Jiji Maa 5 November 2020: Jiji Maa update Thursday 5th November 2020, Falguni goes Laddoo’s house. She checks Devraj’s clothes. A lady sees her. Falguni lies to her that she works in NGO and have come to meet Laddoo. The lady tells her that Laddoo is tortured by his parents, who make him do theft and illegal activities. Falguni gets shocked. The lady says Laddoo thinks its his duty and he does it, I heard Laddoo’s work isn’t done well regarding Rawat. Falguni thinks it means it was Devraj at the house. She goes back and meets Laddoo. She gives him chocolates and asks him if he knows anything about Devraj, he was planning to kill Suyash. Laddoo says no, my dad can’t do this. Falguni says they are bad people. Laddoo says don’t say bad about my parents. He argues and goes in anger.

Falguni tells everything to Niyati. Niyati consoles her and says we can talk to the inspector who is handling Suyash’s case. Falguni sees a shadow and says no, we should find out. She signs Niyati to look there. She goes and catches that man. She sees a worker and leaves him. Suyash looks for Laddoo and wonders where he is. Vidhaan says Laddoo has gone home. Laddoo goes home and gets beaten up. He tells his parents that Falguni spoke against them, and that’s why he got angry and came home. He tells them everything. Devraj asks him to go out and play. He says if Falguni is doubting on me, its not safe to send Laddoo there. Suyash asks guards about Laddoo. He scolds them. Servant tells him about Falguni and Laddoo’s argument, and how Laddoo left from the garden. Suyash gets angry and goes to Falguni. He blames her for making Laddoo away from him. He asks her what did she tell him that he left. She says I can’t tell you. He says you have hurt his heart, if anything happens to him, I will not leave you, I will make you protestors bite dust, you can never succeed. He scolds her and goes. Falguni cries and says how shall I tell you that I can’t lose Laddoo, I will save him and not let anything wrong happen with him.

Chamki meets a lady. The lady tells her that someone can give her much money for Laddoo. Chamki asks really. She thinks to sell away Laddoo. Suyash asks inspector to find Laddoo. He says I have sent you his pic, inform me if you learn anything. Vidhaan asks what did you decide. Suyash asks what. Vidhaa says you have to accept workers’ demands. Suyash refuses and says I won’t bow down to them, just find Laddoo. Vidhaan says maybe Falguni knows about it. Suyash says I won’t take her help. Vidhaan says maybe Laddoo went to his house. Suyash says I m scared as his parents had ousted him at night. Falguni and Niyati meet Chamki in disguise of child buyer. Chamki asks why did you don long ghunghat. Falguni scolds her and fools Chamki. Falguni gets emotional seeing Laddoo’s clothes. She pays the money and says think this is just shagun, call the kid first. Chamki says I will call him later. Falguni says you will be in pain making your son away. Chamki says he is not my son. Falguni and Niyati get shocked.

Devraj coming home and asking Chamki about the women. Chamki tells him everything. Devraj says I feel lucky that my son will go to royal family. He questions them and gets answers. Falguni lies to convince him. Devraj calls Laddoo and asks him to greet the queens of royal family. Laddoo greets Falguni and Niyati. Devraj scolds him. Falguni says no need to do this, my blessing is with you. Devraj sends Laddoo out. Devraj says I will make the papers, I want the names and addresses. He shuts the door and says their names are Falguni and Niyati. Chamki lifts their ghunghat and scolds them. Devraj says I think she knows about our work. Vidhaan says I got to know Laddoo’s address. Suyash leaves with him. Falguni says yes, I have come here to take Laddoo, he isn’t your son.

Devraj and Chamki catch them at knife point. Suyash says the tyre got punctures. Laddoo knocks the door. Falguni pushes Devraj. She opens the door and asks Laddoo to come with her, they are bad people. He scolds her for calling his parents bad. Niyati says there is danger, we should leave. Devraj says she tried to kill us. Chamki cries. Laddoo gets shocked. Falguni and Niyati leave from there. They worry for Laddoo. Falguni gets doctor’s call. She asks Niyati to go and attend Uttara, doctor is coming. She wants to see Laddoo’s matter. Niyati tells doctor about Uttara’s progress. Doctor asks her to get medicines. He prepares an injection. Uttara stops him in anger. He says you got fine. She threatens to kill him if he tells truth to anyone. Niyati gets medicines. Uttara acts again. Doctor says try to keep her free. He goes. Suyash and Vidhaan reach Laddoo’s house. They see Falguni with police. She tells them everything. Suyash scolds her. He worries for Laddoo.

Devraj and Chamki get Laddoo to some place. Chamki says I told you to stay away from Falguni. Devraj says now we have to hide from police. Laddoo asks can’t I meet Suyash, he would be worried. Chamki says don’t worry for strangers. Abhishek calls Devraj. Devraj says we are at safe place. Abhishek says we can’t use Laddoo now. Uttara calls Abhishek and says I m your well wisher, I m coming your office in an hour, lets talk face to face. She acts mad in front of Niyati. Niyati asks her to have food and not go out. She says I m going to office. Uttara says I will sit here and have food. Niyati goes.

Falguni cries and says this happened because of me. Niyati says don’t blame yourself. She pacifies Falguni. Uttara comes to meet Abhishek. He says what will this ordinary woman help me, thanks for wasting my money, just get out. She says you won’t be able to defeat Suyash. He says you think you will fool me, what do you know about him. She tells Suyash’s bank account numbers. He looks on.

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