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Jiji Maa 6 August 2020: Jiji Maa update Thursday 6TH August 2020, The Episode starts with Suyash and Falguni taking care of each other. He says I m not going office today, I will be at home and spend time with Chiku, you take rest. He goes. She gets his sweet love note and smiles. She says your love is my strength so I have taken this decision. Falguni cries and sees old things of Niyati’s childhood. Niyati comes. Falguni says I have met your childhood memories for my child, but now you keep all this, I will be called Chiku’s mum and Maasi of your child. Niyati cries and takes the things. Falguni cries.

Uttara comes and says you couldn’t convince Falguni. Niyati says no, I m missing my mum, if she was here, she would have convinced Falguni. She shows the memories and cries. Uttara cries and says I will regret that Falguni didn’t agree to me, she has taken appointment for operation too.

Falguni asks Niyati not to come along, stay at home and take care of Chiku. Niyati says I will come with you. Falguni says no. Suyash comes and asks where are you going. Uttara says we are going to temple, Falguni did you get clothes to donate. Falguni says yes. He leaves. Uttara says you don’t know what I m going through, I feel like Lord is punishing you for my deeds. Falguni says no, I m doing this to keep my promise. Doctor asks Falguni to think twice. Uttara asks Falguni to think again. Falguni recalls Shreya and says I have thought well, I have to keep my promise. Niyati cries and prays. Falguni is taken for operation. A kid gives her a rose and goes. Falguni thanks her.

Suyash and Chiku come there. Suyash says you have doctor appointment here. He passes by Falguni and misses to see her. Falguni wishes he forgives her for this big step. Suyash turns and sees Falguni inside the OT. Chiku pulls his sleeve. She asks why are so many balloons there. He gets confused. He says its independence day. Chiku takes him. Niyati prays to Lord to help Falguni become a mother. She says Falguni is getting the operation done. Vidhaan hears her and asks what. Niyati lies to him. He says Suyash has taken Chiku to hospital.

She gets glad and says Lord has sent Suyash there so that Falguni’s operation stops, when Suyash learns this, will he forgive Falguni, I should go to help Falguni. Some terrorists enter the hospital. Suyash calls Falguni. The doctor asks Falguni if she has her consent for operation. Falguni recalls Suyash. She says yes, I have come by my will. Suyash says its strange, there is no entry now, its good that doctor has done checkup. Chiku says doctor said I can have icecream. Suyash says yes. He asks for his file. He goes back to get his file. He asks Chiku not to go anywhere. Uttara gets shocked seeing Suyash and thinks what will I answer him.

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Uttara seeing Suyash and hiding. Falguni’s phone rings. Suyash hears it and says I was feeling that Falguni is here. He asks nurse about the patient in OT. He tells his name. Nurse comes to doctor and says Suyash wants to know whose operation is going on here. Falguni says he is my husband, he doesn’t know anything, my married life will be spoiled, please, don’t tell him. Uttara thinks to hide somewhere, else Suyash will see her. She goes. Doctor comes out and says patient is Devika. He says sorry, I can’t believe this, I want to see her. He goes in and sees someone else. Falguni dresses as nurse and wears a mark. She thinks Suyash got Chiku to hospital, I have to get saved from him first. She hides seeing Chiku and Suyash. Some terrorists come there. They see the police checking the hospital.

They take Falguni along. Suyash feels Falguni is around. Peon asks him to stay back for flag hoisting. Chiku insists that they will stay back. Suyash agrees. The terrorists discuss their plan. Falguni gets shocked and thinks they are not doctors, they think I m their aide. She gets shocked seeing the bomb. He says the minister will die today, this will be done today, you should get back, you are chosen to do this. He gives her the bomb. Suyash sees Uttara. She says I have come to meet the minister. He asks where is Falguni. She says she went to market, its fine, are you going. He says no, Chiku wants to see flag hoisting. Falguni thinks to tell Suyash that she is here and what’s going to happen here. She falls down. The men take her away and instruct her. She says they are dangerous, what shall I do, I don’t have my phone.

Doctor asks Falguni where was she. Falguni says I have to tell you something. Doctor gets a call and goes. Falguni goes with the men. The guard gets attacked. Falguni keeps the parcel. The terrorists leave. She runs back and gets the packet. She sees police and thinks to give them the bomb. Niyati comes there and asks why are you in nurse dress, Suyash is here. Falguni says I know. Niyati asks why are you worried, what’s inside this packet. Falguni says some terrorists have come here to kill the minister, they had fixed this bomb there, I removed this, time is less, it will explode, we should give this bomb to police. The terrorists come there and point gun, threatening them. Police comes to them.

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