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Jiji Maa 7 September 2020: Update On Jiji Maa Monday 7th September 2020, The Episode starts with Piyali getting tea for Jayant and Uttara. She acts good in front of Jayant. Uttara smiles and praises Piyali’s concern for family. Jayant says Piyali thinks for everything, Suyash doesn’t tell anything with ease, you be with him. Uttara goes after Piyali and asks do you want to become bahu of Rawat family. Piyali says what shall I tell now, who has seen tomorrow. She goes. Suyash sees the burnt pics and says I have burnt my heart as well. Falguni comes there and says you have burnt these things and ruined everything. Suyash cries and holds her. He hugs her. He says sorry, I can’t hurt you more, I have hidden a truth from you, I m going to die and don’t have much time, I have just few months left. She gets shocked. She says no, this can’t happen, I can’t even think of this, you are lying. She faints.

He shouts Falguni. His dream ends. He says forgive me, I should tell you the reason, I m in love with someone else, I wanted to tell you before, the reason is mine, I m wrong, you are not at fault, I want to spend my life with someone else, please sign the divorce papers and free me forever. She cries. He goes crying. She goes after him and asks the name of that girl, whom he loves. She asks him if he can’t lie further. She asks who is that girl, what’s her name. He asks Piyali to come out. Piyali comes to Falguni. He says I love Piyali and want to marry her.

Jiji Maa update Monday 7 September 2020: Falguni says this can’t happen, you used to hate her. He says yes, but I didn’t know when that hatred turned to love. Falguni says I can’t believe this. Suyash says I want to divorce you and marry Piyali, I will tell this to everyone. He holds Piyali’s hand and goes with her. Falguni cries. Suyash goes to everyone and says I told you about my divorce, actually I love Piyali and want to marry her. Everyone gets shocked. Suyash says Piyali will become your bahu within one week, get mahurat from pandit. Vidhaan says if I m not upset with Falguni, why are you divorcing her. Jayant says I was with you in your divorce decision, but your decision to marry Piyali is in haste. Niyati says you don’t realize that relations will get complicated.

Suyash says you shouldn’t care, you already broke your relation with Falguni, I will marry Piyali, if you all are together, marriage will happen here, else I will marry Piyali in court. Falguni looks on and cries. Suyash goes to his room and hits the punching bag in anger. Piyali stops him and cares for him. He says I have killed myself and hurt my heart. She says you are doing this for Falguni’s betterment. He says thanks for agreeing to marry me for Falguni’s sake and helping me. He recalls asking Piyali for the favor. Piyali agrees to help him as he is her friend. She says people give life for friends, I m just doing fake marriage. Falguni comes there. Uttara says Piyali cheated me again, its time to show everyone who rules here, I will not leave her now.

Jiji Maa Monday update 7 September 2020: Jayant apologizing to Uttara. She says don’t make me a stranger, I also care for you. He says thanks I feel Uttara’s spirit said right, I believe that Falguni leaves from here. She thinks I won’t let Piyali become bahu. She says I think Suyash is hurrying, I don’t find this decision right, why don’t you explain him. He says I don’t think he will listen to me. She thinks to do something to stop the marriage. Piyali meditates. Falguni comes and asks why are you hurting my family. She says I didn’t come to fight, I just came to ask you, why are you making Suyash away, just to take revenge, do you really love him. Piyali says everything is fair in love and war, I love Suyash. She goes happily and says Uttara won’t think that I will become her bahu. She sees smoke in her room and tries to run out. She feels suffocated by the burning camphor.

She looks for medicines. Uttara comes there and asks what’s all this. She asks will you try all this to increase your beauty. She sprinkles the scent on Piyali. She says you have allergy by all these things, the milk you had drunk had cashew in it, I know your allergies, its not a big deal to know this, I have another news, you take these medicines for cure, do you want this. She catches Piyali’s neck and says your marriage wasn’t a plan, what do you want, you want to become queen, beg me and apologize. Piyali apologizes and says I won’t marry. Uttara gives her medicines. She asks her to take rest now. Piyali gets angry.

Jiji Maa 7th September 2020 update: Vidhaan asks Niyati to tell Piyali not to become a reason for Falguni’s marriage breaking. Falguni cries and recalls Suyash. She sees Suyash. He goes. Vidhaan comes to her. She asks him to take rest. He says I have come here to talk to you, I don’t know what is this happening, I feel I should have not listened to you, you got blamed for accident. Niyati and Suyash got against you, he started loving Piyali. Falguni says Suyash has other reason, he is helpless, truth will come out. Niyati comes to Piyali. Piyali thinks I have to apologize for marriage tomorrow.

She acts and says I will refuse to marry Suyash, I can sacrifice any friendship for you, I can’t live without your love, I will tell everyone that I don’t want to do this marriage. She thinks Niyati came on right time, I will become Devi in her eyes again. Vidhaan comes to Suyash. He says you and Falguni think alike, how did you ask for divorce, you didn’t ask anything before taking big decisions, where did your love go. Suyash says sometimes relations can’t be explained, take rest.

Falguni comes to Suyash and returns the jewelry and divorce papers. She says I wanted to return this, give this to Piyali from my side. She says I want to tell my decision, whatever Suyash asked, I have given him everything, he is asking for divorce, how can I refuse. She frees Suyash by signing divorce papers. Everyone looks on. Falguni asks Suyash to promise her, that he will marry according to her. She says I want this marriage to be beautiful, my happiness is in your happiness, you can marry Piyali, I will leave after your marriage, I will decorate your mandap and do ghatbandhan also. Uttara thinks Falguni has gone mad, I asked Piyali not to do this marriage. Piyali asks what shall I do now, its no use to refuse now. Falguni says I m taking the right decision on right time, Suyash is my love, I have to be happy for him, I will get him remarried. Everyone gets shocked.

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