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Jodha Akbar update Monday 24 August 2020; Jodha Akbar 24th August 2020, Jalal scolds his soldiers and says that kids ran out of palace and you people didn’t know about it, if kids can go out then enemies can come in too, this will not be tolerated, you all will be punished, all soldiers are punished that they will not safeguard the gate and will work on other place, jalal gives security responsibility to rajvanshi soldiers and says I am giving you this duty as you people are loyal, jalal calls murad and haidar, he scolds haidar that you are elder of all and you allowed other kids to go out, I am forgiving you as you are maham’s grandson and this is last time I am forgiving you next time you will be punished severely, Murad and haidar leaves, jalal says to Rahim that salim will try to go out again but you have to protect him, Maan comes and says that on state is creating problems, jalal says we will see.

Jodha Akbar 24 August 2020 Hamida comes to jodha and ask her to not be angry on Salim now, jodha says he is child and he should be taught what is right, Salim comes there and greet both, jodha doesn’t respond to him and says to Hamida that tell him I am not talking to him, Hamidda says to Salim that jodha is miffed with you, Salim says when abu(father) forgave me then why ammi(mother) is angry with me, jodha says its punishment of your mistake that I wont talk to you, Salim says I have accepted my mistake then she should forgive me, jodha says mistake doesn’t become void by just accepting it, he has to be punished, hamida is doing commentary of of both sides as Salim talks to Hamida and jodha also talks to her and ask her to pass the message on other side, after sometime Hamida says I am tired of this commentary, I am going, you both can talk directly, Salim says I love you the most dadi, Hamida hugs him and says to Salim that your mother is too much miffed, think some idea, she goes from there.

Voice-over says that bairam khan’s child Rahim, whom jalal used call kahne-khana has become minister and he is called adul-rahim khane-khana, he is a good warrior and important part of court and is just 20 years old, Rahim comes in court and sit, then comes maan, voice over says that maan has also become important part of court and jalal has given him label of raja sahib, he is jalal’s companion today, next is todar mal, he is also labeled as raja (king), he is jalal’s favortite, then comes tansen ram tanu, he is also part of jalal’s court because of his awesome voice which touched jalal’s heart, next comes in court Mahesh das, jalal was impressed by his wicked talks and gave him label of birbal, some people are jealous of his place too, next is priest Mubarak and his two sons fazal and faizi, next comes murad o piazza, next comes fakir, they all are part of jalal’s court and are said to be nine companions of jalal.

Jodha Akbar 24th August 2020 Jalal comes in court, all greets him, jalal says you all must have got news about the state wanting war against me, jalal says I have called you all here to ask suggestion, jalal says they want war, is there any other way out, todar shows him map and tells him strategy and says there is only one way that is war, jalal ask any other way? all are silent, jalal says ok, birbal says I have one way, we can win this war without fighting, jalal says all soldiers of us are trapped there, birbal says our soldiers are surrounded by opposite soldier so if we surround them from outer side then they will be surrounded from inside and outside by Mughal soldiers and they will leave the war, jalal says great, all smiles, jalal says its amazing and now we wont have to do war, I am proud that you are part of this court, he gives order to work on this strategy.

Murad says to haidar that jalal scolded us and didn’t say anything to Salim, Haidar says salim is his child, he is heir to throne so jalal will support him only, Salima comes there and says dotn talk this rubbish, she says to haidar that you are elder and you involve in these things, she takes Murad from there, Salima says to murad that Salim is heir and you made him run from palace. Haidar says jalal threw my father from terrace, he is bad but I am bad than him, I will take revenge of my death on right time.

Salim is with ruks, Salim concoct story and says jalal was scolding me so I became angry and said that I wont talk to jalal and jodha, they both became concerned and asked me to talk to them but I said that no I wont talk now, ruks says were you not afraid of jalal, Salim says afraid and me? no, infact jalal is afraid of me, jalal comes there and stands behind Salim listening to his story, Salim says I made jalal afraid by saying that I wont talk to him, jalal says shekhu baba, salim is shocked seeing jalal there and becomes blank, jalal ask what were you saying? salim says I was saying that jodha is angry with me and not talking to me, jalal says I listend that I am afraid of you, salim say no I was saying that I am afraid of you, jalal ask is jodha still angry with you> salim nods, jalal takes him from there, ruks looks on.

Jodha Akbar 24 August 2020 zil bahar scolds anarkali that Salim came here and you insulted hi, Anarkali says he came here without informing. zil bahar goes from there, anarkali’s friend says you are stupid, if you befriended with prince Salim then we could see palace from inside, we could have eaten food there, anarkali says I don’t need all these, my father is singer and he got job in palace by his talent, I will go in palace with my talent only, not by buttering anyone.
Jalal says to Salim that go to jodha and say what he has told him, salim says you also come with me, jalal says you are prince you should not be afraid, go and say.
Salim comes to jodha and says hello wife of jalal, jodha recalls how jalal called her in same manner when they were disguised as gujraties, salim says I am hungry please make roti for me, talk to me, jalal is seeing all this hiding, jodha says I have understood everything, salim is saying but words are of you, don’t hide, come infront, jalal comes there, salim says I promise I didn’t tell jodha anything, I don’t remember anything now, you say, jodha laughs and hugs salim, salim ask did you fogive me? jodha kisses his forehead and says yes.

jalal has called everyone in court and says today there will be meena bazar (market festival), jalal says everyone can participate and I will give gift to best stall, you all have till today evening, salim says can I participate in meena bazar too, jalal says if you wanna come there so I have no problem but meena bazar is for women only, you can go with your mother, all kids say that we wanna come too, jalal says ok, listening to it, I have decided that only women who have kids can put stall in meena bazar, all women are happy but ruks is shocked and thinks that I have no child so cant I participate, jodha notices her face.

This is Fate 2 update Monday 29 June 2020

Jodha Akbar 24 August 2020 Jalal says to his ministers that people related to this palace, the one who work here and the palace family will participate in meena bazar, jalal ask maan to look after security as Salim is also going in it.
Ruks is puffing hukah and recalls how jalal ordered that only women with kids/mothers can participate in meena bazar, resham comes there and says you wont be able to participate in bazar, ruks angrily looks at her and thinks that jalal didn’t even think how will it affect me.
Jodha thinks that ruks must be affected by jalal’s decision, how can he do that, jalal comes there, jodha says how can you order that only mothers can participate in bazar, jalal says I am trying to make kids happy, jodha ask what about elders? they must be hurt, all wives doesn’t have kids, I know Salim is also child of ruks but she must be hurt, jalal says oh God I didn’t think about it.
resham ask what will you do? ruks says what should be done, she ask resham to fill her hukah and smirks. she leaves from there.
Jalal says to jodha that I will go and talk to ruks, jodha says I have one idea that ruks sit in stall with Salim as she also have right on SAlim, Ruks comes there and says jodha is right, jalal says listen to me ruks, ruks says you said that mothers can sit in stall with their kids but this wont be justice with jodha if she doesn’t sit, Salim is son of both of us so if you agree then we both can sit with Salim on one shop only, we will put one stall together, jodha says this is brilliant idea, Ruks says you have to work jodha, jodha smiles, ruks says we have to put best stall to make SAlim win, Jodha says don’t underestimate other children.

Scene 2
Meena bazar has been set up, all children are trying to sell their goods to people. Daniyal and murad are one stall, dnaiyal’s mother/shahi wife comes to Salima and thanks her for taking daniyal in her stall, salima says daniyal is also jalal’s son so it doesn’t matter.

Jodha Akbar 24 August 2020 Salim has put stall of utensils, he is selling it, ruks and jodha smiles. all the ladies are coming to his stall. Jodha says to ruks that if salim will not be able to sell everything then we will but things from him, ruks says the way Salim is selling nothing will be left. Some ladies come to his stall and says we will buy utensils from your shop but you have to kiss on pour hands, Salim says this bribe but you are from my palace so I agree to it, he sell and kisses their hands. Jalal comes to his stall and says great you are selling things, jalal says to ruks that I am happy, you and jodha are always against each other in meena bazar but this time you both are together, Salim ask him to buy something, Jalal buys one utensil and gives gold coin to Salim, Salim says stop and kisses his hand, he says that those who are coming on my stall, I am giving this gift to them, jalal says you know how to attract people, he leaves, Salim says to jodha that I am not talking to you, jodha says you have talked to me for many time just to tell it.

Scene 3
Haidar has put stall of mud toys with javeda, he break toys, javeda ask what are you doing, haidar says our things are not selling, this is insult for us, javeda says nothing like that, you know there was a time when most people used to visit my stall, haidar says this is all drama for Salim’s happiness. zil bahar comes to meena bazar and says to resham on gate that my husband rashid works with tansen in palace, resham lets her in, Anarkali and sakina (her friend) comes in meena bazar with their mothers, zil bahar gives anrkali money to buy things. they come in bazar and see lot of people on Salim’s stall, Sakina takes her to that Stall, Sakina says see prince is selling things, Anarkali says he calls himself king and is selling things, sakina says in meena bazar says royal people put stall, anarkali says see he is kissing women’s hands, Sakina says lets buy something from him, Anarkali says he has noting to sell, all are coming to his stall as he is price and marium zamani are with him. lets go and have something to eat.

Jodha Akbar Monday update 24 August 2020 Daniyal and murad are selling laddos, daniyal eats laddos, murad stops him and says we have to sell them, daniyal gives him his gold chain and says I have bought all these laddos now, murad says for laddos you have given me chain which your mother gifted you, daniyal says for laddos I can sell you too, Anarkali and sakina comes there to buy laddos, murad and daniyal are fighting, salima says don’t fight and see people have come to buy things, daniyal sees anarkali and says she is bad girl, we will not give her things, murad says go from here, salima says don’t talk like this, she has come to buy, give her, murad ask what you wanna buy, she says laddos, murad takes money from her while daniyal packs laddos, Salima sees anarkali and stares at her, daniyal eats half laddo while packing, salima pulls his ears and says when you sell something to costumer then you should not cheat, she gives anarkali laddos, anarkali looks at salim, he angily looks at her.

Scene 4
Salim says to ruks that I am coming in sometime, jodha says you cant go leaving shop, salim says to ruks that tell jodha that she didn’t talk to me last day so I am not talking to her and I have sell most of the things so I will come in a minute.

one lady is asking mehtab about her stall, Jalal sees mehtab finding it difficult to understand what women is saying as she is deaf, jalal comes there and blesses mehtab, he talks to mehtab in sign language, mehtab understands him and says you have to hit five times to get a gift. Mehtab and bakshi have put stall where costumer have to hit 5 fruits by arrows to get a gift, jalal says I will hit 10 items to get gift, Jalal hits 5 fruits with arrows in one time, all claps for him, jalal says to mehtab to tell him what gift he has earned? mehtab brings Quran pak and gives it to jalal, jalal smiles and says mashallah, he says to bakshi that your daughter is most unique girl in this world, I came here to but things from her but she bought me today, she says most precious and pure girl, he says that today you will get most benefit from this shop, I will buy everything from your shop, you will get income more than Salim too.

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