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Jiji Maa 17 September 2020: Update on Jiji Maa Thursday 17th September 2020, The Episode starts with Falguni getting fresh haldi. She asks everyone to forget this and start the haldi rasam. She taunts Piyali. Uttara looks on. Falguni applies haldi to Piyali. Later, mehendi rasam begins. Suyash and Piyali get shagun mehendi applied. Niyati asks what did you think. Falguni says Karma will tell us, his weakness is Piyali, that will help us, we have to take Piyali out of here before the marriage, none should doubt us. Suyash goes. Falguni stops him and applies him mehendi. She writes her initial F. He wipes off the mehendi in anger. She thinks the truth will come out tomorrow. Uttara looks at her. Suyash sits with Piyali again.

Its morning, Uttara checks arrangements. Falguni prays to Lord for support. Uttara thinks I will get Suyash and Piyali married, you will go from here, then I will make Niyati and Piyali out of here. Falguni thinks I won’t let this marriage happen. She says we have to go parlor. Uttara says what’s the need to go out, I have called parlor lady home. Falguni says Piyali would be becoming the most prettiest bride, so I have booked the costly parlor. Uttara asks Suyash why is he marrying Piyali. She says if you are happy with this decision, I m with you, be happy. He hugs her. She leaves. He feels sorry towards Falguni. Falguni gets the sherwani for Suyash and asks him to think if he is doing right or wrong. She says why do you feel you are alone, we can solve anything, just tell me once. He doesn’t say. She asks him to wait for her if she gets late. He nods. She goes. He coughs and takes medicines. She looks on worriedly.

Falguni and Niyati take Piyali to the parlor. Piyali thinks is this Falguni’s plan. Falguni and Niyati ask them to start the gold plan. They get welcome drinks. Piyali drinks the juice and faints. Falguni and Niyati tie her up. Karma says what are you doing Piyali, I can’t see this. Falguni calls Karma and says I can take Piyali’s life to stop this marriage, I got her to godown instead parlor, I have fixed poison gas mask to her face, she will be dying soon. Karma gets shocked. Suyash says Falguni and Niyati took Piyali to beauty parlor. Karma asks how did you let them take her. Suyash asks did you get drunk in morning. Karma says its useless to talk to you. Falguni says Karma will come here and answer all our questions.

Jayant gets glad and says I feel life has come back with your return. Uttara smiles. She sees Karma rushing out. She calls Shom and asks him to send someone to beauty parlor, to find out if Falguni and Piyali are there. She says Falguni is upto something. Niyati says I m tensed about Karma, he can do anything in anger. Falguni says I m also scared, but we have to take this risk to get answers, Lord can’t do wrong with me. She asks Niyati to go, she has to talk to Karma alone. Niyati worries that Karma can hurt Falguni. She hugs Falguni and goes. Suyash gets ready. Vidhaan says its your marriage sherwani. Suyash says Falguni wanted me to wear this. Vidhaan says she will leave soon, wear this for her sake. Suyash agrees. Vidhaan checks his cupboard. Suyash comes to him. Vidhaan compliments him. Karma comes to save Piyali. He sees Falguni with her. He gets worried. Falguni stops him and asks him to get back. She says I knew you will do this. Karma stops her. He threatens Falguni. She asks him to tell her about Suyash’s helplessness to marry. Piyali gets conscious. Karma asks her to get up.

Falguni asking Karma about Piyali. She says I know Piyali is doing this marriage to take revenge on me, she feels I m responsible for her past, but you tell me why is Suyash doing this marriage. He says I can’t tell you, I can’t cheat Piyali. She says fine, then get ready to see her dying, I can do anything for Suyash, I have to kill her now, I know Suyash is in danger, will you tell me or… He says stop, I will say the truth. Suyash sees Falguni’s pic and says I know you aren’t believing this, you will hate me and get away, then I can die in peace, forgive me. He coughs and gets medicines. He gets hurt by a painting frame. He recalls Falguni’s words. Karma tells everything to Falguni. He says Suyash thinks he has lung cancer, he has hidden this from everyone, Piyali got to know this, he wanted you to live without her, Piyali took advantage of this and compelled him to marry her. Falguni says Uttara called you here to control Piyali. She thinks of Suyash and cries.

Uttara asks about Piyali. Niyati says she will need some more time to get ready, so I have come to see arrangements. Uttara gets a call. She says I knew this, Falguni is playing some big game, I want Falguni and Piyali at any cost. Falguni says Uttara didn’t want a bahu like Piyali, she used Suyash, she proved that she saved Suyash. Karma says I got doctor with me and saved Suyash. Falguni says I knew Suyash is in problem, but I wasn’t aware of this. She thanks Karma and says don’t let your love become of someone else, Piyali stayed away from family, she doesn’t know meaning of love, you can show her the right path.

He says Piyali said she won’t marry. She says she is in Uttara’s control, I love my sister, your love can change her. He holds her neck and says you were going to kill her. She says there is nothing like that. He fixes mask to her face and turns knob. She says there is no poisonous gas, I can never kill my sister, this was a drama to know Suyash’s helpless, Piyali gave me much sorrow, I believe in changing people by love, not by punishment. She frees Piyali and says I didn’t intend to separate you two, I want to save my love, Suyash did this as he loves me, why do you want this marriage to happen, tell me what’s imp, her love or revenge, there is less time, are you with me. He agrees.

Vidhaan says maybe Suyash changed the medicines place. Uttara comes to him and asks him to get ready. He goes. She gets a call. She gets shocked. She asks what, Karma told her everything, Falguni shouldn’t reach here. Falguni asks Karma to take Piyali with him, she will tell truth to Suyash, he will realize his mistake. She goes. She calls Suyash. He thinks I know what will she say. He doesn’t answer. She says you have to know you aren’t ill. She gets kidnapped. Piyali gets conscious and sees Karma. She asks why did you do this. He says I can’t see you marrying Suyash, I can’t see my love failing for your revenge, you know I can do anything for you, I won’t let you marry Suyash.

She says its namesake marriage, once Falguni leaves the house… He says marriage is marriage, its my right, if you love me, you will forget your revenge, I will wait for you in the temple, I leave the decision on you, if my love is bigger than your revenge, you will come to Devi maa temple. He goes. Uttara keeps hand under Suyash’s foot and stops him from getting hurt by a thorn. She asks what are you doing. He says you kept hand under my foot. She says yes, I can bear some pain for you. He hugs her and thanks. Jayant says I got happy seeing this. She gets goon’s call. Goon says I kidnapped Falguni, Karma is calling Piyali for marriage. Uttara says attack Piyali, make her believe that Falguni is getting this attack done, scare her so that she comes home, else kill her. Vidhaan says I didn’t get medicine. Niyati says Falguni’s phone is switched off. Falguni sees goons. Goon says stay here till marriage happens. She shouts for help. Suyash sits in mandap and thinks of Falguni. Falguni says I have to tell truth to Suyash, I can’t lose. Niyati calls her again. Jayant asks where are Falguni and Piyali. Niyati says they are on the way. Piyali thinks of Karma’s words and says I love Karma, I can take revenge later, I will free Falguni’s love.

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