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Jiji Maa 26 August 2020: Jiji Maa Wednesday 26th update August 2020, The Episode starts with Uttara coming to kitchen. Falguni comes to help. Uttara says I don’t like troubling anyone. Falguni asks what do you want. Uttara says I wanted to have green tea. Falguni says its there in that shelf. Falguni comes back. Uttara’s fake beard comes out. Falguni says I will give you. Uttara says no, I will give it. She fixes her beard back. He says I m exercising. Falguni asks how did you know green tea is there. Uttara says you have arranged kitchen so well, that there is no problem in finding anything.

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Jiji Maa update Wednesday 26 August 2020: Vidhaan gives rose to Niyati. Niyati says I don’t think Falguni has done all this. Vidhaan says if she did this, maybe there was some reason. She says yes. He says forget it, how did you like the rose. She says its really good. She asks him to go and have bath. Maharaj says Jayant went out in anger and is digging the soil. Falguni comes to Jayant. He says I will bury everything here, its a curse. Uttara looks on and gets angry. Piyali dances in her room. Falguni comes to her and tells what Jayant did. She asks her not to trouble her family. Piyali asks her to beg. Falguni says fine, if this will calm your heart. Piyali gets happy. Falguni asks her to keep relations. Piyali says you made Niyati act nice to me, you are giving her a chance to come to me, if you want your family’s safety, then give your one relation to me, give me Niyati, I want her to care for me, respect me, I want to become her only sister.

Falguni asks how can I ask her to love you forcibly. Piyali says you have to do this, else be ready to see your family’s ruining. Falguni says I can’t force her to call you Jiji maa. Piyali says you just have 24 hours to do this, if Niyati doesn’t call me Jiji Maa, I will target anyone from your Sasural. Falguni cries. Piyali jokes on Suyash. She says Falguni is my twin sister, I have to call you by name. She apologizes to him. He says you just have relation with Falguni, she is free to do anything, its her house, I don’t need to make relation with you, the house is very big, we can ignore each other and live. She says I also don’t care for your existence, I m here for Niyati. Uttara says we won’t be able to do anything, you want Jiji Maa’s status. Piyali says yes, I m going to snatch biggest right from Falguni. Uttara says this can’t happen, you know everyone will doubt on you, I couldn’t separate them. Piyali says stop giving me gyaan again and again, else I will expose you, you are a criminal, you will be punished.

Jiji Maa 26 August 2020 update: Uttara keeps knife at her neck and threatens to kill her. Piyali says I got to know we are dangerous for each other. They smile. Uttara says you will know your mistakes, then come to me to take help. Piyali goes. Falguni and Niyati make food. Niyati says you get emotional soon. She shows the food and says I have prepared everything. Falguni asks her to accept Piyali. Niyati says I tried, when I see hatred in her eyes for you, I don’t like to call her sister, give me some time. Falguni says there is no time, I mean if we delay, she will get bitter hearted, you try. She makes Niyati swear on her. She asks Niyati to call Piyali as Jiji maa. Niyati gets shocked. Niyati refuses and says no one can take your place, I can’t call her Jiji maa, just you will be my Jiji maa. She goes. Falguni cries.

Niyati asking Falguni why is she compelling her. Vidhaan says the client is asking me to sign deal in 24 hours, people are such superstitious. Falguni recalls Piyali’s words and goes to her. She says you are playing with everyone, just to hear Jiji maa word by Niyati, Suyash and Vidhaan won’t do this deal if they know the truth. Piyali says who will tell them, I will pay for all loss if you do what I say. She threatens Falguni and goes. Falguni says its not easy to convince Niyati, many battles are won by love, you have to give love to Niyati if you want her love. Piyali says I know what to do, just keep trying.

Falguni comes to Suyash. She recalls Piyali’s words and cries. He asks are you fine, did Piyali say anything. She says no, I got tears seeing your tension about work. He hugs her and asks her not to cry. Niyati checks her wardrobe. She sees many dresses and jewelry. Piyali comes. Niyati asks did you do this. Piyali says I didn’t know your choice and got all this, I m happy to shop for you. Niyati asks where is my old clothes. Piyali asks why, wear new ones today, don’t worry, I didn’t throw anything. Niyati asks where is my old stuff. She goes downstairs. She gets her old stuff and says this dress is precious for me, Falguni made this from her saree, she was ill and worked all night to gift this dress on my birthday. She says the dresses you got for me is like junk, my Jiji Maa’s love is hidden in this, you want to buy my love.

Everyone looks on. She asks Piyali to understand relations, old relations are kept safe. She says you think you can take Jiji maa’s place, no one can take her place. Everyone looks on. Niyati says you don’t deserve that place, you have nothing like us, you are raised in richness, we had one meal a day and grew up, Falguni gave me love, you have no goodness, that’s why Lord snatched your family, its good. Falguni slaps Niyati.

update on Jiji Maa 26 August 2020: Niyati says you have slapped me for the first time for Piyali, will you force me to accept her, slap me more, I won’t call her Jiji maa. Falguni cries. Niyati gets her clothes. Jayant asks Vidhaan to leave Niyati alone. Suyash says Falguni slapped Niyati, even Falguni will be too hurt. Niyati comes to her room and cries thinking of Falguni. Falguni cries in her room and hurts her hand, as she has slapped Niyati. She ignites fire and puts her hand. Suyash comes and stops her. She says I have slapped Niyati. He consoles her. He says you have always cared for Niyati, how will she give love to Piyali. He applies cream to her burn and does bandage.

He says you can just explain Niyati, you can’t force her, you have to be careful and manage two relations, give them time, they will have emotions on own. Falguni hugs him and thinks there is no time, don’t know what will Piyali do. Falguni comes to Piyali and says I can’t do this. Piyali says you knew she hates me, you slapped her so that she hates me more. Falguni says I slapped her because of you, you were competing with me, its not right. Piyali says I lost my family, Niyati refuses to accept me because of you. Falguni asks her to give love to Niyati and not have any deal. Piyali says I know you did this intentionally. She scolds Falguni.

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