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Jiji Maa 21 October 2020: Jiji Maa update Wednesday 21st October 2020, starts with the goon asking for the release of Magan. Falguni comes home and cries. She says I didn’t know everything will end like this, will my devotion end on you, what did you think, nothing such will happen, I have always worshipped you and left all decisions on you, I have regarded you mine, so I m asking you, I have given birth to Govind by your blessings, he was always fine when he was attacked many times, what did I do that you have snatched my child from me, why are you punishing me. She asks Lord to save her child and Suyash. She says if you are Lord, I m a devotee. She gets angry and argues with Lord.

She says you have to make my Suyash fine. She cries. Vidhaan worries for Niyati. She consoles him. He says we just had Govind, and we lost him now. Its morning, Jayant tries to get info about baby from the inspector. Falguni asks Suyash to talk to her, not be quiet. Doctor comes and asks did he talk anything, he is in big shock, if he doesn’t come out of shock, he can have brain haemorrhage, remind him about the baby by playing baby’s video or show him pics. He goes. Falguni feels guilty. Niyati says I would have fallen down if you left the van, you wanted to save us, Govind would have been with us today, its not your mistake. Falguni cries. Vidhaan gets a baby. Falguni says he is not our Govind.

Vidhaan says I borrowed the baby, maybe his cry brings Suyash to senses. Vidhaan takes baby to Suyash. Falguni asks Suyash to say something. Suyash says Govind and smiles. He comes to senses. He sees the baby’s face and says he is not Govind, I want my Govind. I will go to him, he needs me. Falguni says no one can go to him, he will never come back, he has left us. Suyash gets shocked. He gets angry on Falguni and blames her for killing him. Falguni asks what are you saying. Suyash says you had to save your sister and didn’t give imp to baby, you are not a mum, you are Niyati’s Jijamaa, being a mum wasn’t imp to me. He scolds Falguni and says you chose your sister and not son, you proved that you are not a mum, you are just Jijimaa. He says you are a stain, I have no place for you in my house, get out of this house. Everyone gets shocked.

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