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Jiji Maa 29 July 2020: Jiji Maa update Wednesday 29TH July 2020, The Episode starts with Suyash getting gift for Falguni. She says I didn’t get a gift for you, I m packing things. Niyati asks why are you packing so many things. Vidhaan jokes and flirts with her. She laughs. Suyash asks who packs sarees in such case. Falguni says you gifted me sarees. He says we will buy short dresses for you, pack his cushion to beat me. She laughs. Vidhaan says you were saying I m taking much stuff. Niyati says because I have much luggage, stop drama, help me. Suyash asks what’s the use of mosquito net. Falguni says mosquitoes will be there. He says people keep cream and sprays, why this net. She asks him to fold it again.

Jiji Maa update Wednesday 29 July 2020: She gets under it. He looks at her and smiles. They romance. He goes to Vidhaan. They hear door bell. Suyash goes to see. He sees a girl and gets a letter. He reads, Mr Rawat you take care of your responsibility now. Vidhaan comes and reads the letter. He asks what’s this. Falguni says we are coming. Suyash asks who are you. The girl cries and says Papa. He gets shocked. He consoles her and says I guarantee, I m not her father, check your history. Vidhaan says my history is clear, we shall ask dad, he is also Rawat, maybe he had a fling. Falguni comes. Vidhaan hides the girl. Suyash says we shall go, come. Vidhaan takes the girl by offering her chocolates. He gets in via window. He asks Suyash to talk to dad. Suyash says I feel strange. Vidhaan calls Jayant and asks where are you. Jayant says I m going NGO. Vidhaan and Suyash ask him to come home.

Falguni and Suyash come there. Vidhaan hides the girl and acts nauseous. Niyati says how did you get unwell. Vidhaan says don’t worry, I m not a doctor. She says I will get medicine. Suyash and Vidhaan make excuses and says medicine isn’t in cupboard. Falguni goes. The girl is hiding inside cupboard. Suyash says I will go and call dad. Uttara asks didn’t you all leave. Falguni says Vidhaan is not fine. Uttara goes to get medicine. Suyash waits for Jayant. They look for Vidhaan. Falguni checks cupboard and goes. The girl hides. Vidhaan talks to his friend on call.

Jiji Maa update Wednesday 29 July 2020: Suyash comes and asks him to come, else everyone will know about the girl. Vidhaan says I was having fresh air, my day is bad. Uttara gives him medicines. He asks her to make khichdi. Falguni and Uttara go. Vidhaan asks Niyati to help them. She takes his phone to put on charging. Jayant comes and asks why did you call. Suyash asks do you know a little girl. Jayant says yes, many girls come to NGO. Vidhaan asks did you like any girl. Jayant asks what nonsense. Vidhaan says tell me if you liked someone. Jayant asks what are you talking, is this time to talk such things, you have to leave for airport. Suyash thinks how to find whom is this girl calling Papa.

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Jiji Maa update Wednesday 29 July 2020: Uttara cooking food. Falguni gets surprised. Uttara says I want to change completely, I will go and get kada. Niyati says maybe she added something in food. Falguni says no, something is wrong, Vidhaan and Suyash are behaving strange. Niyati checks Vidhaan’s phone and some recording plays. She says its similar vomit sound as we heard. The girl stays in room and waits for chocolate. Vidhaan says I think she is my child. Suyash asks what, how. Vidhaan says I had few Gfs and I was close, maybe anyone got pregnant and didn’t tell me. Suyash gets angry. Vidhaan says I was trying to find out, but phone got off. The girl goes out of room.

Niyati plays recording and asks Vidhaan about the vomit sound. He says I was really unwell, I was checking what to do in such case, give me khichdi, I will have it. He gets shocked seeing the girl and signs to Suyash. Suyash and Vidhaan sign the girl to go to the room. She says you didn’t give me chocolate and throws a flower stand. Everyone sees her. Jayant asks who is this girl. Suyash gives letter to him. Jayant reads it. Uttara asks what’s this. Vidhaan says I think someone played a prank with us. Falguni asks who is this girl. The girl says we lost the game, you won’t give me chocolates now. Vidhaan gives her chocolates. She says thanks Papa. They get shocked. Suyash asks her to go to room and have chocolates. She says thanks Papa. They get shocked.

Jiji Maa update Wednesday 29 July 2020: Niyati asks what’s happening. Vidhaan says don’t know, someone left her here. Suyash says how can anyone do this and use a girl. Falguni says why didn’t you tell us. Vidhaan and Suyash say we didn’t wish you all to worry. Uttara asks Jayant to call police. She asks them to book next flight. Niyati says I will book. Falguni feeds the girl and asks her name. The girl says I m Chiku, you look like my mum. Suyash comes and says sorry, I got a call. Falguni asks what’s the truth, the girl’s name is Chiku. Suyash says Vidhaan has a doubt that Chiku is his daughter. She gets shocked. Vidhaan calls Naina and talks to her dad. The man says Naina defamed us, she got pregnant and left home. Vidhaan says maybe Chiku is my daughter. Suyash gets shocked. Vidhaan goes to Niyati and says we aren’t going to Singapore. Niyati asks what’s this prank. Falguni asks her to listen to Vidhaan.

Jiji Maa update Wednesday 29 July 2020: Vidhaan says Naina was my ex GF, we went to Goa, we got drunk one night, I think that girl is my daughter. They get shocked. Vidhaan says Naina and I broke up. Jayant says you mean that girl could be yours and Naina’s daughter. Vidhaan says I can’t be sure, I couldn’t speak to Naina. Uttara slaps him and scolds. Vidhaan says I didn’t meet Niyati that time, Naina is my past, I love Niyati. Niyati asks if such was my past, would you forgive me. She cries and says leave me alone for some time. They all go. Vidhaan and Niyati cry. Ya rabba….plays…. They think of each other. Niyati says vidhaan cheated me. Falguni sees her crying. Suyash hugs Vidhaan to console.

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