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Jiji Maa 14 September 2020: Update on Jiji Maa Monday 14th September 2020, The Episode starts with Vidhaan, Niyati and Falguni making a plan to fool Piyali. Vidhaan says I will take this big responsibility. He goes to fool Piyali and gives her a bouquet. He says if Suyash loves you and accepted you, I will also accept you as Bhabhi, you can cook the food for the function. She asks what shall I make. He shows a long list of menu. Suyash looks on and thinks what’s happening, what are Falguni and Vidhaan doing. Falguni checks Piyali’s room. She sees doctor’s card and keeps it back. She leaves. Suyash sees her and asks what is she doing. She does shayari. He asks are you fine. She flirts with him. The flowers fall over them. They fall down and have an eyelock. Music plays.. Suyash says sorry, it happened by mistake. He goes.

Jiji Maa update Monday 14 September 2020: She gets the flower in her hair and smiles. She says Lord has made our pairing. Piyali tries to make food. Karma comes laughing and jokes on her. She says already Falguni and Uttara are troubling me, now you. He says we had no problems between us before. Piyali says I m just doing a drama to marry Suyash. Jayant asks what drama. She lies to him. He says I came here to have water, everyone is busy in puja. She gives him water. He drinks water and goes. Karma says you look very busy. She says shut up, why did Falguni make a big list. Falguni checks Sheikh’s room. Niyati and Falguni get some board. Vidhaan stops Uttara and says I want to talk to you. He makes her busy in talk. Falguni and Niyati leave. Uttara gets thinking. Falguni and Niyati get similar board in Jayant’s room. They ask Jayant about the board, which calls spirits. Jayant asks what are you doing here. Falguni says say the truth please. Jayant says I m contacting Uttara’s spirit by using this board. They get shocked. He says Sheikh helps me in talking to Uttara, you can ask him. He takes the board.

Falguni says how can Sheikh play Uttara’s voice, how is this possible, check puja arrangements, I will check Sheikh’s room again. Vidhaan goes to Piyali and sees her cooking. He says you aren’t Falguni to cook well. She gets angry. Falguni checks for things. Niyati begins puja. Uttara asks will we do puja without Falguni. Niyati asks what will she do coming here. Jayant says its big thing that Falguni accepted your and Suyash’s relation, Piyali don’t expect much. Piyali plays shank. Niyati prays. Falguni gets the trunk and sees fake beard. Uttara thinks what is Falguni doing, did she get any doubt. Falguni thinks who is Sheikh. Uttara goes to her room. Falguni leaves and tells Niyati that Sheikh’s beard is fake. Uttara gets Falguni’s bangle and gets shocked. She checks her box. Uttara comes downstairs and thinks Falguni has doubt on me, so she came to my room, don’t know if she has seen the hidden box or not. Falguni asks her to come in puja. She thinks to stop Sheikh and Piyali’s planning.

Jiji Maa Monday update 14 September 2020: Falguni coming to everyone. She teases Suyash. She says you have already fixed the flower in my hair. He recalls. He asks her not to have false hopes. She says hope is just hope, just true or false. Everyone goes for Raavan dahan. Falguni says Sheikh is doubting me, we have to find out who is he. Vidhaan says maybe he is out old enemy, we have to do something that he fixes his beard. Falguni sees the kerosene can and goes to Uttara. She acts to stumble and pours kerosene on her. Everyone gets shocked. Uttara asks what did you do. Falguni says sorry, my leg was stuck. Vidhaan asks are you fine. Falguni nods. Jayant says sorry. Uttara says its fine, I will go and change. She leaves. Falguni says I will go and get mango leaves. She goes to spy.

Niyati comes to her. They both hide. Uttara changes clothes and comes out of the room. Falguni and Niyati enter the room, and check well. They get some balm. Falguni smells it. She says its some special balm, which Uttara used to get, how did Sheikh have this. They leave. They see Sheikh and says we went to get puja items. They see Vidhaan as Sheikh. Niyati says you look good. Falguni asks him to get truth from Piyali. Vidhana says done. Piyali says what’s Falguni doing. She sees Sheikh and asks why are you here. Vidhaan says I can’t trust you. Piyali says you have spoiled the things, I got trapped, you just want your benefit. She leaves. Vidhaan says Falguni’s plan failed, she didn’t take Sheikh’s name. Uttara looks on and says so my doubt was right, Falguni is doubting me, she doesn’t know its me, its good Piyali didn’t take my name.

Jiji Maa Monday 14th September 2020 update: Falguni and Suyash keep the sticks. She gets hurt. Suyash holds her hand. She smiles. She says I m fine now. She falls over Suyash. They have an eyelock. Karma looks on. Vidhaan comes. Falguni says we have to stay alert, we will get to know many things. Vidhaan hammers and gets hurt. Uttara gets worried for him. Jayant asks are you fine. Vidhaan says yes. Falguni asks Vidhaan to go to doctor and get bandage. He refuses. Falguni asks him to go and get injection. Uttara asks him to go. She gets a threatening message and runs to see Vidhaan. Uttara gets shocked seeing the blood stained sherwani. She calls on number and asks how do you know I m Uttara Devi. Falguni comes and says how won’t I know Uttara Devi. Uttara gets shocked. Falguni says don’t worry, Vidhaan is fine, he is outside for puja, I had doubt on you when Jayant told me that he had heard Uttara’s voice in sheikh’s presence. She recalls everything and says you have done all this. Everyone is outside in puja. Falguni says you cheated everyone as Sheikh, tell me what did you do with Suyash, how did you compel Suyash to marry Piyali. She asks Uttara to answer.

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