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Adom Tv Update on Jiji Maa 22 July 2020: Jiji Maa On adom tv Wednesday update 22nd July 2020: The Episode begins with Suyash saying perhaps Niyati heard something incorrectly, perhaps Uttara was stating some story to Falguni to enable her to recuperate, when I go on date and return fine, Niyati’s feelings of trepidation will end. Niyati searches for Uttara. Worker says Uttara went out, she took Falguni to parlor. Falguni prepares. She thinks Suyash is decent, he is Niyati and Vidhaan’s companion moreover. Uttara indoctrinates her. Falguni asks wouldn’t we be able to simply startle him. Uttara says you would prefer not to execute him, you don’t confide in me, what will I do by living at that point. Falguni says no, I will murder him and spare you. Uttara puts a bindi. Falguni asks will anything transpire. Uttara says no, I m with you. Niyati requests that driver drive quick. The vehicle stops. Driver checks vehicle and says it will require some investment to fix it. Uttara asks Falguni not to answer Niyati’s call, they all are together.

Jiji Maa update Wednesday 22 July 2020: She makes Falguni sport bluetooth and says I can converse with you, you won’t feel desolate. They leave. Niyati comes there and asks where are Uttara and Falguni. The parlor woman acclaims Uttara. She says they just went. Niyati thinks to meet Suyash. Suyash plans to propose Falguni. She calls him and says Uttara is going to slaughter you, Falguni has the weapon. He says they won’t do this, we won’t talk this once more. Uttara and Falguni reach there. Uttara says we are not fouling up. She incites Falguni and sends her. Niyati comes there and stops Falguni. She says you are fouling up. Falguni says Suyash is awful, I need to spare my mum, go from here. Niyati gets weapon in her tote and says you won’t shoot Suyash. Falguni grabs the weapon. Falguni pushes Niyati. Niyati falls back. She blacks out. Falguni picks the weapon and goes to Suyash.

Jiji Maa update Wednesday 22nd July 2020: Suyash grins seeing her. He holds her and makes her wear the ring. O saathi… ..plays… They move. He lifts her in arms and grins. His fantasy closes. He sees Falguni coming. Falguni says the spot is enhanced. Uttara says he did this to trick you. Suyash gives an inflatable to Falguni. She grins. He requests her hand. Uttara says don’t give him your hand. Falguni thinks about their minutes. He makes her wear the ring. She says my finger is fine, goodness, the ring is so wonderful. Uttara alarms her. She requests that her execute Suyash. Falguni points weapon at him. He gets stunned. He reviews Niyati’s words. He says Falguni, look, its a weapon, keep it, its not great. She says I realize you are terrible, you are bad, you give ring first and afterward cut hand. She tosses the ring. She says I will execute you, you inconvenience my mum. Uttara says don’t converse with him much. Falguni says you murdered my father, I will execute you. Uttara says execute him. He gets stunned.

Jiji Maa 22 July 2020: Falguni saying I will execute you, else you will slaughter my mum. Suyash says look we will talk, I got your fav cake, won’t you have it. Uttara says don’t hear him out, he is exceptionally awful. Suyash says I m your companion, how could you overlook me. Uttara says don’t sit around, slaughter him. He says gun is certainly not something to be thankful for. Falguni says you need to grab my mum, I will slaughter you, at that point me and my mum will remain cheerfully. Uttara says fire him Falguni. He says no Falguni. Falguni fires… . He tumbles down. Uttara hears the discharge and gets stunned. Falguni sees Suyash.

Uttara says my Shravan Kumar has gone to his genuine mum, Lord give his spirit harmony. She weeps for Suyash. Falguni reviews Suyash’s words. She gets memory streaks. She considers Suyash and her past. She shot Suyash and blacks out there. After some time, Suyash awakens and takes a look at himself. He remains fine. He sees Falguni fallen aside and requests that her wake up. Niyati comes there.

She says you are figuring for what reason did anything not transpire, I halted Falguni and changed the genuine projectiles with counterfeit ones, I realized she won’t hear me out, will you trust me now, you have seen it yourself. Uttara says you were my sister’s child, yet I generally adored you as my child, and instructed you that nothing is pixie than mum, yet you picked Falguni and spared her from discharge, not me, you stressed for her more than me, for what reason did you do this slip-up, I will recall you Suyash. Suyash and Niyati get Falguni home. Uttara gets stunned seeing him alive.

Jiji Maa Wednesday update 22 July 2020: Suyash goes to Uttara and holds her face. He asks what was the need to do this, to slaughter me, on the off chance that you had let me know, I would have given my life joyfully. Niyati says Uttara would have stunned seeing Suyash alive, she needed to slaughter Suyash by utilizing Falguni, Suyash didn’t kick the bucket and her reality came out. Uttara thinks what to do, Suyash became more acquainted with everything. Niyati inquires as to for what reason are you not saying anything, discover some explanation, for what reason did you offer weapon to Falguni. Suyash inquires as to for what reason did you do this, say something, else your quiet will end my life. Falguni gets cognizant and holds her head. Suyash goes to her. Falguni gains her memory. She embraces Niyati and carries on typical. Uttara and Suyash get stunned. Niyati joyfully cries. Suyash signs yes to Niyati.

Jiji Maa 22 July 2020: Falguni embraces Suyash and cries. Uttara thinks her memory returned. Niyati says you remember everything now. Suyash says express gratitude toward God you are fine. Falguni asks where are Jayant and Vidhaan. She sees Uttara. She reviews Gayatri’s demise. She approaches Suyash for Gayatri and cries. Uttara begins her dramatization and cries. Suyash goes to her and asks her to state for what good reason is she quiet. Uttara drives him away. They get stunned. She says you questioned on me, for what reason did I do this, for what reason did I offer firearm to Falguni to fire you, you didn’t figure how did Falguni recapture her memory, how she got fine, I have done this, I made Falguni against you, I realized she adores you the most, when she shoots you, she will pick up her memory and this has occurred, Falguni recovered her memory, I have concealed this from you so my arrangement doesn’t fall flat. Falguni and Niyati look on stunned and cry.

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