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Jiji Maa 13 August 2020: Jiji Maa update Thursday 13th August 2020, The Episode starts with Uttara asking Shreya to stop. Shreya goes out and dances. Uttara sees the chandelier and thinks everyone will think it was an accident. She pulls the rope to kill Shreya. Vidhaan sees the chandelier coming and moves Shreya away. He gets stabbed. Uttara and everyone gets shocked. Vidhaan falls down. Everyone shouts. Uttara shouts Vidhaan and comes to her. He says mom…. She asks him to say. He dies. She gets shocked. She shouts to him. Falguni appears as Maa Durga. Uttara gets shocked. Falguni says you have killed your own son, see his dead body. Uttara says my son is getting punished for my sins, I would have not got Falguni killed, I have done many sins Maa. She cries for Vidhaan. She admits all her crimes. Falguni says you will be punished now. Lights come. Uttara gets back. She gets shocked seeing Suyash and everyone. Vidhaan opens eyes and removes the plaster from his clothes. Uttara says Falguni, how can you be alive, we had done your final rites.

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Jiji Maa 13 August 2020: Falguni says you also proved Shreya dead and got her final rites done, you have told me all the truth yourself. She tells her plan. Uttara says you have played this game to prove my crimes. She starts denying her crimes. They show a video of Uttara’s crime. Vidhaan asks why did you do this. Uttara says I did this for you, I have made this business empire, do you want Suyash to get all the profits of my hardwork. She says Jayant, your dad did injustice with us, so I decided to get Suyash married to such a girl who doesn’t conceive his child, Vidhaan and Niyati loved each other and were becoming parents, Falguni wanted their marriage to happen, she was helpless, I kept this condition and asked her to marry Suyash, but she will never give birth to his child and keep her womb mortgaged, when she got married, she started changing, she became a hurdle for me, I tried to kill her again and again in Goa, but she got saved, I made hot air balloon to kill Falguni, but Niyati’s child died. Vidhaan cries. Uttara says I felt very sad, but I was more sad that Falguni didn’t die, you won’t get saved now. Suyash stops Uttara.

Jiji Maa 13 August 2020: Suyash says I m the root of all your problem, so kill me, you know this property doesn’t matter to me, if you said once, I would have named everything to Vidhaan. Uttara asks where did your love go when your mum and wife were standing in fire, you saved your wife, I understood step son is always a step son, you are my Sautan’s son, I just have one son, Vidhaan, you all can’t do anything, this CCTV footage will disappear, there won’t be any proof against me. Shreya says this isn’t easy, I have your crime confession recording, you became helpless today. Uttara gets angry. Vidhaan and Jayant stop Uttara. Jayant says I thought you love Suyash and I gave you everything.

Jiji Maa 13 August 2020: She insults him. They all cry. Uttara calls Jayant a fool and useless man. She says you don’t know that the murder blame on Gayatri was fake, you thought she is characterless, Gayatri was becoming my hurdle, I made another plan to kill Falguni, Gayatri died instead Falguni. They cry. Uttara says when Falguni became 5 year old and thought I m her mum, I took advantage of her to kill Suyash, I wanted her to kill Suyash and go to jail, but this didn’t happen. Jayant says you don’t deserve to be called a human. Suyash says I regarded you Lord, you killed my mum, its good my illusion broke today, you don’t deserve to be called a mum. Police comes. Vidhaan says arrest Uttara Rawat. She gets shocked.

Jiji Maa 13 August 2020: Uttara slapping Vidhaan and says I m your mum. He says you can’t be anyone’s mum, wife, daughter or bahu. She cries and says you are leaving me for this Suyash. He says I can sacrifice many such relations for Suyash. He makes her away. Everyone cries. Inspector says you are under arrest for Gayatri’s murder and for attempt to murder in Falguni’s case. Shreya says I m also a culprit, I want to meet chiku and come. Shreya goes and hugs Chiku. Chiku says I missed you so much, everyone said you are dead. Shreya says I had work and went, I have to complete that work, I m sorry for this lie, Suyash isn’t your dad, your dad got recovered now, I have to go. Chiku says don’t go. Shreya says don’t worry, Falguni is with you. Chiku says she is bad aunty. Shreya says no, she is really good, she saved me. Chiku apologizes to Falguni and cries. Uttara says I did this for you, you don’t value it, I will remember everything. She threatens Shreya. Shreya says Chiku will respect me now. Uttara says I will not leave you all. She is taken away. Jayant falls down. Everyone rush to him.

Jiji Maa 13 August 2020: Suyash sees Uttara’s pic and cries. Falguni comes to him. He says I thought mum loved me, I got to know that she didn’t regard me her son, what was the fault in my love that she hates me. Falguni says no, maybe she didn’t have humanity. He says I always misunderstood you, she tortured you. She says I was worried for your sorrow. He says you did good to bring out this truth. They cry. Vidhaan cries and crosses Uttara’s pics. He sees Uttara’s video and shouts its all a lie. Niyati comes to him. He says I was so foolish, how will I meet Suyash’s eyes now, mom did wrong with her. He goes out and sees Suyash. Chiku comes and asks are you crying, what happened, did you mum leave you, like my mumma came back, your mumma will also come. She wipes their tears. Suyash hugs Vidhaan.

Jiji Maa 13 August 2020: Suyash hugs Chiku and says call me when you miss me, I will come to meet you. He promises her. Chiku’s dad says I have to make a new start and befriend her. Falguni says she is so lovely. Chiku says next time I will play with you and not call you bad, promise.

Everyone sits to dine and recalls Uttara seeing her chair. Jayant says she will never come back, remove this chair, we all will get habitual with time. Servant asks for leave for Raksha bandhan. Falguni asks him to take leave. Jayant says its big festival for you, go to your house and celebrate. Niyati says Falguni makes Rakhi herself every year. Falguni says this time we won’t make Rakhi, I don’t want to celebrate Rakhi this time. Niyati gets the box and shows rakhi. She says you promised you will protect me and always did it, this will be first time that I don’t tie rakhi to you. Falguni says our relation will never fall back, think of Jayant and all, they are sad and will be hurt. Suyash says we will be hurt if you don’t celebrate. Jayant says we will bring in happiness tomorrow when you and Niyati celebrate Raksha bandhan.

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