Jiji Maa 22 July 2020: Jiji Maa Wednesday update 22 July 2020 Adom Tv The Episode starts with Suyash saying maybe Niyati heard something wrong, maybe Uttara was saying some story to Falguni to help her recover, when I go on date and come back fine, Niyati’s fears will end. Niyati looks for Uttara. Servant says Uttara went out, she took Falguni to parlor. Falguni gets ready. She thinks Suyash is nice, he is Niyati and Vidhaan’s friend also. Uttara brainwashes her. Falguni asks can’t we just scare him. Uttara says you don’t want to kill him, you don’t trust me, what will I do by living then. Falguni says no, I will kill him and save you. Uttara puts a bindi. Falguni asks will anything happen to me. Uttara says no, I m with you. Niyati asks driver to drive fast. The car stops. Driver checks car and says it will take time to fix it. Uttara asks Falguni not to answer Niyati’s call, they all are together.

Jiji Maa update Wednesday 22 July 2020: She makes Falguni wear bluetooth and says I can talk to you, you won’t feel lonely. They leave. Niyati comes there and asks where are Uttara and Falguni. The parlor lady praises Uttara. She says they just went. Niyati thinks to meet Suyash. Suyash prepares to propose Falguni. She calls him and says Uttara is going to kill you, Falguni has the gun. He says they won’t do this, we won’t talk this again. Uttara and Falguni reach there. Uttara says we are not doing wrong. She instigates Falguni and sends her. Niyati comes there and stops Falguni. She says you are doing wrong. Falguni says Suyash is bad, I want to save my mum, go from here. Niyati gets gun in her purse and says you won’t shoot Suyash. Falguni snatches the gun. Falguni pushes Niyati. Niyati falls back. She faints. Falguni picks the gun and goes to Suyash.

Jiji Maa update Wednesday 22nd July 2020: Suyash smiles seeing her. He holds her and makes her wear the ring. O saathi…..plays… They dance. He lifts her in arms and smiles. His dream ends. He sees Falguni coming. Falguni says the place is decorated. Uttara says he did this to fool you. Suyash gives a balloon to Falguni. She smiles. He asks for her hand. Uttara says don’t give him your hand. Falguni thinks of their moments. He makes her wear the ring. She says my finger is fine, wow, the ring is so beautiful. Uttara scares her. She asks her to kill Suyash. Falguni aims gun at him. He gets shocked. He recalls Niyati’s words. He says Falguni, look, its a gun, keep it, its not good. She says I know you are bad, you are not good, you give ring first and then cut hand. She throws the ring. She says I will kill you, you trouble my mum. Uttara says don’t talk to him much. Falguni says you killed my dad, I will kill you. Uttara says kill him. He gets shocked.

Jiji Maa 22 July 2020: Falguni saying I will kill you, else you will kill my mum. Suyash says look we shall talk, I got your fav cake, won’t you have it. Uttara says don’t listen to him, he is very bad. Suyash says I m your friend, how did you forget me. Uttara says don’t waste time, kill him. He says pistol is not a good thing. Falguni says you want to snatch my mum, I will kill you, then me and my mum will stay happily. Uttara says shoot him Falguni. He says no Falguni. Falguni shoots…. He falls down. Uttara hears the gunshot and gets shocked. Falguni sees Suyash.

Jiji Maa update Monday 20th July 2020 on Adom Tv

Uttara says my Shravan Kumar has gone to his real mum, Lord give his soul peace. She cries for Suyash. Falguni recalls Suyash’s words. She gets memory flashes. She thinks of Suyash and her past. She recalls shooting Suyash and faints there. After some time, Suyash wakes up and checks himself. He stays fine. He sees Falguni fallen aside and asks her to wake up. Niyati comes there.

She says you are thinking why did anything not happen to you, I stopped Falguni and changed the real bullets with fake ones, I knew she won’t listen to me, will you believe me now, you have seen it yourself. Uttara says you were my sister’s son, but I always loved you as my son, and taught you that nothing is imp than mum, but you chose Falguni and saved her from fire, not me, you worried for her more than me, why did you do this mistake, I will remember you Suyash. Suyash and Niyati get Falguni home. Uttara gets shocked seeing him alive.

Jiji Maa Wednesday update 22 July 2020: Suyash goes to Uttara and holds her face. He asks what was the need to do all this, to kill me, if you had told me, I would have given my life happily. Niyati says Uttara would have got shocked seeing Suyash alive, she wanted to kill Suyash by using Falguni, Suyash didn’t die and her truth came out. Uttara thinks what to do, Suyash got to know everything. Niyati asks why are you not saying anything, find some reason, why did you give gun to Falguni. Suyash asks why did you do this, say something, else your silence will take my life. Falguni gets conscious and holds her head. Suyash goes to her. Falguni gains her memory. She hugs Niyati and behaves normal. Uttara and Suyash get shocked. Niyati happily cries. Suyash signs yes to Niyati.

Jiji Maa 22 July 2020: Falguni hugs Suyash and cries. Uttara thinks her memory came back. Niyati says you remember everything now. Suyash says thank God you are fine. Falguni asks where are Jayant and Vidhaan. She sees Uttara. She recalls Gayatri’s death. She asks Suyash for Gayatri and cries. Uttara starts her drama and cries. Suyash goes to her and asks her to say why is she silent. Uttara pushes him away. They get shocked. She says you doubted on me, why did I do this, why did I give gun to Falguni to shoot you, you didn’t think how did Falguni regain her memory, how she got fine, I have done this, I made Falguni against you, I knew she loves you the most, when she shoots you, she will gain her memory and this has happened, Falguni regained her memory, I have hidden this from you so that my plan doesn’t fail. Falguni and Niyati look on shocked and cry.

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