Jiji Maa update Wednesday 10 June 2020 on Adom TV


Jiji Maa Wednesday 10th June 2020 update; Jiji Maa update Wednesday 10 June 2020, The Episode starts with Niyati asking Vidhaan to give ideas for video. They get thinking. He suggests an idea about making sandwiches. She smiles and recalls Falguni making a pickle sandwich for her. She asks Vidhaan to learn too, as she will rest after baby comes. She gets sad. He says I will make you rest, even if baby doesn’t come, teach me making sandwich. She says I will teach you in kitchen. Balwant blames Suman for stealing company raw materials. Suman apologizes and says I will work hard and pay. Balwant threatens them and goes. Naren gets angry on Suman. Punja comes and asks what happened. Niyati asks Kaka to wait till their video shoot happens. Vidhaan comes wearing just apron. She asks where is your shirt. He says this is style, we will get likes by this, I m the glamour. She says fine, say dialogues as per the script. They make the video. She teaches him pickle sandwich. He says chilli went in my eyes. He puts vinegar in eyes instead water. She asks him to wait, they will end video first. She eats the sandwich.

Jiji Maa update Wednesday 10 June 2020 Falguni comes to Punja’s house. She gets to know what happened. She encourages them to write their own future by choosing their work. Punja says you are right, we are artists, our talent is our strength, why should we spend this for others, its time we get free from Rawat industry clutches. She smiles. Shom says Vidhaan made new video, I have liked their old video. She scolds him for encouraging this way. Uttara gets angry to see Vidhaan and Niyati’s video. She says what nonsense is this. He says many people liked. She says people have no work these days. Suyash reads positive comments. Vidhaan smiles. Uttara reads harsh comments. She says I can’t believe Vidhaan is doing this, how can he do this.

Jiji Maa Wednesday 10 June 2020 update Shom says he is innocent, Niyati is making him do this. She says yes, Niyati made him a puppet, I won’t let Niyati play with family respect, I think its time to give her a shock. Vidhaan says I don’t care about few comments having sick mentality, who feel husband shouldn’t help wife. Suyash says don’t think about comments. Vidhaan says I want to see Niyati happy, I feel happy seeing her smile. Suyash says I feel happy seeing you two happy, just do what your heart says. Vidhaan asks are you listening to your heart, just do what your heart says.

Adom TV Jiji Maa 10 June 2020 Suyash says times have changed, I m happy and fine, don’t worry. Suyash gets stuck in traffic. Falguni helps a poor man on the road. Suyash and Falguni see a blind girl crossing road. They run to save the girl. They hold the girl at the same time. They have an eyelock. Traffic passes by. Suyash stops the cars. He asks the lady to manage the kid. The lady says I have recently joined the job, thanks for help. They ask lady not to thank. The lady blesses their pairing. She says you are husband and wife right. Suyash says no, we aren’t. Vidhaan passes by and looks on.

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Jiji Maa Wednesday update 10 June 2020 Falguni sitting sad. Niyati comes to meet her. She shows the video she made. Falguni smiles. Niyati says you used to make anything when we had no resources. Falguni says I feel proud of you. Niyati says maybe Uttara will dislike this and stop me from making videos. Falguni asks Niyati to use their fake hatred to fool Uttara. They smile. At home, Niyati decides to make another video. Uttara stops her. Niyati says you are talking like Falguni, I hate her, she always controlled me, she didn’t let me make videos, you have given me liberty and taught me style, I m doing this for you, you are also stopping me like Falguni.

Jiji Maa Wednesday 10th June 2020 Uttara says no, you will make videos, no one will stop you, I will see who stops you, I m proud of you, you are modern and independent like me, just manage Vidhaan’s image, he shouldn’t look foolish. Niyati says I will ask him to look serious. Uttara gets Shom’s call and says I don’t know any Punja, Teja’s brother… what did he do. Naren asks Punja what will they do to earn and manage, how did he decide against Uttara, didn’t he get scared. Punja says Lazer is right, we shouldn’t stay scared. Naren says what will Balwant do, I m scared. Vidhaan says I know why you are at home today, so that you don’t face Falguni, I have seen you with Falguni. Suyash says yes, this isn’t a big city, I don’t want to see her, my wound is still fresh, we need time to forget each other.

Jiji Maa Adom Tv 10 June 2020 Shom and Uttara have a talk about the workers strike. She says this can become a big fire which can burn the jungle. He says our company is of textiles, how did jungle come in between. She says Punja opposed us today, maybe everyone does the same, it won’t be good, I will stop this. Punja’s decision gets support by some workers. Falguni looks on. Uttara, Shom and Balwant come there with their men. She meets Punja. She asks why how is he leaving the job. She says you have kept yourself mortgaged to Rawat industry when you took the job. She reminds him. Shom gives the legal papers. Shom says you can just work for Rawat industry.

Wednesday update on Jiji Maa 10 June 2020 on Adom TV Punja says I don’t remember any such paper. She says you have signed this agreement, its legal papers. She shouts on others for interfering in between. Naren says I don’t understand what’s written in it, rethink about your decision and work with them. Uttara says Naren is sensible, just listen to him. Falguni asks Punja not to leave the job, as Uttara has come to keep him in her company, he is a great artist. She takes Punja’s autograph. He says what are you joking, I don’t know to sign, I m illiterate. Uttara gets shocked.

Adom TV Jiji Maa 10 June 2020 update Falguni says yes, Punja is illiterate but Uttara is literate, how can Punja sign on papers, I can send her jail for this cheat. Uttara asks her to show papers once. She checks. Shom says we are trapped. Uttara slaps Shom, and puts blame on him. She makes him apologize. She leaves. Naren says you have stood against Uttara, she won’t keep quiet. Falguni says Punja is not alone. Everyone supports Punja. Falguni smiles.



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