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Jiji Maa 15 September 2020: Update on Jiji Maa Tuesday 15th September 2020, The Episode starts with Falguni asking Uttara what is she planning along with Piyali. The Raavan catches fire. The crackers also catch fire. Everyone runs to see. Suyash and everyone get shocked seeing the fire. Jayant says w got trapped in fire. Suyash shows a little kid and wants to save him. Uttar comes there and saves the kid. Everyone gets shocked seeing Uttara coming to her real avatar for saving the girl. Jayant says Uttara…. Falguni comes there and tries to blow off the fire. Suyash runs to save a boy. He falls down. Everyone gets shocked. Suyash turns and sees the burning idol falling over him. He falls down and gets hurt. Falguni and everyone look on shocked. Vidhaan shouts to him.

Jiji Maa update Tuesday 15 September 2020: Uttara comes there to save Suyash. She stops the falling idol and asks Suyash to get up fast. She saves Suyash. She asks them to take Suyash to hospital, she is here and will answer them. Everyone rushes. Uttara answers them. She tells how she was saved by an angel after many days. She recalls Shom saving her at the same time. Uttara lies to them and says someone gave me a new life, I have lied to come here to repent for my mistakes. Jayant scolds her. Falguni says Piyali would be knowing about you. Uttara says no, I got to know about your sister and did business with her, I helped her and came here, I wanted to change, but I used to hate Falguni, she snatched my everything, I wanted Falguni to leave, Suyash gave divorce to Falguni, but I got to know relations, I want to change, I have saved Suyash’s life.

Doctor says Suyash needs blood. Uttara says I m also his mum, you can take my blood. She goes to give blood. Falguni and Niyati ask Piyali to swear and say if she didn’t know Uttara’s truth. Karma asks why are you troubling Piyali, she also got cheated. He defends Piyali. Falguni rushes to see Suyash. She gives him water. Everyone comes. Suyash sees Uttara. Doctor asks Uttara to take rest in her room. She says I thought to see my son. Jayant stops her. She says I will leave if you want, forgive me, stay happy. Suyash stops her.

Jiji Maa Tuesday update 15 September 2020: Uttara saying the fake story to Suyash and winning his heart. He thanks her. She says you thanked me and made me a stranger. Jayant defends Uttara and tells Vidhaan that she wanted to apologize to me by Sheikh disguise, maybe she has changed. Falguni says we will go and see Suyash once. They go to Suyash. Suyash hugs Uttara. She says i shall leave now. He says no, you won’t go anywhere, its your house, we can talk out the issues. She asks him to sleep. Jayant asks Vidhaan to let Suyash rest, they will talk to Uttara later.

Jiji Maa 15th September 2020 update: Uttara welcomes herself in Rawat house. She recalls bribing the doctor. She thinks I knew Suyash will melt, I will rule on this family again. Falguni comes and says this family won’t forgive you, you can’t rule here again, I know all this is your plan, you can never love Suyash, you are cheating him even today, remember this, I will not let you cheat this family now, I will save them from you. Uttara says I will prove you that I have changed. Falguni says I can’t give you any more chances, it will be better for you if you leave from the house. She goes. Uttara says this is my family and my house, now I have come back to get them back, time always changes, I promise your time will change forever. Vidhaan says Uttara can’t change so soon. Jayant reminds Uttara’s crimes to Suyash. Falguni says how can we be sure that she has changed. Uttara comes and begs them for a chance. Suyash thinks Falguni has changed.

Jiji Maa 15 September 2020: Uttara says I want one chance to reform. Jayant says we can get you back in life, you will hurt our heart again. She asks do you want to give me to police, will this rectify my mistake, can’t I change all the spoiled relations. Falguni says you have spoiled the relations. She defends herself and says everyone forgives each other in this house, except me, don’t I have a relation with this house, forgive me as well. She says if you can’t forgive me, I shall not live. She rushes out and does a suicide drama. She says I should better die, I have no reason to live. Suyash stops her. Jayant says we also did a mistake that we didn’t forgive you, you are repenting now. Suyash says yes, everyone should get a chance to rectify mistakes. Uttara promises Uttara that she will become a good wife, mum and Saas. She apologizes to Suyash. He hugs her. She says I promise I will not repeat my mistakes. Vidhaan says wound will take time to heal, I will know your truth with time. Jayant says its a new start of life, don’t waste it. They all hug. Piyali says Uttara got her family on side. Karma says Falguni and Vidhaan are still against her. Piyali says we both have to be careful now. Uttara thinks I told you Falguni, you will lose.

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