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The Episode starts with Piyali introducing Sheikh to everyone. Jayant asks Falguni to light diya. Falguni says you can regard this your home. He says you have come on right time of aarti. Uttara taunts that she will become a permanent part of family, that they can’t get rid of her. Falguni says you are Piyali’s friend, you are welcome. They all do aarti. Uttara recalls how everyone has insulted her. She thinks I will snatch everything from Falguni, she won’t have anything, I will do Falguni’s visarjan after ten days. Falguni and everyone pray and smile. Uttara says I will go and stay in hotel. Piyali says then I will also come along. Vidhaan says it will be better. Jayant and Falguni stop Piyali and Uttara, and ask them to stay with them. Uttara thinks I have become a guest in my own house. Falguni asks how do you know this is guest room. Uttara says I have guessed it, its a nice room. Piyali asks Falguni to go.

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Falguni says you can ask me for help. She goes. Uttara comes to her real form. She says its my house and she is saying its her house, no one missed me today. Piyali asks her not to spoil things in anger. She says don’t worry, we will kill them by their own sword. Uttara says don’t forget that I m ahead of you in experience, don’t teach me, you play your tricks and I will play mine. She goes.

Falguni says I m getting peace here, I got some work, I have to sketch embroidery of Ganesh ji on Suyash’s kurta, I will do this now and give kurta to him. Niyati kisses her and says you are lovely. They laugh. Falguni sits for hours and completes the embroidery. Piyali does aarti and gives prasad to everyone. Niyati taunts her. Falguni calms her. Suyash and Vidhaan give credit of success to each other. Everyone goes. Uttara looks on. She gets angry hearing Niyati and Falguni. Jayant comes and asks did you have some work. Uttara says Piyali has stopped me here, but I m getting bored, your bahus have handled your palace well, where is your wife.

Jayant says she is no more. She says I regret. He says no need to regret, we have forgotten past and moved on, if you need anything, tell Falguni, she handles our house now. She thanks him. Niyati gives kurta to Vidhaan. Uttara recalls Vidhaan. Vidhaan gets angry on Uttara’s gifted kurta and throws it. She asks why did you throw this kurta. He says I don’t like it. Niyati gets another kurta. Uttara says your mind may not like this kurta, but maybe you have its place in hurt. He says I hate it. He goes.

Falguni asking Suyash to come for Ganpati darshan. Suyash says i have much work. She says you look good when you work, I will go alone. He says no, I will come along, you never scold me. She laughs. He asks what will I wear, I have no kurta. She says who said so, you have a Kurta. He likes the embroidery done by her. She says I made this last night, Uttara also used to give Kurta to you and Vidhaan. Suyash says its strange, we miss her. Uttara goes to storeroom and thinks of everyone. She finds her belongings. She thinks Falguni has made everyone hate me. Jayant comes there with Falguni. Uttara hides.

Jayant says I don’t want Uttara’s memories here, I won’t get peace till everything is here, donate the things to poor people. Falguni agrees. Uttara cries. Suyash and Falguni have a moment. They leave. Piyali and Uttara look on. Uttara says Falguni is ruling my family. Piyali asks her to keep hatred alive in heart. Uttara says Jayant want to make my belongings out, you have to do my work, I also want the same, do as I say.

Piyali comes to Niyati and compliments. Niyati calls her Didi and gives her a necklace. Piyali cries happily and asks her to make her wear it. Niyati helps her. Falguni comes. She stumbles. Niyati drops necklace and runs to help Falguni. Piyali gets angry. Falguni asks did you give necklace to Piyali. Niyati says yes, I called her didi, I have no sisterly feeling for her. Piyali hears them and thinks I thought Niyati is really regarding me sister, I was wrong, I will really do what Uttara wants. She goes. Falguni says if we give her love, she will also love us. Niyati says everyone isn’t good in the world. Piyali gets a box from storeroom and keeps in cupboard. Falguni does aarti. She asks Jayant to donate Uttara’s things to get soul peace. Jayant agrees. They give away everything. Uttara says they hate me so much that they are getting blind, its al because of Falguni, did you do what I said. Piyali says yes.

They all dine. Uttara asks for chair. Jayant says that was my wife’s chair, we donated it. Uttara gets seated. Falguni says its Jayant’s birthday tomorrow, we decided to celebrate. Piyali says we should party. Jayant says don’t do anything please. Suyash says we shall have a party. Jayant refuses. Vidhaan says investors will come to sign deal. Falguni says please, for my sake. Jayant says fine, your smile is enough for me. Piyali says everyone listens to you here. Jayant says she is my daughter and listens to me always. Uttara sees Falguni sleeping and goes to stab her. Piyali comes and stops Uttara. Uttara asks her to leave her hand. Niyati comes to see akhand jyot. She sees Falguni sleeping. Piyali and Uttara hide. Niyati checks jyot. She sees knife and gets shocked. She looks around and goes. Piyali asks Uttara not to kill Falguni, they just have to ruin her. Uttara holds her neck in anger.

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