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Jiji Maa 29 October 2020: Jiji Maa update Thursday 29th October 2020, The Episode starts with Jayant convincing Suyash. Inspector says I wanted Suyash to agree first, I m going to talk to Falguni now. Vidhaan rushes and calls Falguni. She asks how is Suyash. He says he is fine, there is a problem, police wants Suyash to live in some place where none can imagine, police thinks your house is safe, Suyash wasn’t ready but dad convinced him. She says there is no problem in this. He says mom stays at your house. She get shocked. He says if Suyash knows this, his hatred will get doubled. She says I m ready to take this risk, he is my husband, his safety comes first, hatred is hatred, it will be painful. He asks and mom? She says I will find some solution. He asks her to think well and decide.

Jiji Maa update Thursday 29 October 2020: Vidhaan turns and sees Suyash. Suyash says I m going out of country for some days…. He finishes the call. Vidhaan says whatever police has said. Suyash asks am I doing right to go to Falguni’s place. Vidhaan says dad has said right, he worries for you. Suyash asks if Falguni refuses. Vidhaan says no, she won’t refuse. Niyati comes home and hugs Falguni. She says I heard about the blast. Falguni says we are fine, Laddoo was with us too, maybe his presence saved Suyash. She tells about Suyash coming home. She says we have to send Uttara to mental hospital. Uttara pours water on herself and says I will do puja now. Falguni says this was not water, but kerosene oil. Suyash takes a disguise. Inspector says we will give you a phone, you won’t have any other phone with you. Vidhaan hugs Suyash. Suyash leaves from the home. Falguni and Niyati stop Uttara from touching diya. Uttara says let me do the puja. Uttara takes matchstick and asks them not to stop her. Door bell rings. Uttara says pandit would have come. Falguni says Suyash…. Uttara lights the matchstick. Falguni blows it off. Doctor comes and calms down Uttara. He injects Uttara. She cries. Uttara sleeps. Falguni and Niyati send her with doctor. Falguni says I will come soon and take her. She makes an excuse.

Inspector gets Suyash home. He asks Suyash to remove his get up now. Falguni and Niyati see Suyash. Falguni says its my duty as a good citizen to help him. Inspector asks her not to let any stranger come in, none should see Suyash. He says I m sure you will take good care of him. He explains them the security things and goes. Falguni taunts Suyash that she doesn’t believe in ousting family. She cares for Suyash since his arm is hurt. He doesn’t give his bag and scolds her. Niyati says we have to think of Suyash’s protection. She takes Suyash. Falguni says I will get food for you. Suyash says I will pay you for the food and stay. She agrees and asks him to check well whatever he wants. She asks him not to order anything, else everyone will know he is here. He says fine, I will stay hungry, I won’t have anything made by you. Devraj gets a call. He says I did a mistake, situation was such, I will kill Suyash, I will find where he is hiding. Suyash sees the lights gone and asks is there no inverter. Falguni asks him to keep patience. She takes a candle and falls in his arms. Music plays….

Jiji Maa Thursday 29 October 2020:Suyash helping Falguni and fixing the fuse box. He taunts her for always taking things lightly. The light comes. She slips. He holds her. He says I m not much hurt. He says don’t act brave, I will make you sit on the sofa. She tells him about the union problem. He asks her to know the matter first and then come to him. He doesn’t want her to support. Devraj asks Laddoo to be with Suyash. Laddoo says I got Suyash to the place where you told me, Suyash got attacked there. Devraj asks him to go and become Suyash’s bodyguard. He sends him inside the home. Vidhaan asks Suyash to stay at Falguni’s home for more days. He says dad, Suyash is complaining a lot. Laddoo comes and asks where did he go. Vidhaan says he went out. Jayant asks him to play.

Laddoo says no, I want to meet Suyash, he promised me that he will play with me. Jayant asks him to play with Vidhaan. Laddoo refuses. Jayant asks Vidhaan to take Laddoo to Suyash. Vidhaan asks Laddoo not to tell anyone. Suyash vents anger on Niyati when she gets food for him. He asks her to leave. Vidhaan gets Laddoo there. Niyati cries and tells him that Suyash and Falguni didn’t eat anything. Laddoo asks are they husband and wife, why do they live separately. Vidhaan says they had a fight. Laddoo asks them to get Falguni to Suyash’s room. He takes food for Suyash. He stays upset with Suyash.

Laddoo tries to convince Suyash and Falguni for eating food. He feeds them food. Suyash and everyone smile. Devraj sees the house and thinks so Suyash is hiding here, he can’t hide from me. Vidhaan and Niyati hug and get happy. Laddoo comes to them and asks them to look around before hugging. Vidhaan says you have to help me. Laddoo asks what will I get in return. Devraj meets Abhishek and informs him everything about Suyash hiding in Falguni’s house. Laddoo asks Niyati to give Falguni’s passport size photo. Niyati gives a pic. Vidhaan asks what will you do now. Laddoo says just see what I do now.

Jiji Maa 29 October 2020 update: Laddoo comes to Suyash and Falguni and asks them not to argue. He asks them to stay together. Suyash says I don’t like Falguni. Laddoo asks why are you lying, everyone knows you like her, what if I prove you love her, then… you have to give her a hug. Suyash says you can’t prove anything. Vidhaan says let him prove what he wants. Laddoo asks Suyash to give his wallet. Suyash gives wallet. Laddoo asks what’s this, why are you Falguni’s pic in your wallet. Suyash gets surprised.

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