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Jiji Maa 13 July 2020: Jiji Maa 13th July 2020, The Episode starts with doctor checking Falguni. He says she has much improvement, we can start reminding her the past, make her recall good memories, anything bad can break her down, try to keep her happy. Suyash sees Falguni playing. Vidhaan says we can show pics and videos to Falguni. Suyash says no, doctor asked me not to give her any shock. Niyati says Falguni likes dolls, we will have a puppet show. Suyash says excellent, we can remind her everything. Niyati says we will have three dolls of me, Falguni and Suyash. They join hands. Uttara looks on and thinks try this too. Falguni gives best mum title to Uttara. Uttara smiles and shows off to Niyati.

Jiji Maa Adom Tv update Monday 13 July 2020 Falguni get best friend title for Niyati. Niyati taunts Uttara and says you lose with overconfidence. She sends Falguni for her surprise. She says Falguni isn’t a puppet, she forgot me, but she is close to me by heart. Uttara thinks I will see how Falguni comes to see your surprise. Falguni calls Suyash. He asks what happened. She says I don’t know which hair clip shall I use. He says wait. She says you sit here, I will try clips on you and see which one is better. She tries many hair clips on him. He smiles. He asks is it done.

She laughs. He asks did you decide. She says no. He makes her sit. He selects the clip. She thanks him. He goes. Niyati and Vidhaan explain the puppet artist what to show. Uttara looks on and goes. She pours oil on the stairs. She asks Falguni to come, everyone is waiting. Jiji Maa 13 July 2020 Falguni goes and slips. Niyati holds her. She takes Falguni for the show. Falguni gets happy seeing the show. Niyati tells the story of two sisters. Falguni smiles. Niyati recalls their childhood moment. Falguni claps. Niyati says love entered Falguni’s life, Suyash gave her much happiness. Suyash recalls meeting Falguni. They get shocked seeing a fourth puppet. Falguni gets reminded of Gayatri.

She shouts Maa. Suyash holds her. Uttara thinks Niyati, now manage her madness. Niyati and Suyash hold Falguni. Vidaan calls doctor. Falguni gets an injection and calms down. She sleeps. Doctor says I told you to get good memories, you got her life’s bad memories in front of her. Suyash asks what will happen now. Jiji Maa update Monday 13th July 2020 Doctor says I can’t say, this has made her condition worse. Falguni gets up and shouts. Doctor says we have no way now, just get her to room. Suyash lifts her and takes her. Niyati worries. Doctor injects Falguni again. He says she will wake up after few hours, please take care, what’s the use to remind bad memories, don’t do this. He goes. Suyash says who told that man about the bad incident. Niyati thinks now Suyash will know Uttara’s truth. Niyati, Suyash and Vidhaan catch the man and threaten him to ask who told him about this story. The man points towards Uttara. They turn and see Uttara.

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Uttara getting tensed when the man points at her. She turns and starts shouting on Shom. She slaps him. She asks why did you tell the man about the bad incident, it could have affected her badly. Shom understands and takes the blame. He apologizes. He scolds the man. Suyash asks Shom to stop it. Uttara sees Niyati and smiles. She gives money to Shom and says I had to do this, as this would have affected much, take this money. He thinks its some test and refuses. She slaps him again and gives money.

Jiji Maa update Monday 13 July 2020 on Adom TV Niyati comes and shows an injection to scare Uttara. She acts and says sorry, forgive me for my mistake. She holds Niyati’s hand and takes the injection. She says your plan was good, when my sons know that you are behind my madness, what will they do with you. She says I told that man to create my fav scene. She taunts Niyati. She asks Niyati to get lost, she has to rest now.

Suyash sits sad and recalls Falguni. Falguni wakes up and sees him. She hugs him. Music plays…. She says I don’t want injection. He says doctor left, nothing will happen. Niyati looks on and thinks I couldn’t take care of you, forgive me. Falguni asks for Uttara and goes with Niyati. She hugs Uttara and says you know doctor is bad, he gave me injection, don’t leave me. Uttara says I will tell him not to do this, sit here. She goes to Niyati and shuts the door. Niyati cries. Uttara starts her emotional drama. She says I feel if I was in your place, I would have gone and hidden where no one would have to worry for me, so that my mum would not need to cry for me. She asks Falguni to sleep. Falguni thinks of her words. He packs her toys and fruits in a little bag. She goes. Uttara smiles and says Niyati, your little Jiji Maa has run away.

Jiji Maa 13th July 2020 Niyati takes water from kitchen. Falguni hides. Niyati turns to see. Vidhaan comes and asks what is she doing, come and rest. They go. Falguni goes out of the house. Niyati comes to Uttara’s room and doesn’t see Falguni. She calls out Suyash. He asks what happened. She says Falguni isn’t here. They all look for Falguni. Uttara asks how can this happen, she would have hidden somewhere, did she go anywhere out. She smiles seeing Niyati. Falguni comes to her locality and stops near her house. Niyati comes to Uttara and says I m warning you, if anything happens to Falguni, I swear I will expose you, I was silent as Falguni was regarding you mum, now why will I stay silent, you will go to jail. Uttara gets shocked. Falguni sees her house. Niyati and her moments are seen.

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