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Jiji Maa 6 October 2020: Jiji Maa update Tuesday 6th October 2020, The Episode starts with Niyati thinking of everyone and leaving. Falguni gets a dream that Niyati is going away from her. She wakes up and goes to check her. She asks where is Niyati and calls her out. Niyati walks on the road. Vidhaan wakes up and looks for Niyati. Everyone looks for Niyati. She wanders. Uttara thinks my plan worked. Suyash says don’t worry, we will go and find her. Falguni says nothing should happen to her. He assures her. Suyash and Vidhaan look for Niyati. They don’t see her passing by. They stop at the park. Some dogs park. She goes away. Vidhaan misses to see her. Jayant asks what are you saying Falguni, Uttara can’t do this, Vidhaan and Suyash will get Niyati.

Jiji Maa update Tuesday 6 October 2020: Suyash comes and says we didn’t get anywhere. Vidhaan says even her phone is off. Jayant asks where did she go suddenly. Falguni says she is compelled to go from here. She goes to Bua and scolds her. She cries and asks Haryali to answer, what right did she have to ruin Niyati’s life. Haryali says she is sensible that she left. Haryali boasts of herself. Jayant defends Haryali and praises her. Falguni argues with them. Jayant says if Haryali is saying this, we have to get the heir. Suyash defends Falguni and Niyati. Haryali says Niyati left by her wish, so that Vidhaan remarries. Vidhaan says who told this to you. She asks him to remarry. She says don’t forget that everything happens by Lord’s will. Falguni says I will oppose you if you do injustice against Niyati, I will go against you. Jayant asks her to stop it.

He asks Suyash to take Falguni away and remind her manners. He says Falguni isn’t imp than Haryali. Suyash says Falguni doesn’t believe on Haryali’s dreams, she isn’t misbehaving, Niyati has to come back home. They go out and think where can Niyati go. Falguni says Niyati will go to our old house. They leave. Uttara looks on. Niyati comes to her old house. Jayant asks Haryali to forgive Falguni. He says I regret for Niyati, we should think for family now. She says explain this to your sons. Falguni says you are her life’s happiness Vidhaan, explain this to her when you meet her. He says we should get her once. They are on the way. Niyati gets shocked seeing the goons at the house. She tries to run. The goons kidnap her. Shom in disguise informs Uttara. Suyash and Falguni see the tempo.

Jiji Maa Tuesday 6 October 2020: Shom hiding from Suyash. Suyash stops the truck and asks the driver to show the contents. He just sees the boxes. Niyati struggles hearing Suyash’s voice. Goon threatens her with a knife. Suyash goes away. Niyati cries. Falguni comes home and sees the mess. She gets shocked. She says Suyash, the door was open, maybe Niyati had come here. She gets Niyati’s earring. Falguni says she was here. Suyash says we will find her, don’t worry.

Vidhaan worries. Niyati asks goon why did he kidnap her. The goon asks her to stay quietly, if she acts smart, he will kill her. Vidhaan comes home. He sees Niyati’s pic and cries. He gets a letter. He gets shocked reading it. Suyash talks to police to get help in finding Niyati. Falguni cries. Suyash hugs her and consoles. Vidhaan throws Niyati’s photo and says how can she do this. Suyash and Falguni come there. Suyash asks what’s all this, how can you do this. Suyash reads the letter. Niyati asks Vidhaan to remarry and obey Haryali Bua. Falguni also reads the letter. Suyash says I will go and talk to dad, he is unwell since yesterday.

Vidhaan says I can’t even think of this, she wrote such a big thing and left, she didn’t trust me and my love. Falguni says she will come back. She cries and asks Niyati to come back. Niyati thinks did the goons ask Vidhaan for a ransom, why did they say that I have to stay her for 15 days. Inspector says we didn’t get her, maybe she met with an accident. Vidhaan shouts on him. He says nothing can happen to her. After 10 days, Jayant tries to find Niyati. Uttara asks him not to stress and have food. Falguni asks did you find about Niyati. Suyash says no, have some food. She says don’t know if Niyati had food or not. Niyati checks a trunk. She finds some clothes inside. She takes the clothes. Jayant asks where is Haryali.

Jiji Maa update Tuesday 6 October 2020: Uttara says I m also worried, she went for some work. Haryali comes and says I had gone for your work, you don’t care for the problems coming in family, I went to ashram to get advice from Guru, I went barefoot and got hurt, forget it, hear this out. She tells the solution, that Vidhaan has to get married soon. Jayant says you worry for the family a lot, but I don’t think Vidhaan will agree for remarriage. She says its your duty to convince him. She goes. Jayant says Vidhaan, your Bua is doing a lot for this family, you have to remarry for the sake of this family. Shom calls Uttara. He says Niyati has run away. She gets shocked. Niyati says I have to inform Suyash and Falguni, I will take blessings from Lord. Falguni asks the kids to inform her if Niyati comes back. Niyati comes there and sees Falguni with the kids. She smiles and says Jiji maa. Suyash goes to get the car. Goons come and take away Niyati.

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