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Jiji Maa update Tuesday 30 June 2020; Jiji Maa 30th June 2020 update, The Episode starts with Uttara saying I m missing Lazer, she was a nice girl, I did wrong with her, sometimes I feel she is here, I see her in you also. Falguni gets shocked. Uttara says bad things don’t let person stay in peace. She thinks something is wrong, I should get peace. Falguni calls Balwant and says you told everything to Uttara, even she can’t save you. He says I swear I haven’t told anything to her, trust me, why would I help her, I m with you by heart. She thinks Balwant is saying truth, he didn’t say anything, was Uttara saying truth. Suyash gets juice for her. She turns and it falls over his shirt. She gets worried and says sorry, what shall I do. She cleans by her hands and runs to get clothes. She makes his shirt more dirty and gets water. They both get hurt. She makes him bath to clean his shirt. He stops her and says clothes are washed in washing machine, not on body, I could have changed the shirt, shall I. He goes. He sees her smiling and asks what. She says nothing. He says turn there, I have to change shirt. She says so? He says I didn’t wear a vest. He changes his shirt and asks her not to turn.

Jiji Maa Update Tuesday 30 June 2020 on Adom Tv He says no, I m wearing the shirt. She says I will count till ten then I will turn. He quickly buttons up. She turns. He says its done. She laughs seeing him and says you didn’t button right. She opens the button and corrects it. Inna sona….plays….. He goes. Jayant sees Gayatri at home and gets shocked. He goes to her. He asks when did you come. She says today. He asks are you fine. She says yes. He says last time our talks were incomplete, I want to know everything, I want to give you a chance to complete the talk. Uttara comes and gets shocked.

Jiji Maa 30th June 2020 She asks him to leave for office, Shom is waiting for him. He goes. Uttara asks Gayatri is she trying to trap Jayant again. She says I have given support to Jayant and raised your son, if you do any mistake, I will send you back. Falguni comes. She asks Uttara to know Gayatri’s place in the house and accept it. Uttara leaves. Gayatri asks why can’t we get Uttara’s truth out. Falguni says I also wanted this, but if I hurt her, Suyash will be hurt, so I played this game with her, so that she rectifies her mistake, she will give you her rights, she will get Suyash and me closer.

Jiji Maa Update Tuesday 30 June 2020 on Adom Tv Gayatri says Uttara is helpless, but she won’t keep quiet. Uttara says if Falguni is Lazer, then it means I didn’t kill Lazer. She calls Balwant. She says I need to meet you. She meets him and asks about Lazer’s dead body. He says I have buried her. She asks him to take her to the place and show the dead body. He asks her to go, he will come. He calls Falguni and says Uttara has a doubt on me, she wants me to show Lazer’s body. Falguni rushes and collides with Niyati. Niyati asks what happened. Falguni tells everything. Niyati gets shocked and asks what will we do now. Falguni says I have to go there, stay here and manage, I will just come. She goes.

Jiji Maa update Tuesday 30 June 2020 Uttara asks Balwant did he forget the way. He makes an excuse. He thinks where to take madam and from where to get Lazer’s dead body. They reach the place. He says I think I buried her here maybe. She asks what. He says I buried her at night, I m confused. She says its fine, start digging. He says I will get digging tools. She says take it from dicky. He asks did you get it. She says yes. Falguni gets in Lazer’s avatar and leaves from home. He gets Falguni’s call and tells another address. Uttara scolds him. They leave in the car. Falguni thinks it will take much time to reach there. Uttara asks Balwant to find the place soon and dig the ground. He worries and prays for his life.

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Jiji Maa Update Tuesday 30 June 2020 on Adom Tv Suyash showing his childhood and old pics to Gayatri. She smiles. She likes the family pic and wishes everyone stays happy. He says everyone isn’t there, you aren’t in these memories, where did you go and why, Uttara had to marry Jayant to look after me. She recalls the arrest and cries. She asks him not to think of past, its a big thing that they are together, Falguni has fulfilled a big dream. He says I will just see Falguni and come. Balwant digs the soil. He says Lazer’s dead body is here, see. He thinks Falguni should come soon. Suyash asks Niyati about Falguni. She worries and says she has gone to Zeenat’s house. He asks why are you tensed. She says I m not tensed.

Jiji Maa 30 June 2020 Falguni reaches there and plays police siren. Balwant says police will ask us many questions, we shall hide. They go and hide. Falguni signs Balwant and lies in the grave. The siren stops. Balwant says I think police left, I will dig the pit and call you. He acts to dig more. He asks Uttara to see Lazer. Uttara gets shocked seeing her. She asks him to settle the soil. She leaves. Balwant says its good you came on time. Niyati calls her. Falguni says I m coming home in some time. Suyash calls Zeenat and asks about Falguni. Niyati worries. He says fine. He asks Niyati again. He says Zeenat said Falguni didn’t come to her. Falguni comes home. She says Niyati doesn’t know about me, I went to meet Urmila. Niyati acts rude and goes. Suyash says I was worried for you. Falguni smiles.

Uttara comes home. She says everything is fine now, I got satisfied. Falguni thinks her doubt got clear. Its morning, Uttara buries Balwant alive and scolds him for playing games with her. She says you were helping Falguni, call her again and inform about me, she will run to her home again, she didn’t know that I had installed cameras in her house, I have proof in my hand. He apologizes. She says its a last chance for you, Falguni will die, you have to kill her. He gets shocked. She says I will see how she gets saved from my plan.

Jiji Maa 30th June 2020 Falguni sees Suyash’s blanket and recalls him. She goes to him and sees him sleeping. She covers him up and says you may think anything about me, but I will always love you, I m nothing without you. She pulls the curtains. She leaves. He gets up and sees the blanket. He says this is my fav blanket, it means Falguni has given this, she loves me a lot, maybe I misunderstood her, I didn’t trust her.

Jiji Maa update Tuesday 30th June 2020 Everyone dines. Vidhaan says Suyash is sleeping till now. Jayant asks did you call doctor. Suyash asks why. Falguni says you were sleeping till now, so we thought you are unwell. Suyash says I m fine, where is mom. Falguni says I will see. Some decorators come. Uttara says I have called them, there is a big party at home today, its a special day. Vidhaan asks what. Uttara asks Gayatri did she think she forgot, happy birthday. She hugs Gayatri. Everyone wishes Gayatri and smile. Gayatri thanks them. Falguni thinks how is Uttara caring for Gayatri, something is wrong. She stops Uttara and asks what do you want to do now. Uttara says I m just doing what you told me, you asked me to give respect to Gayatri, I feel bad for her.

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