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Jiji Maa 27 July 2020: Jiji Maa update Monday 27TH July 2020, The Episode starts with Falguni seeing a shirt and shouting its blood stained. Vidhaan says villagers told me about a tiger who kills children. Suyash says we shall leave. Jayant agrees. Vidhaan says villagers asked us not to go beyond that big tree. Bulbul says I m scared. Falguni says we all are here, don’t get scared. Niyati says we won’t let tiger reach you. Uttara thinks this tiger will become a reason for Falguni’s death. Falguni says I will start packing. Niyati says this can be rumor, villagers always make stories. Jayant decides that they will stay back. Bulbul and her parents also stay back. The villagers ask them to stay on their own risk and then regret. The man says no one will be alive, you all will die. Falguni worries.

Jiji Maa update Monday 27 July 2020: Uttara calls Shom and asks him to listen carefully. Falguni and Niyati play with Bulbul. They laugh. Someone looks on. Niyati says we will play once you get a child, who will call me Maasi. Falguni says yes, you will be like the child’s mum too. Suyash asks them to come and play. Niyati goes to call Vidhaan. She asks him to sit here, he can’t enjoy, as he isn’t fit. He says I m not so boring, I m also fit, I will show you. Suyash and Uttara play game. Jayant jokes on Uttara. Falguni and Niyati shout tiger. Everyone goes out. Suyash says you shouldn’t joke this way. Jayant says we should be together. They decide to play cricket and make teams. Suyash says I will just come, I will make Rawat rekha here. He makes a boundary line. They all play.

Jiji Maa update Monday 27 July 2020: Vidhaan says I think I have seen a tiger there. Niyati asks him not to joke. Uttara throws the ball away. Bulbul goes to get it. Vidhaan says we have won. Bulbul hears tiger and shouts to her mum and dad. Everyone hears her voice coming from jungle and worry. bulbul’s mum cries. Suyash says I will go and find her. He asks Vidhaan to call forest department. Falguni says I will come along. He asks her to stay here and take care of everyone. She worries. Uttara asks where are you Shom. Shom says I reached, send Falguni here. She says not now, just be ready. Shom thinks he may fall in danger. Falguni worries. Niyati says Suyash will get Bulbul. Uttara thinks I will decide what will happen. Uttara says Suyash may fall in danger. Falguni recalls Suyash. She sees a tiger. She says I have seen a tiger passing by, I will go and alert Suyash. Vidhaan says please wait. Falguni goes. Uttara says Falguni will die and everyone will think tiger has killed her.

Jiji Maa update thursday 23rd July 2020 on Adom Tv

Falguni looking for Bulbul. She chants Hanuman Chalisa. She gets a blood stained cloth. She goes ahead and falls down. She hears a tiger sound. She gets shocked seeing the tiger. She cries in fear. The tiger comes close to her and roars. She gets back. She sees a nail pierced in tiger’s feet. She goes to help him. She falls back and cries. The tiger comes close. She talks to the tiger and says I know you are in pain, I want to help you, you won’t harm me right. She goes close to remove the nail. She gets scared. She removes the nail. Tiger roars again. She gets back and cries. Tiger looks around and goes. She sits crying.

Jiji Maa update Monday 27 July 2020: Suyash asks what. Niyati says we tried to stop Falguni, but she went. Suyash says I didn’t get Bulbul. Forest official says you have to vacate the place, our team is coming, go to police station and file complaint. Suyash says my wife and Bulbul went inside, I can’t go. Falguni comes crying. Niyati says Jiji maa. Uttara and everyone look on.

Falguni asks where is Bulbul. Suyash says I didn’t get her. Uttara calls Shom and scolds him, as Falguni came back alive. She says I wish that tiger eats you. Shom worries. Shom hears a sound of tiger and goes. The villagers say tiger won’t leave you. Falguni says that tiger wasn’t dangerous, else he would have not left me, there is something wrong. Suyash says we can’t leave, the girl went inside the jungle. Suyash and Vidhaan go to police station. Falguni says why would that tiger leave me. She checks the shirt and says its colour, not blood. Niyati and Falguni go to the jungle and hear tiger sound. Falguni says no, this is not that tiger’s voice, he was in front of me, his voice had pain. Niyati takes a stick and says we have to follow the sound. They see a sound system fixed on the tree and get shocked.

Jiji Maa update Monday 27 July 2020: Falguni says people are scared by someone, who is using this speaker to spread fear of the tiger, many children are missing. Niyati says we have to go ahead and check. They see some shade and see children captive. Falguni says all the children are here. She calls Suyash and can’t connect. She asks Niyati to go and inform Suyash and police. Niyati gives her a stick and goes. Uttara looks on and says wow Falguni, you have come to die, I will see how you get saved. The men talk that maybe Rawats went, we have scared them a lot. Falguni frees all the children. Uttara comes to them and says my bahu knows about you all, she is exposing you, she is in that hut where you have kept kids captive, she would have run away by now. She smiles. The goons run to stop Falguni. Uttara thinks how will Falguni get saved from the goons.

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