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Jiji Maa 3 November 2020: Jiji Maa update Tuesday 3rd November 2020, starts with Suyash refusing to take Falguni’s help. Laddoo asks will it work if I help you. He makes Suyash sit and helps him. Falguni looks on and cries. Laddoo calls Suyash very brave. Falguni asks who taught this to you. Laddoo says no one, I know this well. Suyash thanks him. Laddoo says I will come to your house later, you go. Suyash leaves. He tells inspector that he is going. Inspector says we won’t stop you, we caught the men and have to know their motive, you are safe now, you may go home. Falguni asks how did they know that he is staying here. Inspector says we are finding out, we will inform you soon. Suyash thanks him.

Jiji Maa update Tuesday 3 November 2020: Devraj praises Abhishek. Abhishek says I had to get Suyash out of the hideout, he will go to his palace to live, we will plan a new threat for him, your son will be doing everything now. Falguni cries thinking of Suyash. Niyati comes and hugs her. Falguni says I didn’t lose hope, now we don’t have to hide anything from Suyash, I got to stay with him for some days, he still loves me. Laddoo agrees with her. Falguni gets emotional.

Suyash scolds Vidhaan and asks him if he will lie again. He says you knew mom is staying at Falguni’s house, did you forgive her. Vidhaan says she has lost her mental balance, Falguni is looking after her like a daughter. Suyash says dad has gone out, when he comes back, don’t tell about mum, get the locality vacant, make the workers out. Niyati and Falguni read about Suyash getting trolled on social media and worry. Suyash pays a man and asks him to get locality vacated, so that he can make a factory. Laddoo sees Falguni and dances to make her smile. Chamki comes there to take him home. She says your work is over here, come. Falguni says what work did she say about, what did she mean. The goons burn the locality to get it vacated. People shout. The women meet Falguni with hope and ask her to get them justice. Falguni says we will talk to Suyash, I m with you all.

Vidhaan says locality is on fire, they are our factory workers. Suyash says I m not involved in this, I didn’t ask them to burn the locality. Falguni comes there and says I have come to get justice for workers. Suyash and Falguni argue. He asks her to get proof before blaming her. She says I m just here to ask for justice, these people lost their savings, don’t you care that they lost their homes. He says no, I thought for them and offered them good deals, they should have left their homes, now I m rejecting them since they rejected my offer. He asks them to leave. Falguni goes out and burns Suyash’s car. Suyash runs to see. He gets shocked and angry on Falguni.

Jiji Maa Tuesday 3 November 2020: Falguni burning Suyash’s car and scolding him. She says workers will work when they get their houses back. Suyash gets angry. She comes home and tells everything to Niyati. She says we don’t know who has attacked on him. Inspector comes and says we got to know that someone from home informed about Suyash living here. Falguni says just family knew this. He asks her to recall if there is someone who visits them. She recalls Laddoo and says I don’t know. Inspector goes. Laddoo says I want to go to Falguni’s house. Chamki says you just have to meet Suyash. He asks what’s the use to go to Suyash, what should I go, you don’t ask me to steal anything. Devraj hurts him. Laddoo cries. Falguni and Niyati are on the way. Niyati asks whom will Laddoo inform, he is a lovely kid. Falguni says I know, he can’t do anything. They go to meet Laddoo and find him crying. They see his wounds. He lies that he fell down the tree. They ask if his parents have beaten him. Falguni hugs him and cries.

Suyash gives sweets to staff and says its a good news, you all did great work to support Falguni, your home loans are cancelled. They get shocked. The lady says you are wrong, we will take a step against you. Falguni does Laddoo’s aid. She gets a call. She gets shocked. She tells Niyati how Suyash has cancelled the home loans, workers will lose their homes, what advice shall I give them. Laddoo says we should go to that person’s house. Falguni gets surprised and smiles. She praises him. Suyash sees Falguni and workers at his house. Falguni says we will be staying here until you accept the demands. Suyash refuses to fulfill demands. He says police will come and kick you out. Falguni says I also want the police to come here, you have done wrong with the workers. The lady says Suyash is right, we didn’t keep any documents safe. Laddoo encourages Falguni. Suyash gets angry on Falguni and goes to have a bath.

Jiji Maa 3 November 2020 update: Falguni goes to talk to Suyash. Guard stops her. Falguni reminds who she is and enters the house. Suyash comes back from bath. He gets shocked seeing Falguni. His bath towel falls down. She takes the towel. He screams. He picks a cushion and asks what are you doing here. She says if you want towel, you give workers’ loan statements first. He refuses. She says I won’t give towels, I will call workers to deal with you. He says no, give me towel, I will mail the statements. She says send it now. He says my phone is off. She checks and asks him to mail. He sends the mail and says done. She checks and gives him the towel. She thanks him and goes. Niyati and Falguni laugh with Laddoo. Niyati says I can’t imagine you can do such a naughty thing. Laddoo says I will go, mum will get angry if I reach late, I don’t worry, as you are there for me. Falguni smiles. He leaves. He comes home and gets scolded by Devraj and Chamki. Chamki asks him to get out. Laddoo asks where will I go, let me come in. Devraj says now Laddoo will stay in Suyash’s haveli and we will get all info.

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