Jiji Maa 30 September 2020: Update on Jiji Maa Wednesday 30th September 2020, The Episode starts with Vidhaan thinking where is Falguni, we are leaving for hospital now. Niyati and Falguni come home when Suyash leaves with Uttara. Niyati learns they left for hospital. She asks shall we also go to hospital. Jayant says no, its fine, Suyash said that he will manage there. Falguni thinks why isn’t Lord getting us together. Suyash speaks to the doctor. He asks Vidhaan to take care of Uttara, he will go and complete formalities. Uttara sends Vidhaan to get her rings from MRI room. She says you act well doctor. Doctor says your offer was so amazing. She says you got the funds transferred to your account, now see my drama. She starts acting. She says there is problem in Jodhpur factory. Suyash says I will go and see the workers’ strike. Vidhaan says I will go there. Suyash says you have no idea about that factory, I shall go.

Jiji Maa update Wednesday 30 September 2020: Uttara thinks I m the one who writes your fate, Suyash can’t come back till morning. Vidhaan gets Uttara home and says she is fine now, it was a minor injury. Falguni looks at the door. Vidhaan says he has gone to Jodhpur factory. Niyati says that will take much time. Uttara says he will return in few days, don’t worry, maybe someone provoked the workers. Falguni recalls Suyash’s words. She goes to pray. She says Suyash won’t come back soon, is this the decision of my fate, maybe Lord isn’t blessing our relation. Suyash is on the cry. They think of each other and cry. Aaoge jab tum…plays…..

Shom dances in the room. Uttara comes and looks on. She scolds him for his foolishness. She asks him to spy on Falguni and Suyash, keep them away, then we will win. Vidhaan asks Suyash to come back, Falguni is upset. Jayant asks what happened to Falguni. Uttara asks why is she upset, tell me, we should know about it. Niyati tells them everything. Jayant gets shocked. Uttara asks what’s this madness, you are telling this to me now, I would have not sent Suyash to Jodhpur. She goes to talk to Falguni. Falguni hugs Suyash’s pic and cries. Uttara comes there to sympathize.

Jiji Maa Wednesday update 30 September 2020: She says maybe Lord doesn’t want you both to come face to face. Falguni says no, anything can happen, there is still time. Uttara says its good to have belief. She goes. Falguni sees the time. She says just Suyash lives in my heart. She rushes to Niyati. She says Zeenat has called, Lalita kaki got a heart attack, we have to rush. Vidhaan says I will take you there, come. They leave. Shom follows them to find. Falguni, Niyati and Vidhaan reach Lalita. They get her treated. Niyati sees the time. She goes out and calls Suyash. She gets the number off. She says Suyash can’t reach on time, find some other way to test fate. Falguni says fate tests us, who are we to test fate. They hear some people talking. They go to see. The man says a girl was lost after the accident, its good she has come back home, everyone is celebrating happiness. Falguni goes to see the girl Amrita. The man says Lord has come in that human’s avatar, he has helped us. Falguni turns to see. She sees Suyash near the car. Her saree gets stuck to his coat sleeve. Music plays… She recalls the old moment.

Falguni meeting Suyash. Music plays…. Suyash sees her. Ek duje ke vaaste…plays…. Niyati and Vidhaan smile seeing them. Suyash hugs Falguni. They see the clock and happily cry. Shom looks on and thinks now they will be married. Suyash says Lord has made our pairing. Falguni nods. Vidhaan says you made a heroic entry, how did you come here. Suyash says I got to know about accident and went to help the girl, I spoke to union leader and solved the issue. Niyati says fate got you to Falguni. Suyash says yes, even my car broke down here, this was Lord’s wish that I meet my Falguni. They smile. Suyash hugs Falguni. Vidhaan hugs Niyati. They come home. Vidhaan dances with Niyati and says Suyash will unite with Falguni, their love has won. Jayant asks what’s the good news. Vidhaan says fate brought Suyash and Falguni together. Jayant says I knew this, Falguni is made for this house. Vidhaan goes to give news to Uttara.

Uttara and Shom look on. Shom says we can’t fight with Lord, even if you want to vent anger, I m here. She slaps Shom. She says I won’t let Suyash and Falguni marry. Suyash and Falguni come somewhere. They hold hands. He says we will never get away now. She agrees. Jag ghoomeya…plays… They go to a cafe and have tea. He says mom was worried after talking to union leader, she said this problem might take a few days, our fate got me back to Jaipur. She gets thinking. Niyati teases Falguni. She says this time, everything will be of your choice.

Jiji Maa 30 September 2020: Falguni goes to Uttara. Uttara shows her fake happiness. She asks are you happy now. Falguni smiles and asks why won’t I be happy, strange thing happened with Suyash, he was sent to Jodhpur like someone wants to keep him away from me. Uttara says I have kept this family united, tell me, why will I break my family, I m not behind this. Falguni says I also want this, I want the family to stay united, happiness came in this house after a long time, keep your duty and I will do mine, if anyone tries to snatch this happiness, I will forget relations and keep my duty. She goes. Uttara gets angry. Falguni goes to her room and gets a surprise from Suyash.

Jiji Maa 30 September 2020 update: Falguni comes to give aarti to Suyash. She compliments his new look. He says our Lord has proved our pairing, we should celebrate today. She says that’s why I have thanked Lord. He says we will marry soon. She says Niyati has to make many arrangements for our marriage. They go downstairs. Jayant gets lawyer. He says we have decided to retire and go on holidays, we will name shares to Vidhaan and Suyash, my bahus will manage my NGO. Vidhaan asks what’s the need to do this. Jayant says you have to manage office now, you have to agree, lawyer got the papers, we will just sign on it. Jayant goes to get the will. Uttara thinks he won’t get the will, and partition can’t happen. Jayant gets shocked. He comes to everyone and says there isn’t any will papers in the safe. She asks how can this happen. Lawyer says you can’t divide the property without the will, call me when you get the will. He goes. Niyati says how did will disappear. Falguni asks who had its keys. Jayant says just Uttara and I had the keys. Everyone looks at Uttara.

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