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Jiji Maa 22 October 2020: Jiji Maa Thursday 22nd October 2020, The Episode starts with Niyati blaming herself. Falguni hugs her and asks her not to think so. Zeenat comes and asks shall I say something. Niyati asks how can many abshagun happen by me. Jayant, Suyash and Vidhaan come to Uttara and ask is she fine. The man acts as doctor and lies that she is critical. Uttara asks him not to give them stress. Suyash says we will manage this. Vidhaan says you need rest. She says it will work as before, we will stay happy. Jayant says I will take care of you. He goes to get food. Suyash asks Vidhaan to call him. He hugs Uttara and goes.

Uttara stops Vidhaan and says I need to talk. Zeenat tells Falguni and Niyati about a surgeon, who lost belief in himself, but then he successfully saved a child’s life. He asks them to think what would have happened if the doctor lost belief forever. Niyati hugs her. Uttara asks Vidhaan not to worry. He says I don’t believe in superstitions, I m worried for Niyati. She says she will become bahu of this family, tilak will happen next time, I can do anything for your happiness.

Jiji Maa update Thursday 22 October 2020: Falguni thanks Zeenat for boosting Niyati’s courage, its tough to convince Uttara. Zeenat asks her not to worry. Uttara calls Niyati and gives the good news. She tells about the tilak ceremony. Falguni agrees happily. She says I will come to talk. She hugs Niyati. Falguni rushes and collides with Sunder. He jokes. Suyash looks on. She says its good you came, have tea before leaving. She asks Niyati to make tea. She leaves.

Sunder stops Suyash. He starts joking. Suyash answers him well. Sunder asks him to get busy, its his life, make it or play. He says I have made my life, I m successful, you are getting my advice for free. Suyash says right, you are also free here, why. Sunder says my matter is different, I can earn lakhs, I m not a driver like you, I don’t like having tea for free. Suyash says yes, I want a tea for tree. Niyati asks them to come and have tea. Suyash asks is friendship imp or money. She says friendship. Sunder says I said the right. Suyash says I was also explaining the same. She laughs.

Niyati says Falguni likes Suyash because of his words. Uttara asks the man to show all the costly sarees. Shom says Falguni has come. Uttara starts the drama. She asks Falguni when did she come. She scolds the shopkeeper for getting cheap sarees and sends him. Falguni gets fruits for her.

Uttara asks her to save money. She acts sweet. Vidhaan comes. Uttara praises Niyati and Vidhaan. She says Falguni should know the tilak rasam, five men from the girl’s side comes to the groom’s house. Falguni worries.

Uttara says for the first time, our tradition will change, its fine if Falguni gets five women. Vidhaan says I love you mom. Uttara says bride can’t come in tilak, but she can come if Vidhaan wants, its her house, we will welcome her. Vidhaan says yes, as you say. Uttara says I have one request, tilak rasam should happen as per our status, I don’t want much, but people should dress well and come with gifts. Falguni agrees. Uttara says you have to get a saree for me, it should be costly one. She asks her to buy it from the shop she wants. Falguni thinks this shop is very costly. Uttara smiles.

Jiji Maa Thursday 22 October 2020: Niyati performing the puja. She tells her mum about the big change in Falguni that happened in the last seven years. She prays for Rawat mansion as well. Vidhaan comes to Jayant. Jayant does the aarti. They pray. Jayant says the bahus used to light diya and this house looked heaven before, can you talk to Suyash and change his mind. Vidhaan says Suyash has sunken in work to keep himself busy. Jayant says I want Suyash’s heart to beat again, we shall have breakfast now. Vidhaan says no, Suyash doesn’t like me getting late. The men talk about the big tender, and wait for the owners of two textile companies. Falguni and Niyati reach there. Suyash and Vidhaan also come there. Suyash and Falguni see each other. Niyati says we will get this tender. Vidhaan says Suyash’s hardwork will pay off.

The men talk about Rawat textiles and Jiji maa textiles. They praise Falguni for working hard and making her company so successful. The man says we can’t neglect the success of Rawat textiles, so we have decided to give the tenders to both the companies. He gives the contract papers and asks them to start working soon. Suyash thanks them and says committee is forgetting one thing, that Rawat textiles and Jijimaa textiles can’t be one, so this contract…. He tears the papers. He says let this contract go to Jijimaa textiles. Suyash and Vidhaan leave. They come home. Jayant asks Suyash why did he refuse to the contract. Suyash says I hate that woman a lot, I can’t work with her. Jayant asks him not to keep hatred in heart. Suyash throws the tea cup and fires the servant. He says I have made a mistake in life before and won’t do it again. Jayant asks him to attend a puja, its kept for Govind. He says I m sure that Govind is alive, I wish he stays happy and fine.

Jiji Maa 22 October 2020 update: Suyash cries and agrees to come. Falguni and Niyati have a talk. Falguni says Suyash didn’t understand me that I m in much pain after losing my child. Niyati says one day he will really understand this and realize the mistake. Falguni says he can tear contract papers in ego, but not deny the existence of our company. Niyati asks her to get ready. Falguni also conducts the puja. Suyash and Falguni pray for Govind. Vidhaan sees Niyati. Niyati prays for some miracle to happen. Vidhaan prays that Suyash and Falguni do puja together, someone comes who unites them again. A little boy runs inside the temple. The boy also sits in the puja and steals laddoos. He takes the kalash and goes. Pandit guides Suyash and Falguni to do rituals. Pandits see only one kalash left and asks them to do rituals together. Vidhaan asks Suyash to agree to Suyash, its only for baby. Suyash and Falguni do the puja together.

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