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Jiji Maa update tuesday 28 July 2020: The Episode starts with goons looking for Falguni. They see the shade empty. Goon says Falguni shouldn’t run away, we have to send kids tonight. Falguni and kids run away and hide. Falguni says Niyati went to call police, till then hide here. Goons see her. Falguni scolds her for selling kids. He says if we lose kids, I will sell you, you are pretty, you won’t get saved now. She slaps him. The goon is about to stab her. Tiger comes running and jumps over the goon. Falguni gets shocked. Tiger kills the goon and attacks other goons. They run away to save lives and get attacked. Falguni also beats the goons with a trishul. Tiger kills all the goons. Uttara is also in the jungle. She smiles. She gets shocked seeing the tiger coming. Falguni looks on and runs. Tiger jumps over Uttara. Falguni runs and pushes Uttara away.

Tiger turns towards Uttara once again. Uttara gets scared. Falguni comes in front of Uttara. Uttara gets shocked and looks at Falguni. Falguni cries and prays folding hands. She protects Uttara. The tiger goes away. Uttara gets shocked. Niyati gets police there and says these are the goons who kidnapped kids. Inspector says Lord has punished them for crimes. Suyash asks Falguni is she fine. She says yes and hugs all kids. Bulbul hugs her parents and says Falguni saved us from bad people. Bulbul’s mum says you are like Devi maa for us. Falguni says don’t thank me, it was my duty. Inspector says we will send them to their parents, thanks. Bulbul says I want to become brave and strong like Falguni. Niyati says you have strength, you need to believe it. Suyash asks Uttara to come. Uttara sees Falguni. They leave. Falguni prays. Uttara sees her and turns to go. She comes to Falguni.

She says I want to thank you, whatever I did with you and your sister, even then you risked life and saved me, I want to apologize to you. Falguni says you think I will come in your words, I won’t give you another chance to attack, you won’t change. Uttara says you have right to not trust me, but I want to change and make our relation fine, I promise I will not do bad to you and not let bad happen with you, I swear in front of Lord, I will keep this promise, I won’t let you miss your mum. Falguni gets shocked. Uttara folds hands and apologizes. She hugs Falguni. They cry. Falguni gets shocked. Its night, Falguni doesn’t get sleep. She thinks of Uttara’s evil deeds. Suyash wakes up and asks are you not getting sleep, are you scared of tiger. She nods. He says everything got fine. She asks can a man eater tiger change. He says its tough, he gets habitual once he kills a human. She thinks of Uttara. She thinks does Uttara really want to change.

Falguni seeing the kids running around. They hug her. Vidhaan says you are hero for them. The parents say we wish our kids become brave and fearless like you, you saved them, you are really great. Falguni says I m glad seeing them happy, I like such surprises. The lady says you will become a great mum. Uttara comes and says Falguni is already a good mum, she has raised Niyati as a mum, Vidhaan calls her Bhabhimaa, I don’t know about my grandchild, but Falguni’s child will be very lucky. Falguni looks on. She comes to Vidhaan.

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He says we are planning surprise for you. Niyati stops him. Falguni says I got to know surprise is for me. He says I will go before I say anything else. He goes. Niyati says I know what you want to talk, Uttara can’t change, she killed Gayatri and tried to kill Suyash by using you, how can you forget this. Uttara comes and gets kheer for them. She says I thought to get sweets to make a good start. Niyati says you have it first and show its safe for us. Uttara says right, you can’t trust me. She eats kheer and says nothing happened to me, I wanted to do this special thing for Falguni. She cries and goes.

Niyati and Vidhaan gift a box to Suyash. Suyash checks and says two tickets for Singapore. Vidhaan says its a surprise for you, get gifts for us. Suyash says no, you buy it yourself, we can’t go without you, the travel agent called me and asked which seat to book. Falguni says we booked tickets for you. Niyati looks at Vidhaan. Uttara and Jayant come. Uttara asks when did you two start taking decisions without asking me, go there for two weeks. Jayant says we booked two weeks cruise for you, the travel agent called Uttara to ask from whose account should he deduct money, go and give us some peace. Suyash says mom you are the best. Falguni looks on. Falguni and Niyati cook food.

Niyati says we can’t trust Uttara, maybe she planned cruise and hired someone to kill us. Falguni says we should give her a chance if she wants to become good. Uttara comes and says you can’t trust me, I got this letter, read it, I have written everything in it, I want to get rid of my guilt, you forgive me, you can show this letter to Suyash if you want, I will accept the punishment, I have written all my bad deeds. Niyati says fine, as your wish. She goes.

Falguni asks how will you face everyone now. Uttara says don’t know, I feel light now, I have changed. Falguni says Vidhaan will never forgive you, even if Suyash does. Uttara says I know, maybe this will be my repentance. Niyati gives letter to Suyash. Falguni comes and takes it. She says you can’t spoil my surprise. He says I have to go for work and goes. Niyati asks why did you stop me. Falguni says we should forgive Uttara, she wants to change, we will get Saas and mum in her. Niyati says fine, I m with you. She tears the letter. Uttara comes to them and thanks them for forgiving her. She says I promise I will never trouble you and just love you two. They hug and cry happily.

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