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Jiji Maa 30 July 2020: Jiji Maa update thursday 30TH July 2020, The Episode starts with Jayant saying Chiku is just like Vidhaan. Chiku asks for fruit. Uttara says ask your mum and come and cut the fruit, since you came, Vidhaan and Niyati are fighting. Jayant says I will help you, what do you like, apple or orange. She says orange. He says I know Vidhaan also liked this. Suyash asks why did you not think before. Vidhaan says I didn’t had sense that time, explain Niyati, after meeting her, I didn’t see anyone, I love her. Niyati says what shall I understand, if I did this mistake, would he accept me, Chiku will remind me his lies. Falguni cries. Niyati says I can’t share Vidhaan with his past mistake. She hugs Falguni and cries.

Jiji Maa update thursday 30 July 2020: Suyash comes to Falguni and asks what did Niyati say. She says she is upset that Vidhaan didn’t mention about Naina. Suyash says Naina is his past. They argue. Suyash taunts that even Niyati did such mistake. She looks at him. Chiku shouts for help. Everyone rushes to her and ask her not to leave hand, they will save her. Chiku falls down. Suyash shouts Chiku. He says we will go down and hold her if she slips again. Falguni holds Chiku’s hand and pulls her up. She asks are you fine. She hugs Chiku. Vidhaan says you are very brave. Chiku says yes.

Police comes home. Suyash gives the letter to inspector. Uttara says take the girl with you. Chiku says I won’t go, my mum will come here if she has to. She hugs Vidhaan and says Papa, save me, I don’t want to go. Constable takes her. Chiku says aunty, please save me. Jayant stops inspector to talk. Inspector says this girl can stay here till we find her parents. Jayant says I spoke to commissioner, this girl can stay here, but we have to find her parents. Chiku asks when will we have dinner, i have to sleep too. Falguni hugs her.

Jiji Maa update thursday 30 July 2020: She asks Chiku to sleep. Chiku asks her to sing lullaby, she will get sleep. Falguni says fine, and sings Chandaniya… Chiku says not this one, sing Chikni chameli, do you know this song. Suyash and Falguni get surprised. Suyash says yes, she knows, sing it please. Chiku asks him to dance. He asks what. Falguni says yes Suyash, you dance so well, come on. Suyash says I don’t know dance. Chiku says do it Papa. Falguni plays song Chikni chameli. Suyash dances. Falguni laughs and sings. Chiku sleeps. Suyash says she slept. Uttara comes to talk to Falguni.

She says why did you keep this girl at home, Vidhaan and Niyati are having fights. Falguni says what wrong did Chiku do. Suyash says how can Chiku stay in police station. Uttara says why do you believe her, don’t know what did her mum teach her. Suyash says don’t worry, it will get fine. Uttara says I don’t know. She goes. Niyati argues with Vidhaan about Naina. She asks Falguni can I live in your room. Suyash says yes, its your house, stay anywhere you want. Niyati asks Vidhaan to see Suyash and become like him. Vidhaan says you knew I m not like Suyash, even we got close before marriage. Uttara gets angry. Niyati goes from the room. Suyash says don’t take tension, Niyati will come back. Niyati sees Chiku and says I can’t stay here, I will go to guest room. Chiku coughs and wakes up. Falguni cares for her. Suyash says you got attached with this girl. Falguni says maybe Lord has sent this girl to train us as parents. Suyash smiles.

Jiji Maa update Wednesday 29th July 2020 on Adom TV

Jiji Maa update thursday 30 July 2020: Falguni getting Chiku for having breakfast. Chiku says I will have food with my mum. She goes to Vidhaan. Niyati coughs. Chiku coughs. Vidhaan gives water to Chiku, instead Niyati. Niyati gets up and says I m not hungry. Uttara asks her to sit. She says you didn’t do any mistake, Vidhaan is at fault. Vidhaan gets upset and gets up. Jayant stops him. He says I don’t know what to call your deed, a mistake or sin, but sit back and have food.

Chiku says this has mosquito, I will get dengue. Uttara asks servant to get mosquito repellent. Chiku says I will kill the mosquiot. She asks Uttara not to move. She makes tea cup fall down. Uttara scolds her. Falguni takes Chiku with her. Lawyer comes. Uttara says I m going to name the companies to Niyati. Falguni asks her to think of Vidhaan. Vidhaan says you can name everything to Niyati, stop thinking I m a villain, I told you all about Naina, I said I have a doubt, but you all took me wrong, Niyati let me talk to Naina once.

Jiji Maa update thursday 30 July 2020: Niyati says its enough that you thought this for me, I don’t want the company on my name, I just want to know that Niyati’s vows weren’t false, he said I m his only love, I want to know that this girl is his mistake, but his love sign. She asks Vidhaan to call Naina and prove his truth. Vidhaan calls Naina and talks to her. He says I m trying your number since long. She says I don’t want to talk. Falguni takes the phone and says you come here soon, we want to solve this soon, I request you. Naina says fine, I m coming. Naina comes home. Vidhaan says we should have not gone to Goa. She slaps him and says we went to Shimla, not Goa, you left me alone and went with friends, goons came there, police saved me, you broke up with me. Jayant asks what’s all this, ask her about Chiku. Vidhaan gets Chiku and asks Naina about her.

He asks is she my daughter. Naina says no, she isn’t my daughter, I m unmarried, I have to make my career, you ask your first year GF Aaliya, you went to Goa with her. She clears the misunderstanding. She says I have to go for a meeting, ask Aaliya once, you were caught kissing her in college. Niyati gets shocked. Vidhaan asks Naina to leave. Naina goes.

Niyati asks how many girls do you have in your life, you had much fun. She scolds him. Vidhaan says I just love you. She says this doesn’t matter now, if Chiku is your daughter, I will leave you forever, I don’t want to snatch her mum’s rights. Vidhaan cries. Niyati says you find that girl’s mum and prove its not your girl, else be ready to sign divorce papers. Jayant says you can’t punish him this way, all relations can’t be broken.

Jiji Maa update thursday 30 July 2020: Uttara says I will support Niyati, not Vidhaan. Niyati asks will you leave your son. Uttara says you are like my daughter, you will get daughter’s right, stop crying now. Niyati thinks of Vidhaan. She vents out anger on a cushion by tearing it. She says everything got over and hugs Falguni. Niyati says we always knew about Uttara and gave him chances, but Vidhaan lied to you. She asks would you give a chance to Suyash if he did such mistake. Falguni gets shocked.

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