Jiji Maa 11 November 2020: Jiji Maa update Wednesday 11th November 2020, The Episode starts with inspector releasing Suyash. He asks him to go home. Vidhaan says we didn’t find out who has sent the goons, we didn’t know about Laddoo, but maybe Falguni… Suyash says I don’t want to hear about her, she is the root of all problems for me, I have to find Laddoo. Vidhaan says Falguni knows where is Laddoo, she isn’t saying what is she told to get him back. Suyash asks where is she. Vidhaan says Rawat mansion. Uttara says I knew this, Falguni will choose Laddoo. Abhishek asks will Falguni do this work or not. Uttara says we didn’t give her any option, if you doubt, then scare her a bit. He says fine. Falguni sees the gun and recalls Suyash. She thinks of Laddoo and cries. Suyash comes to meet Laddoo. He says you have to tell me about Laddoo today. She checks the video and sees Laddoo at gunpoint. She gets shocked. Abhishek threatens of killing Laddoo. She shouts no and cries.

Suyash comes to her. She hides the gun. He asks where is Laddoo. She says he is with kidnappers, let me do what they told me, don’t interfere, I m Laddoo’s mum. He says you feel you are doing right, Govind went away from us because of you. They argue. He says you have no place in my life, now I will make you out of the house. She says I m doing this for family and Laddoo. He says I don’t want to see your face. Jayant asks Suyash to leave her, he has stopped Falguni here for Niyati’s sake. Suyash says I don’t care for this.

Jayant says maybe you don’t regard her wife, but she is my bahu even today. Suyash says humanity is shown with humans, not with such people. Jayant says I will decide that, you live your life and let me live my life, else tell me if you don’t regard me your dad. Suyash says ask her what’s the secret she is hiding from us. Jayant says I trust her, she will tell us when right time comes, trust her. Suyash says sorry dad, I can’t. He goes. Jayant asks Falguni to do what she wants to save Laddoo. Uttara looks on. Jayant says maybe I can’t stop Suyash next time. Uttara thinks if Falguni gets back from her word, she will lose her son, what will I get after killing Suyash, I have to do something to secure my status and power, even if my truth comes out.

Jiji Maa 11 November 2020: Suyash talks to lawyer. Lawyer says your bail is cancelled, we will apply for anticipatory bail. Jayant asks Suyash not to get angry. Lawyer says I got papers with me, I want Suyash’s signs, you both sign as guarantors. Jayant and Vidhaan sign. Suyash also signs the papers. Lawyer goes. Uttara meets him. He gives her the file. She checks the signs. She thinks now I have everything in my hands, I m the owner of Rawat mansion and properties, now they will know what I can do for my revenge. Falguni stays stressed. Jayant says once we get Laddoo back, we can start life fresh. Falguni says yes, I want Laddoo to come back. He says I trust you completely, you know what unity gives strength, if you got us in your plan… She says I can’t do this. She thinks how shall I tell you about the condition.

She promises that she will return him his grandson. He goes. Vidhaan asks Niyati to get fine soon, he needs her. She moves her hand. Uttara looks on. Niyati gets up. He asks are you fine. She sees Uttara. Uttara thinks if she tells the truth. Niyati says Laddoo… Vidhaan says I will give you medicines. She signs towards Uttara. She faints. Vidhaan says I will call doctor. He sees Uttara. Uttara acts mad. He says she isn’t fine, come with me. Uttara keeps the papers in cupboard. She gets Abhishek’s call. He asks what’s the news. She asks why did you call, what if anyone answered. He asks did Falguni kill Suyash. She says no, I think you have to scare her more, Suyash has to die, hurry up Abhi….. Vidhaan comes and sees her. He says you have got fine, who is this Abhi…. He takes the call.

Uttara acting mad to fool Vidhaan. He goes. Laddoo says forgive me Suyash, you are my dad but I m not able to help you, I can just pray for you. He prays for Suyash’s life. Devraj comes. Laddoo says you can’t stop me from praying. Devraj asks him to stop this nonsense. He ties up Laddoo. Falguni thinks of Abhishek’s words. She points gun at herself in anger. She gets Abhishek’s call. He says I m keeping a watch on you, you have to kill Suyash. She says its not easy. He says if you love him, then stay with him, I will kill Laddoo. She says no and cries.

She takes the gun and goes to Suyash’s room. She recalls Laddoo. Suyash sees her and gets angry. He asks what did you decide. She asks what would you decide, being in my place. He says I don’t care for you, I would choose my child. She says forgive me. He says you did a drama that you love me, you kept Karwachauth fast for me. She says I don’t have to prove my love for you and my son, I have taken the decision. He says you want to become great once again, you always do this, what will people say if you kill me, you had another way.

She says I don’t have any other way. He says then why did you stop, shoot me, is this kidnapper’s plan or do you want to get rid of me. She says you don’t believe me and maybe you will never believe me. He says never, still I m here with a hope that you will get Laddoo, come on shoot me. She shoots him. He falls down. She gets shocked and sits crying. Uttara looks on and smiles. Falguni recalls Suyash. Jayant and Vidhaan come there and get shocked seeing Suyash shot to death. Uttara thinks I have snatched your breath by Falguni’s hands. She goes. She calls Abhishek and says Falguni did the work, our enemy Suyash is no more. He laughs.

He asks is it confirmed that he died. She says trust me, I have seen him dead. Jayant cries and asks Falguni why did she do this. Vidhaan says Falguni, I called you Maa, why did you do this. Falguni cries. He says you have broken our trust, why. She shouts I did this to save Laddoo’s life, the kidnappers have put this condition in front of me, we will get Laddoo if I kill Suyash. They get shocked and scold her. They ask her what kind of woman is she, what will she do if they don’t return Laddoo. She says no, I will call them. Jayant asks Vidhaan to call police, she will get jailed. Abhishek calls Devraj and gives the news. Devraj says Suyash is dead. Laddoo beats him and says you are lying. Laddoo cries. Devraj cries. He says Falguni has killed him. Laddoo gets shocked.

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