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Jiji Maa update wednesday 17 June 2020 on Adom TV

Jiji Maa update wednesday 17 June 2020 on Adom TV
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Jiji Maa wednesday 17th update June 2020; Jiji Maa update wednesday 17 June 2020, The Episode starts with Falguni saying I have come to take my Pitari. Uttara asks what’s that. Falguni says it has my mum’s blessings. Niyati knows it. Niyati refuses to give it. They argue. Uttara asks Falguni to leave. Falguni refuses. Vidhaan asks Falguni not to create a drama. He goes. Jayant comes. Falguni says I just want my Pitari, I kept it in my room. Suyash asks what’s the drama here. He comes to Falguni and gives the box. He thinks of Lazer’s words. She says so you had it, you would have kept it as my memory, I know you miss me a lot, you seem to be starving, you love me. He says I don’t love you, I will have food now, I don’t want any memory of you. He goes to have food. She smiles. Uttara asks Falguni to leave. Falguni thanks Uttara for giving her a good idea. She leaves. Uttara asks what did she say. Niyati says nothing.

Jiji Maa on adom tv update Wednesday 17th June 2020 Falguni says we will have a hunger strike and protest to get all rights. Everyone agrees with her. Shom comes to Uttara. He says Lazer and all workers are doing protest. Uttara says what does Lazer think of herself, let they do anything, police will come and beat them. Niyati says sorry, this will be good for Lazer, your men will be caught with ease. Uttara says I have a better way now. She leaves. Falguni and everyone sit to protest. Teja talks to media. Uttara and Shom come there. Uttara challenges Lazer. She says I know what’s happening here, you are provoked against Rawat industry, some workers want to earn more money, the officer cancelled their request, so they are protesting to fool the govt. I will stand against them and fail them, I won’t let them use the innocent workers, I will do observe a hunger strike, I won’t have any food, lets see who wins. Shom and everyone cheer for Uttara.

Zeenat comes home and asks Niyati where is Falguni. Niyati says Falguni is on hunger strike. Zeenat says she always thinks of others. Niyati says Uttara is also on hunger strike, I played a trick, she can’t stay hungry even for hours. She breaks the juice jug when Uttara picks it. Uttara asks servant to see the kids playing around. She adds a cockroach in Uttara’s food. Uttara scolds Maharaj. She leaves from home. Niyati empties the water bottle. Uttara finds the bottle empty.

Jiji Maa on adom tv update Wednesday 17th June 2020 Zeenat and Niyati laugh. Zeenat says Falguni made her helpless to sit on hunger strike and you made Uttara really hungry. Niyati says I will always support Falguni. Zeenat asks her to have food. Niyati says I can’t have food when my sister is hungry. Zeenat praises her mum’s values and blesses. Niyati explains her plan. Lazer and Uttara sit and protest. Falguni gives the interview to media and says none should have a problem if we want to have our own work, machines are also made by humans, machines shouldn’t be given much value. Uttara gets shocked and recalls Falguni’s words. She says Lazer talks like Falguni too, Shom are they two the same.

Jiji Maa update Monday 15 June 2020 on Adom TV

Jiji Maa update wednesday 17 June 2020 Uttara asking Shom to call Falguni. Lazer’s phone rings. Uttara says look at her Shom, I was right. He says Falguni’s phone is ringing, Lazer is talking on call. Niyati answers Falguni’s phone and plays voice clips to talk to Uttara. Uttara says you will see my win on tv and ends call. Niyati and Zeenat laugh. Uttara sees a man eating. She sees the food. She imagines having food at home. She feels weak. Shom thinks to do something and tells the men. She tries to eat a banana. Officer comes. She hides the banana. Officer asks Lazer to end the strike. Falguni says my protest will go on. Officer says you are not listening to me, my job will go. Uttara says let your job go, I will give you job in my company, its just my govt here, it will happen what I want, I won’t let them form a cooperative, this strike will go on till any one of us eats something, I won’t eat anything. Shom falls by the banana peel.

Jiji Maa wednesday update 17 June 2020 Uttara says you got two bananas, where is the other one. He says second is this one, I had one. Media asks how are you now. She says I m feeling weak by hunger, but I m strong and determined, I can’t let injustice happen with honest officer, Teja and Lazer are wrong. Shom chants her name. He says Uttara needs food, she doesn’t like delay. He gets a banana for her and says I got this by snatching from monkey, eat it, don’t waste it. Uttara eats it and gives the peel. He thanks her. She burps. She gets a video. She gets shocked seeing her banana eating video.

Shom also gets shocked. She scolds Shom for not seeing around. Falguni asks Uttara about having banana. She asks Naren to put the video on news. Uttara says no. Falguni says tell the media that you are with workers, Teja is going to do something good. Uttara announces that Lazer and Teja are working for workers’ good, Lazer is saying truth and she is with truth, so she congratulates them for the new company by taking her hunger strike back.

Jiji Maa 17 June 2020 Shom chants her name. Falguni asks Uttara to have orange juice. Uttara drinks it and says why is this so bitter. Falguni says maybe seeds also got grind along, sorry. Uttara sees media and drinks. She leaves. Falguni says my fast will not break till the new company is registered. Officer says it will be done, come with me. He registers the company and asks them to start working. Falguni smiles. Everyone sings Jai Jai and dances. Balwant and goons have a talk. Balwant says I won’t let them have fun, they should know their king. He drinks wine and goes to them. He asks them to play the song, he will dance. He pushes Naren. He says I wish to become Shambu from Balwant today. Falguni gets shocked.

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