says you will be going in police protection, our men will reach you tomorrow. Suyash thanks him. Falguni says Suyash will always do what I ask him not to do. Laddoo asks Suyash were you always disobedient. Suyash says I take my decisions on my own, I m determined. Laddoo says nice line. Falguni says he is risking his life, even he knows the multiple attacks on him. Suyash says I will come back soon and then play with you.

Falguni asks Suyash not to leave. Suyash argues with her and says I can’t call off my imp meeting, my business is on number one position because I run it by my mind, not heart. He leaves with the police. Real policemen come there. Niyati asks Falguni not to worry for Suyash. Laddoo asks her to come out fast. They see the inspector coming to pick Suyash. Falguni asks what do you mean, he just went with police force. He asks what, I just came to take him. Falguni asks who were they who took Suyash. Laddoo shows the way. Suyash gets kidnapped by Devraj and goons. Devraj informs Abhishek. Abhishek thinks of having microchip in Laddoo’s shirt.

He says don’t do anything to him now, I will come and see him dying. Devraj asks him to come soon. Inspector says Suyash is seen in the nearby locality, we don’t know where he is kept captive. Jayant and Falguni ask him to find Suyash. He says I can’t hurry, a special team is needed to free him. Falguni thinks I will free Suyash. She gets a disguise of a veg vendor and looks for Suyash. She gets some hint and goes to see. A man stops her. She tries to sell the vegs.

She gets to hear the man’s conversation on phone. She worries. Inspector says we shall wait for Falguni. Falguni comes and says I know where is Suyash, I found him. They make plans to go and rescue Suyash. Falguni asks Vidhaan and Niyati to disperse. They take their positions. They keep an eye. They see some women in burqa. Niyati stops them to ask about the family details. She takes them aside. Falguni and Vidhaan faint down the women by using chloroform. Niyati asks what will you do now. Falguni says we will wear their burqa and bangles. Niyati asks what if the men ask something. Falguni tells her plan. Vidhaan asks how will I manage here. Falguni and Niyati think what to do. Falguni says someone can come with us as third woman. They make Uttara wear the burqa and try to take her on skating wheels. Falguni asks Vidhaan to stay here and explain the women why are they doing this. She says tell them that we will leave them safely home, Lord is with us to protect us.

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