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Jiji Maa update Monday 29 June 2020; Jiji Maa 29th June 2020, The Episode starts with Niyati coming to Falguni. Falguni says I don’t need anything now. Niyati says you always tolerate things for me, why am I not so strong, I always call you for help. Falguni says we all have strength, we don’t realize it, I m always with you, when I m not with you, don’t think you are wrong, you have to teach a lesson to goons yourself. Niyati says you taught a good lesson to goons today. They hug. Suyash comes to room and sees Falguni sleeping. He goes to the cupboard and takes his clothes. He walks slowly. She gets up and sees him. He says I got your bag, till you stay fine, I will keep your clothes here. Her saree falls down. He tries to fold it. She smiles. He gets tied up by the saree. He asks her to fold it. He comes to her and falls on the bed. She laughs. Uttara comes there and sees them. She knocks the door. Suyash gets up and tries to remove the saree. He takes his clothes and goes.

Jiji Maa update Monday 29 June 2020 on zee world Uttara says Suyash has reached there and saved you, else don’t know what would have happened, don’t worry, I m there, I will not leave that fat goon. Falguni asks how do you know the goon was fat. Uttara says you have told this in sleep. Falguni says oh, I thought Suyash told you. Uttara says yes, Suyash also told me how he has beaten the fat goon and saved you. She goes. Falguni says I understood everything, you didn’t do this right, you will be punished for this.

Maharaj gets beetroot soup. Suyash says its for Falguni, it will make her recover soon. Vidhaan thanks Falguni for saving Niyati. Falguni says she is my sister, there is nothing to thank, I should thank Suyash then. Police comes and asks for Uttara. Inspector says we have to arrest Uttara, for the crime of murdering Lazer. They all get shocked. Police checks Uttara’s room and finds a gun in her cupboard. Inspector says you have to come with us to the police station. Suyash says leave her, she can’t do anything wrong. Falguni goes and calls. Uttara gets shocked hearing Lazer’s voice and drops the phone. Suyash takes the phone and puts on speaker. Falguni says sorry to leave your neck treatment, my aunt called me for help, I can’t come for some days. Vidhaan asks are you alive. She says no, its my ghost. Jayant says police has come to arrest Uttara for your murder blame. She says someone would have joked, Uttara is an idol of affection.

Jiji Maa update Monday 29th June 2020 Falguni comes back and asks how can you arrest Uttara, Lazer is alive. Suyash checks the gun and says its limit, you came to arrest my mom on the basis of this toy gun. Inspector says sorry, we will find out who did this joke. Police leaves. Niyati comes to Falguni and asks the matter. Falguni thinks I can’t tell you that Uttara has sent goons after you. Niyati says it was fun to see Uttara so worried, just you can do this, I have no courage. She praises her and says thank Lord you are my Jiji maa. Falguni comes to Uttara and plays the recording. She says don’t worry, I did that call, this app will translate everything in Haryanvi, inspector didn’t listen to Lazer’s voice. She plays the audio clip and shows her. She says I have trapped you and saved you too, don’t involve Niyati again, I love her, she is my sister, you did wrong to think of her kidnapping, if anything happens to her, you won’t be saved. Uttara says forgive me, I did a mistake, I m ready to apologize to Niyati.

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Jiji Maa 29 June 2020 Falguni says no, I don’t want you to get ashamed in front of your bahu, if anything happens to Niyati, you can’t think what can happen with you. She goes. Suyash asks did you blame Uttara, as you did this before too. Falguni asks is this your doubt or blame. He asks did you think I will be shocked. She says I wanted to give you a gift. He says I don’t want it, I was wrong, you can never change. He goes. She says I have changed, so I have come here to take my right, you may get annoyed with me, you will realize your mistake again, its time to make you meet someone.

Niyati trying to talk to Suyash. He refuses to talk. Falguni comes home and signs Gayatri to come in. Kabhi khushi kabhi gham…..plays…. Suyash cries happily seeing her and hugs. He asks where did you go. Uttara gets shocked seeing her. Suyash asks Gayatri again. Gayatri says pandit asked me to leave and not say anyone, I went on tirat yatra, Falguni got me home. Uttara gets angry. Suyash sees Falguni. Niyati shows the room to Gayatri and says Falguni has decorated the room. She asks her to rest and goes. Gayatri sees Suyash’s pic and cries. He comes to her. She hugs him and cries. He says you just wrote a letter and left.

Jiji Maa 29th June 2020 She says I would have not met you today if Falguni wasn’t there, I told you to believe Falguni always, just choose her when you have no choice. He says you don’t know…. She says misunderstandings ruin lives, when you love someone, don’t doubt, promise me. He says you also promise me, you won’t leave me this way. She says I met you and I want to live those lost moments again. Falguni ties the bandage. Suyash comes. He helps her. He apologizes to her. She asks why. He says I did wrong with you, don’t know what happens to me, when its about mom, I lose my control. She says I can understand, I have done the same if this happened with Niyati, the gift I gave you today…. He holds her and hugs. He thanks her for bringing Gayatri back in his life. He says sorry and goes. She smiles. Uttara calls Balwant. She says I won’t leave you, Gayatri was captive, she got free and came home, you don’t know about it. He says I know, I was going to call you. Gayatri has run away, it means our time is running bad. He ends call. He says if I have to get saved from police, I have to listen to Falguni.

Uttara says I m not able to do anything. She sees Falguni’s phone. Falguni comes and says the evidence isn’t here. She goes with her phone. Uttara comes her home and looks for the memory card. She gets Lazer’s clothes and Haryanvi language books. She gets shocked.

Jiji Maa update Monday 29 June 2020 Gayatri asks Falguni how much will she serve her. Falguni says I didn’t get chance. Gayatri says you united me with my son, I will pray that you never get sorrow, I wish you also get this happiness of having a child. Falguni cries and goes to her room. Niyati comes there and hugs her. Falguni says I miss my mum seeing Gayatri. Niyati cheers up Falguni. Uttara comes to Falguni and calls her Lazer. Falguni gets shocked.

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