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Jiji Maa 19 October 2020: Jiji Maa Monday update 19th October 2020, The Episode starts with Suyash asking Falguni not to go against him. He says I will manage all the work. He asks Jayant to take rest. Suyash is at his office. He asks the man to send Birju inside and then leave. Birju meets Suyash and gives him some papers. They have a talk. Birju argues and gets leaving. Suyash stops and signs the papers. He deals with Birju and ends the strike. Suyash calls Jayant and says the strike is over, everything is fine. Jayant asks him to come home. Suyash asks how is baby. Jayant says he is fine, sleeping in Vidhaan’s lap, come soon. Goon counts down and smiles. Suyash finds the door locked. Smoke fills inside the cabin. Suyash shouts for help.

Jiji Maa update Monday 19 October 2020: Falguni talks to baby and says Suyash and I got misunderstandings in between but everything will get fine soon. Suyash struggles to get free. He gets dizzy and faints. The man asks Birju not to come back for some time, else he will be suspected. He says poor Falguni, she lost her husband, maybe she gets sense now. Baby cries a lot. Falguni and Niyati try to calm down. They see Suyash’s pic. Falguni worries. Suyash lies unconscious. Vidhaan comes to office and finds the cabin locked. He sees smoke smoke and coughs. He tries to break the lock. He gets inside and finds Suyash unconscious. He gets shocked. Vidhaan gets Suyash home. Doctor checks Suyash and says poisonous gas went inside his lungs. Uttara asks doctor to check Vidhaan also. Nurse checks Vidhaan. Uttara worries for them.

Falguni blames herself and cries. Jayant and everyone ask her not to feel guilty. Vidhaan says we have saved him because of you, you have sent me to office. He recalls Falguni sending him to office, after sensing Suyash in trouble. Uttara attends a call on Falguni’s phone. She hears the goon threatening Falguni. Uttara says I m Uttara Devi, I promise Falguni won’t give statement. He says I want proof for this. Uttara goes to talk to Falguni. Falguni calls a press conference and says I have decided, I will not give statement in court. Uttara thinks its good for everyone. Reporters ask are you threatened. Falguni says no. Reporters ask are you paid to keep silent, why did you back out, are you all cowards. Vidhaan asks them how can ask such questions. Falguni says I have called you to just say that I won’t give any statement, you may leave now. Media reporters leave. Goon sees the video and gets glad. The goon asks his man to inform Magan that there is no danger now.

Uttara says Falguni, you did a right thing by refusing to give statement. Inspector comes and says thanks Falguni for doing what we told you. Uttara asks what do you mean. FB shows Falguni and everyone telling police about attack on Suyash. Inspector asks her not to get back from giving statement. Falguni says they have started harming us now, I want to refuse. Inspector says then refuse in front of the media, we will mislead the goons, they won’t harm you and you can help the law. FB ends. Inspector says we will secretly take you to court. Uttara signs no.

Jiji Maa Monday 19 October 2020: Suyash waking up and staying upset. Falguni hugs him and says I was so worried for you, talk to me, I won’t let anything happen to you. He says you should have not done this, why did you send Vidhaan to me, I gave him baby’s responsibility to him. She says we all were with baby, you went out alone, we were worried. He says no need to worry for me, I can take care of myself, I just have to think about Govind, even you need to do the same. She cries and says I m his mum. He says I don’t see your concern, I will take all the decisions related to him, you won’t say in between. Vidhaan says police is trying to find out the culprit. He gets a call and gets shocked. Birju is at his house. He gets drunk and dances seeing the money. A girl comes to meet him. He boasts of himself and admits the crime he has done. She fools him. They dance. She points gun at him. He asks who are you. Someone knocks.

Vidhaan comes there and slaps Birju. He says how did you plan to kill Suyash. Birju tries to run away. Police comes there. Suyash gives baby’s pics to make passport. He says I m going US with Govind, goons won’t trouble us there. The man says passport will take a week’s time. Suyash says get it done soon. The man agrees. Jayant asks him to think again, its too much. Suyash says I can leave Falguni and go, Falguni can give statement, you all also come to me, just respect my decision. Falguni asks him to listen. Suyash refuses. She says its a big decision. He says its a small attempt to save my baby. She says you didn’t think for me, can I live without you. He asks her to fight as she decided, she didn’t listen to him. She says I love you, I m nothing without you and baby. She says I beg you, don’t leave me, don’t go, I will do as you say. He agrees and says you have to promise me, you will take much care of baby. She says I will, promise me you won’t go away. He says I will never go. They hug.

Police gets Birju there and says he has spread the poisonous gas in office. Suyash and everyone gets shocked. Suyash scolds him. Inspector and Suyash ask him who has sent him to kill him. Birju thinks I can’t name the goon. He takes the gun from inspector and threatens them. He runs out. Inspector shouts stop and shoots him. They ask who has sent you to kill Suyash. Birju signs towards Uttara. Suyash and everyone get shocked.

Jiji Maa 19 October 2020 written update: Uttara says why did that man sign towards me, I haven’t done anything. She gets the baby toy and says I had applied poison on this toy, how did this come here. She goes to her room and sees everything messed up. She gets the poison bottle. She sees everyone. Suyash and Vidhaan scold her for applying poison on the baby toy. She says I don’t know anything. Vidhaan says you tried to kill baby and Suyash also. Uttara says no, I didn’t try to kill Uttara. Falguni says we had a doubt on you. Niyati says so Suyash has checked your room and got this bottle. Uttara asks Jayant to explain them. Jayant asks her to stop it. He scolds her. They all get angry on Uttara. She worries.

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